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In the distant future two space marines find themselves embarking on a journey through space. There space craft is piloted by Dangerous Dan and Evo the robot, they are in search of a lost mad made space station which was built more than 1000 years ago by earth and shortly after it's launch it vanished into thin air. It has since been spotted and is heading straight for earth, and if it hits it will be the end of Earth as we know it unless Dan and Evo can stop it.

The opening intro to the game is fabulous, it showcases Dan & Evo fighting over what music will be played during there trip through the galaxy. There ship then smashes into an asteroid and falls hopelessly into the lost Silicon Valley, then they crush a dog named Roger who is on the Space station and is about to show his love for Flossy the sheep.

Roger in turn die's and Evo presses his eject button which catapults him into the ceiling of the space station and smashes him to pieces nothing but his microchip core staying in tact, the chip makes it's way over to the corps of Roger the dog which brings him back to life.

Now here is where the game begins.

The graphics have been done in a cartoon style to suit the game properly, they are very bright, colourful & humorous. The levels look stunning they are also very bright and a lot of effects have been used such as the smoke effect which really makes it hard seeing past certain parts. Overall the graphics are equal to that of Banjo & Kazooie, and it is definitely some of the best eye candy you could see in a game.

The sound in this game was great, I especially liked the foreign tongue that everyone spoke in the intro and through out the game aswell. An interesting thing in this game regarding the music was that there are speakers setup around the space station that you can see when you get closer to the the music gets louder and if you are far away from them you can hardle hear any music.

Now to the gameplay which is where this game really shines and stands out against the rest of the games in it's genre or any genre. You are the microchip core of the robot Evo and you have the ability to takeover the bodies of the dead and make them came back to life. The earlier levels in this game are quite easy and can be finished in a number of minutes, yet others like the level where you take on the role of a rat who must make his way through sewers and activate switches to open doors. There are tons of levels to play on so you won't get bored anytime soon and the game isn't a push over, so there is lots of fun to be had with Space Station Silicon Valley.

Overall Space Station Silicon Valley is probably the most unique game on any platform and the makers deserve a lot of credit for taking a gamble on the likes of a game as unique as this. It's the type of game that you will either hate or love, and quite frankly I loved it.










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Quick Summary:
Wacky Adventure, and one definitely giving a look if you don't mind the bizarre.






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