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319th Military Intelligence Battalion
(Operations) (Airborne)

Commander: LTC Tom Felts
Command Sergeant Major: CSM Martin Glenn

Last updated: 07/31/01


Provide rapidly deployable all-source predictive intelligence, targeting support, direct support intelligence packages, and C2 warfare support to the XVIII Airborne Corps for world-wide contingency operations.


The 319th Military Intelligence Battalion (Operations) (Airborne) traces its lineage to the activation of the 319th Military Intelligence Headquarters Detachment at Bad Schwalbach, Germany, 1 August 1945 where it served as an interrogation unit for German Prisoners of War. In 1946, the unit was sent to Japan and began a long association with the Orient. It was joined by other interrogation units which served in the Philippines in 1944 and later the reformed 319th served in the Korean War. After deactivation in 1968, the battalion was reactivated in 1982 at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, as a subordinate unit of the 525th Military Intelligence Brigade to provide both general intelligence support and special communications support to the XVIII Airborne Corps. In October 1983, elements of the battalion deployed to the island of Grenada for Operation Urgent Fury. In 1988, battalion personnel participated in the emergency deployment to Honduras to counter an incursion by Nicaraguan forces. In 1989, the 319th deployed to Panama in support of Operation Just Cause. The 319th MI Battalion deployed to Saudi Arabia for Operation Desert Shield/Desert Storm as part of the XVIII Airborne Corps. In September 1994, the battalion deployed to the island of Haiti in support of Operation Uphold Democracy. In December 1995 and again in October 1996, the battalion deployed elements to Hungary, Italy, and Bosnia in support of Operation Joint Endeavor. Currently, the battalion continues to support operations world-wide and stands ready to deploy anywhere in a moment’s notice.


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