Directed by: Gary Trousdale
Written by: Rob Sprackling and John Smith
Music by: Elton John is likely to contribute to the soundtrack, since his film company is producing the movie

Released on:
Running Time:  minutes

Budget: $
Box-Office: $ in the U.S., $ million worldwide

  In October 2001, Rob Sprackling and John Smith, who wrote the screenplay of Chicken Run, revealed that they had "a project with Disney which is based on garden gnomes. Itís a little story that we concocted using the famous English garden gnome as our lovable character, and thatís through Rocket Pictures which is Elton Johnís company. They have a deal with Disney. We seem to have curiously found ourselves writing in the animation/CGI world. You tend to get known very quickly when writing to those parameters."

  A Disney insider revealed in May 2002 that animation director Kirk Wise was bailing on WDFA. He recently packed up his office on the Burbank lot, abandoning his long time film-making partner, Gary Trousdale in order to pursue live action opportunities. Which means that Trousdale will now have to develop his next project for Disney Feature Animation, Gnomeo & Juliet, all by himself.

  This is very likely the same feature that Elton John's Rocket Pictures is developing for Disney: originally titled Gnome Story, it was described by an insider in February 2002 as "a CGI/traditional animation reworking of the Romeo and Juliet story set in a world inhabited by Gnomes. It has the whole shebang like the two fighting families, star crossed lovers etc. Both companies are very excited about this and there is great buzz around the treatment."

  An Animated Movies spy revealed in August 2002 that Disney started drawing characters in 2D for the project, but most test were completed in 3D for backgrounds, including live sets (think Dinosaur). "The movie takes place in a garden, just like the Tim Burton's Hollywood Chewing Gum commercial. The garden gnomes, which remind me of Amelie's, come to life and get excited, doing pink flamingo races, etc. Not my kind of magic."

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