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Leavers from the 1960s

Rodney Allen (Drake, 1953-1960) allen@rodney53.freeserve.co.uk
After a long and varied career mainly in the financial services sector I took early retirement in 1998. I am currently attempting to start a second career in photography - a subject in which I have had a life long interest. Main memory: The fact that a sausage saved from a school dinner, whilst not good eating, was durable enough to withstand several hours worth of use as a football in the quad!
John C. Allison (Wellington, 1958-64) jabus@compuserve.com
Educationally, an inauspicious start to life - leaving Emanuel after the Lower Sixth and following resits in most GCEs. Didn't seem to get down to work at school but enjoyed the rowing and many other activities enormously. Managed to be awarded a book at Prize Giving one year for being Form Prefect but otherwise not greatly honoured at school. I read wonderful things of the teaching staff, but somehow they didn't really reach me. Some of them frightened the life out of me from time to time! Something of a regret but an object lesson for the many hundreds of youngsters I have taught since - at least I can empathise with their inability/unwillingness to work. Eventually obtained Honours degree in Education from Bristol and consequently hold my head a little higher - academically! Have spent last quarter of a century as Head of Design Technology and Senior Resident Housemaster at Kingswood School in Bath, an independent school of around 500 students. Married for 30 years with two sons, one of whom has recently had the gall to make me a Grandfather!! Actually, grandfatherhood is very much to my liking.
Back to Emanuel - I'm always very sorry that, despite diligent searching, my fellow sufferers from Lower V General (the dregs of the school - and undoubtedly to be forgotten in any history) have never re-emerged. I keep in touch with Brian Hobson and we meet occasionally, but what happened to the rest of us? Did we all end up as society's dross, or did they, like me, manage to make a bit of a life, drawing on the good name of the school when it came to writing a CV? Some of the names from that infamous form occasionally come back at various unguarded moments of my life and I wonder what they ever did with their lot.
Generally too many memories to list. I enjoyed school and much that it offered. CCF Corps of Drums, rowing, Fives in the courts at the far wall and rifle shooting. That glider with its elastic bands for launching - did it actually fly right off the field one day and onto the common on the other side of the tracks? Did someone really paint 'Jack's Cafe' on the roof of the Hampden Hall in lettering that could be seen by aircraft landing at Heathrow? Did all of those in the third form who missed games one wet and miserable afternoon really get caned (6 a piece) by a group of sadistic and enthusiastic young teachers. Perhaps it's my failing memory!

Tony Berbridge (Marlborough, 1955-1960) whippet44@hotmail.com
Semi retired from the construction industry.Working as an export trader in Africa,living between the Midlands and Italy.
Hugh Betterton (Howe, 1959-67) hughbetterton@hotmail.com
Currently annoying teachers by being a school inspector in Sutton, Surrey. Degree and MA at Sussex University. Had previously taught for over 20 years in around London; became a deputy head, then decided to work in advisory work mostly with English depts. Have lived in and around South London forever.
Probably what strikes me most is the long lasting friendships from that time. Still in close contact with about eight friends - and have been surprised just how enduring these are, despite very different jobs and interests. The wet games afternoons still rankle slightly - six laps around that main playing field!! I learnt to play poker as well! I took an active part in the drama productions in school - A Man for All Seasons in 1966 being the most memorable. Good memories of 'Jack' Cuddon, Peter Hendry, Arnold Cruise, John Ashwin and, spectacularly, Ken Ulyatt and Jessie Surman - both scientists?!
John Biggs (Cyde, 1961-1968) docbiggs@hotmail.com
I am a senior partner in a general practice in the city of Plymouth. I also hold an appointment as a hospital practitioner in investigative alimentary endoscopy at Derriford hospital. I have been married since 1973 and have two boys aged 21 and 23. My wife's name is covadonga which is shortened to congui. She is a spaniard and we spend as much time in Spain as we can especially the picos de europa.I'm still fat but am just about getting used to it. I love food and fine wine! I still speak to Steve Gagen in Australia and am in contact with Greg Herring. I recently heard from Nick Shepherd as well. I would like to hear from anyone else out there.
memory: riding motorbikes up the drive to annoy everyone (I only gave up last year after fracturing myself and being in intensive care) aeron rogers throwing board erasers at me and hoisting up his trousers to support his chest' jo craddock telling me I was as dim as a toc h lamp, doc ullyatt sitting on his feet and quoting kipling or what he thought was kipling and expecting me to complete it, dear stanly inwood telling me I haven't got a minute to spare,taffy neath trying to tell me about the ablative absolute jac cudden trying to look like an academic, daffy pennell going into apoplexy when I set myself alight and so many more wry moments...

Edward Bowell (1955-62)ebowell@lowell.edu
I am an astronomer at Lowell Observatory, Flagstaff, Arizona. The good maths background provided by Aaron Rogers and Frank Grundy has led me to become the leading discoverer of asteroids. I'm on the web at www.lowell.edu/users/elgb.
Richard Bradburn (1962-1969) bradburn.family@lineone.net
Another member of the Frank Grundy fan club, though even Frank could not save me from ploughing my A levels and failing to make university. In terms of lifestyle and values, I was a big Charles Cuddon fan. Sad to hear he'd gone, but he certainly made the best of it while he was here. I'm a partner in Pricewaterhouse Coopers, leading large-scale technology projects and also some economic reconstruction in interesting places like Beirut and Damascus. You can see the influences of both teachers.
Michael Branwell (Nelson, 1958-63) branwell@harlowballet.co.uk
After a long and varied career in the theatre, working literally all over the world, (I left Emanuel after O levels to go to full time dancing school), I now divide my time between teaching dance at The Playhouse, Harlow and charity work. I have been very involved with Equity all my life and am now the Executive Secretary of the International Performers Aid Trust and a Vice Chairman of the National Council for Drama Training, as well as the Regional Chairman for Equity's South East Area. I was on the National Council of Equity for about 16 years.
Memories: Finding out that Aaron Rogers had a passion for opera and taking him to see "Lohengrin" at Covent Garden; being flayed so long and hard by Jim Murrell (?Morell? - Maths teacher) for flagrant indiscipline that Paul Ponder (saw him on Mastermind several years ago) immortalised this in a poem that I can still quote - it would never be allowed today! Being hated by Charlie Hill for "conshie-ing" out of the CCF - but, above all, going to live in the summer holidays in the South of France with a friend of M. Lauthier, the French assistant. I never really fitted in (too fond of theatre and too left wing) but still have very happy memories! Jack Grundy was a great man - although we probably didn't realise it at the time and I only realised just what a great education I'd had when I had long since left!
Grahame Capron-Tee (Drake, 1956-62) caprontee@x-stream.co.uk
Having been involved in the Domestic Appliance Industry (Vacuum Cleaners) and a company director, I am about to go solo into general consultancy, both management and design. Having made many contacts over the years and still chairman of BSI/IEC standards committees. I was quite a "fan" of Doc (you may have broken your mother's heart but you won't break mine) Ullyatt. Never forget his advice to us young impressionables - "don't get married for love, get married for money!" Best memory - winning the School's Head of the River for the first time!
Stephen Carter (1958-1965) s.d.carter@btinternet.com
Spent all of my working life working with these darned computer things. That was until I took a happy early retirement in 1998 and moved from Brighton (where I'd worked in the Computing Service) to near Bristol. My main memory: J.A.B.L.Cuddon - the English master who also advertised lagers! I recently tracked down his book about Instanbul and read it....and Martin Fagg winning New Statesman competitions...
Dick Crane (Clyde, 62-67) dick@e-delta.net
I have enjoyed a very varied career since leaving Emanuel. Magazine publishing, printing, electronic pre-press and now run an internet service provider called Delta Networks. Married for the last 26 years to Gisela (whom some younger OEs will remember as the ex Mrs Ian Smith - one time english master at Emanuel). Four children and now a proud grandparent and living in Copthorne, West Sussex. Still moderately healthy and fanatical about sports - veterans' tennis, squash, cycling, skiing and the Concept II rowing ergo (sad really!). Many fond memories of Emanuel - winning the PE at Henley RR in 1966 (can it really be 35 years ago?); hysterical history lessons with Derek Drury; Jack Grundy's reaction to finding all the dining hall furniture on the roof of the Hampden Hall after a night of exhuberence by certain six form leavers; Wednesday afternoon outings in the "tub four" with Charles Hill as a third former; Geography lessons with Willis and the poor, unfortunate Cronshaw who was a frequent but reluctant victim of Willis' gym shoe which was wielded with pin-point precision after a carefully measured run-up of 15 feet or more (what would Ester Rancid have made of all this, I wonder).
Michael (Mick) R Dean (Marlborough, 1955-1962) thedeans@supanet.com
I quite by chance went (or was put) into the IT Department of Hotpoint in Putney in late 1962, moved to Peterborough with the Company in 1964, and have worked in IT in East Anglia ever since, finishing my career after spending the last 25 years with Perkins Engines (also in Peterborough). Retired in April 2001 on medical advice.
Memories: All good ones. I enjoyed playing rugby and cricket for the School but never managed to get into the 1st XV or XI, always the 2nds.
From the 3rd year onwards, I was one of only 3 boys to choose Classics instead of French/German, and for the rest of my days at Emanuel had almost individual tuition from Messrs Neath/Slater/Mitchell (the other boys were Peter Marshall & Michael Corbishley). I remained friends during both
Primary & Secondary Education with Alec (Spud) Parley, but regretfully lost contact with all classmates after I left in 1962. I have however very recently had e-mail contact with Alec, and am hoping to meet up with him (and Michael Stewart) sometime in September, when Alec returns to England from Canada for a wedding.
Headmaster during my years was Doctor (Jack) Grundy, and I remember Messrs Craddock, Slater, Neath, Whitcomb, Ulyett, Cuddon, Layton, Aston, Hill, Rayne, Mitchell, + others I can picture but not
put a name to.
I seem to remember the Assembly Hall being destroyed by fire, some largely futile attempts by the RAF Cadets to launch a glider on the playing fields, playing one game of rugby for the Old Boys at Raynes
Park, with (or against?) Michael Aspell, who swore like a trooper during the game.
David Debidin(Wellington,1962-1969) dave.debidin@virgin.net
I have been a solicitor in private practice in London since 1975, and have maintained my links with the School largely through the Old Emanuel Association and the Cricket Club in particular. I have recently helped organise a 30th Anniversary reunion of my contemporaries.
Tony Dutch (Marlborough, 1956-1961)tonydutch@LineOne.net
I live in Colchester and work for Schneider Electric. I am interested in making contact with Sid Geake, Rod Burton, Harry Hayes, Alan Butler, Elton Dean, Joe Cozens, "Bertie Bumfluff" and any others of my era. I am in contact with Dave Beedie and we would like to arrange a reunion with any of you out there Mainly memories of the good times which usually involved some sort of skullduggery. Particular fond memories are of the visit to Crowborough Camp with the CCF and being confined to barracks with some of the above and being put on cookhouse duties. Also the classic assembly where the song "Hit the Road Jack" blasted over the hall! Good days with some good guys..
Peter Eaves(Clyde, 1958-63)peaves@earthlink.net
I was a pupil at Emanuel during the Jack Grundy years. I am currently living in Los Angeles where I am Director of Film Restoration at FotoKem Film and Video. I specialize in the restoration of films for theatrical and television release.
Keith Ford (Wellington, 1960-1968) kdf0001@aol.com
Never left school! Have taught since 1972 and have been a headteacher (now in my second headship at a high school in Luton) for 15 years. You may even have had the TV on by accident and seen me - there have been two series (Park High, and imaginatively, The School) in which I've managed to make a fool of myself. Married for ages, two offspring (both solicitors), one granddaughter, two cats, 10 years as a magistrate (don't speed on the Bedfordshire M1) and a growing waistline. memory: The 'Frees' and Red Barrel beer, the amazing feeling of being allowed onto the hallowed tennis courts, Tony Abbott and the badminton club, and illegally entering the school to scare the senior prefects on the night before the last day of term.

Stephen Gagen (Howe,1961-68) gagen@imagisol.com
I work in politics and marketing - I run my own marketing consultancy. This is rather a change from the science I studied at Emanuel and at University! I did, however, spend about 18 years as an entomologist before moving into computing and ultimately marketing.
I remember: The eccentricity of it all - Jack Cuddon dressed out of a (1930s) rag-bag and appearing on beer posters, while writing arcane texts on old Istanbul; "Chuff-chuff" Chignell holding his trousers up with an old tie while spouting poetry; Aaron Rogers with his old-fashioned peg-topped trousers, nearly up to his neck as he dy by dx'd our brains to distraction; the heating that gurgled but heated-not; the ancient desks and labs - in many ways it was like living in a Dickens novel! But where are you now, "Artful-dodger" Peter Noble, "Tiny Tim" Peter Seeden, "Mr Pickwick" John Biggs?
Mike Garland (Lyons, 1959-1966) mgarland@tlpco.com
After many years in Sales/Marketing, have ended up in IT Recruitment (don't ask me how, but it pays the bills!). Divorced, 2 children, living in Caterham, Surrey. memories: The Quad. Getting detention for stepping on the grass. Field Days. Characters like Doc Ullyat, Aeron, Craddock. Getting "roasted" by Craddock for dropping a catch. Being made by Grundy to lift my cap cleanly from my head when saying goodnight to him. Etc, etc.

Brian Grainger (1960-1967)brian.grainger@iff.com
I studied chemistry with D.A.F. Pennell, and John Lawrence. I took a degree at the University of Sussex in chemistry. I now am senior R&D flavorist at International Flavors and Fragrances - the largest company in the F&F industry. I live in Princeton, New Jersey, USA.
I rowed with the 3rd VIII in '66 and stroked the 2nd VIII in '67, which has left me with lots of trophies to remember the Emanuel years.
Brian (foggy) Griffiths (Rodney, 1957-1965) brian. r. griffiths@talk21.com
First job was as Butlins Redcoat but moved smoothly from that to Chartered Accountancy via Newcastle University. A sad obsession with vintage cars, jazz and women led to a career in the commercial film business, brought inevitably to a conclusion by excesses of every kind. Now semi-retired to the country with fourth wife.
memories: Cucumber sandwiches for tea during school tennis matches: being caned by Jack Grundy and others, particularly in the old bathrooms. Trainspotting for "steamers" during breaks and from the music room window.
John Grifiths (Rodney, 1959-1968) jfarreng@HOTMAIL.com
Living in Australia. memory: Winning public schools tennis championships at Wimbledon. School gymnastics display team 1961.
Peter Harrington (Clyde, 1953 - 1960) pehar@webone.com.au
Have lived in Canberra, Australia since 1970 and am now retired from a career in property (valuation, development and asset management). Member of the Australian Branch of OEA, the main (sole?) activity of which involves welcoming visiting OEs with long liquid lunches. Memories: the smell of the Hampden Hall after it burned down; British Bulldog in the playground in sub-zero temperatures at morning break; Aaron Rogers' eyebrows.
John Harrison (Nelson, 1956-1961) avin@fsmail.net
Ggardener /caretaker private estate west sussex. Memories: seeing Hampden Hall being built ,walking round field past boat practice dept.,see a friend being guinea pig to to try out old glider for test on field took off 10 feet plummetted, being taught not necessary taking on board. My father was at school 1926 to 30s he was killed 2nd world war Name Reginald John Harrison.
Bob Hassell (Clyde, 1960-1966) home@hassellblampied.com
Left Emanuel to move to Jersey where I finished sixth form with a fairly undistiguished academic track record. Played rugby for Jersey and was selected for Hampshire Colts - not bad considering I was third fifteen at Emanuel. Had ambitions to fly for the RAF but failed because of a hearing problem caused while on a "night op." with the CCF on a camp while still at Emanuel (I remember who did it!!!). Decided to do Meteorology and ended up, after some swatting, as a Forecaster at Jersey Airport. Decided that 30 years was too long to wait for promotion so moved into a fledgling "Data Processing" department of the States of Jersey. Was stunned with the computing power of an ICL 1901K with a massive 16k of memory, paper tape readers and tape drives - Aah! the good old days! Decided that I really should learn something moderately sensible and did an external Psychology degree in my spare time.
Gradually migrated into Personnel in the local Civil Service and ultimately moved out into the Private sector with Chase Manhattan Bank, initially in a local role and ultimately as European Area Head of Training which involved a great amount of travel. Then moved to Ernst & Young into an almost identical role, with European training responsibilities.
Six years ago decided to "put my money wher my mouth was" and started my own business providing HR consultancy, Surveys, Executive Recruitment and Training, particularly pitched at the offshore market. Now have ten staff, presences in Jersey with an office in Guernsey opening soon and prospects of other locations opening in the future. Website www.hassellblampied.com. Involved with the Chamber of Commerce and various other representative groups in island.
memories: The very itchy Raglan tweed suit for first formers. The CCF, shiny boots, brasso and blanco. Rugby, especially the Clyde house team which seemed to be at least a foot taller than everyone else - we won all our matches! I, too remember the dining room on the Hampden Hall roof, the glider on the stage and the excellent Reviews - usually which included a drunken teacher at some stage entertaining the audience.
I have met few OEs over here but was close to Roger Pryke (we married girls with the same name!) who sadly died a few years ago. Have watched a few OE games against Jersey (they were in the same league) when they have been over here.
Why are there so few of my era in this list?

Andrew Hayward (Howe, 1961-1968) andrew@constablerobinson.com
I am a publisher at the above company, having previously worked at Penguin and Pearson. Am trying to arrange a "wake" in the summer for all 50 year olds. Anyone who remembers me Ian Kingston Bob Jolley Dave Evans Mike Chapman & the Briars get in touch. We meet for an evening about three times a year and it would be great to meet up with old contemporaries. If interested please email at the above address.
I certainly remember the teaching of Jack Cuddon; I would not be where I am now but for him. I also enjoyed the classes of Peter Hendry & Barney Cruse. Mostly I just remember it as a lot of fun and a place where I made a lot of friends who have remained close ever since we left Emanuel in 1968.
Jim Hewson (Clyde, 1962-1969) Jimhewsonteach@aol.com
Currently teaching Science in a Special School in Peckham. Married for nearly 29 years to Anne whom I met at college. 1 son 17 years who wants to join the Marines! We live in Somerset although I commute by car to London each week during term time.
Memories: Many fine people and lazy days. Joe Craddock who taught me about 'gumption' and Yorkshire 'Grit'. Wasting my time at school with sport - Rugby, Cricket and Athletics. CC Kuper, what what a strange man! Also playing Rugby for nthe OE's with Geoff Price, and Andy Bryce and Bob Archer to name just three.
Brian Hipkin (Nelson, 1961-1969) B.Hipkin@mdx.ac.uk
Currently Dean of Students at Middlesex University. I have memories of coxing the First eight in the final of the Princess Elizabeth Cup at Henley July 1969. I would love to make contact with anyone else who was in that crew.
David Harlock (Rodney, 1961-1967) pacific.inv@xtra.co.nz
Professionally - licensed investigator, Auckland, NZ. Socially - sailing or powerboating subject to wind strength. Have been boat fanatic since Boat Club at Barnes - and a naval dinghy sailing course on the Clyde courtesy of the CCF. memory: The strange efforts of a strange few to transform the sports field to London's next airport with a bungee-powered, single seater. Enduring memories of so many staff & students as most others have already detailed. Fives! What a strange pursuit! Blagdons - sport for all at every turn. Clapham Junction - a platform for everyone. Happy Days!
Victor James Horner (Clyde, 1959-1966) victor.horner@which.net
I am a Graphic Designer running my own small business in Woking, Surrey. Nothing amazing but it pays the bills. Divorced, four children and one grandson. I remember all the naughty bits. As I was there at the time of Jack Grundy I well remember the “Hit the Road Jack” assembly - brilliant. But didn’t the perpetrators get caned- expelled? I remember the dining room laid out on the School Hall roof. There was a tall thin Music Teacher who wore a tweed jacket and drove the tiniest Austin Seven. The Austin was “ragged” by covering it in Toilet paper. Nasty.
There was a School group - styled after the Shadows - Snare drum and three guitars. They played well and inspired me to swap from banjo to guitar.
Masters - Pump - who inhabited a tiny study and issued “Exiats”. Colonel Hill with a button hole. Jack Cudden English - Stank of fags and wore a black shirt to match his hair - He looked like a grim rebel poet - pehaps he was. “My Colts” Craddock. He taught with so much spit I swear they had to swab the floors between classes. Geography master - Name is lost to me - played Hockey - punished with a large slipper. Practically knocked me over the desk I was bending over.
I seemed to be regularly caned - by teachers, prefects and mainly in the masters bathroom - detentions caned off to play rugby, two detentions in one week equal one caning - wrong mac, wrong shape cap peak, tie badly knotted or frayed, pointed shoes - Totally Dickensian.
I also remember wearing an awful suit in grey tweed only available from Harrods - like everything else!
Keith Horwell (Nelson, 1966-1972) shebbearpo@ntlworld.comDropped out of printing industry in 2000 after 28 increasingly stressful years. Now living in beautiful Devon village and running small store and Post Office with long suffering wife and two kids. It beats working for a living, pays better too. memories Long afternoons spent dossing around in the Navy Hut, getting very drunk indeed on the Isle of Jura and managing to avoid an education almost completely. If Tom Durant, Dave Marr or
any of the other smokers from the Brighton line are out there it would be great to hear from you.

Mike Humm (Drake, 1962-1969)humm@sympatico.ca
I've been living in Canada for the last 20 years, working mainly in sales for various spcialty chemical companies. Currently I'm with the Canadian subsiduary of Henkel, Dusseldorf. I'm another member of the Frank Grundy fan club. Other major influences were Chris Strover (I'm still singing!); and the combination of Messrs Tovey and Derek Drury which resulted in my building a single scull which I paddle on the Severn-Trent waterway on summer weekends. Any Canadian OE's please drop me a line.
Graham Hurley(1962-69)ghurley@grahamhurley.com
Another beneficiary of the world-class teaching of Frank Grundy, Aaron Rogers, Charles Cuddon, Tom Graham, Joe Surman and many other remarkable individuals, I've lived most of my life in North America, where I'm currently an Information Technology consultant in Massachusetts.
Dr. Gordon D D Jackson (Rodney, 1962-1969) gjackson@triousa.com
I live in Cheektowaga, New York, together with my wife Cindy and three daughters - Esther (12), Anne (10) and Naomi (8). I started a computer consulting business about 20 years ago, and have now specialized in data conversion and creating data enabled Internet sites, including e-commerce applications. Over the years, I have reflected on these words from the school song: "Thus armed in spirit naught shall shake, Thy son's resolve in stricken battlefield ..." I believe that part of the legacy from my time at Emanuel was an impartation of the vision to not give up in the "battlefields" of life and business. Another part of the legacy was receiving a good understanding of how to respect authority and be someone in authority. I am so grateful that I was able to receive such a fine education. Thanks!
Barry P. Jones (Lyons, 1955-1962)mrbpj@home.com
Only claim to fame at school was being drum major in my final year with very long hair. Emigrated to Canada 1970. Lived in Vancouver, British Columbia from 1970 to 1988 then Toronto area to date.    Was recently made an Associate of Wallace, McBain & Associates Ltd., the largest private firm managing condominiums in Ontario.
Phil Kellingley (Drake, 1960-67) pkellingley@breathe.com
I left Emanuel to go to Bangor University to read Psychology (a degree I failed to complete!) After that I've been in a succession of IT jobs, mainly self-employed, and travelled all over the world advising banks on various bits of IT strategy. I'm trying to give that all up at present and start a new business in lifestyle photography.
Lots of memories - the staff, Frank Grundy, Jack Cuddon, Doc Ulyatt (see below), Colonel Hill, Aaron and Frank (who failed, valiantly, to bring me to a reasonable A level standard in maths)and many others. The unnamed English teacher (exBCC) who attacked one of my classmates and was frightened off when Jerry Ellis, form prefect, stood up and threatened him. Doc Ulyatt once said "I'm going to draw...treacle!" I was the only one who knew it was from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and I was rewarded with one shilling and twopence - because he hadn't got half-a-crown! Could this be one of the reasons I'm now undertaking an MA in Children's Literature?
Various school chums - Martin Symons, Graham (Wally) Wilkinson, Alan Paterson, Paul Stillman (who knew more maths than Aaron, apparently), Nick Tee and many others from the M&B set. Games, which I loathed, the awful Junior toilets and equally awful changing rooms, Joe Craddock's detention of the whole school, Tom Graham and the school secretary, Sarjeant and Mrs Cakebread... it goes on. I do remember that someone re-edited "A History of Emanuel Scool" while I was there - perhaps it's time for a rewrite?
It goes without saying that I'd be very happy to hear from any contemporaries.
Gordon Lazenbury (Drake, 1954-60)gordonlaz@clara.co.uk
I have lived and worked in Belgium, Canada and the USA as well as the UK since 1963 and currently live in London. During the past 28 years I have been involved in international sports sponsorship/management which probably proves that my activity at Emanuel was focused more on sport than academic subjects! I have not at all kept in touch with my contemporaries and am I surprised and disappointed that not many of the names that I remember seem to be members of the OEA. Any contacts from those years would be welcomed.
David Leech (Nelson, 1959 -1966) mleech3551@aol.com
Currently MD of a group of European companies involved in highway safety.Married, two adult offspring. Living in Sussex.My memories include Joe Craddock, Jack Cudden and some other very odd teachers, rugby, the CCF which I detested, lots of lost friends!!
John Leech (1953 - 1960)JLeech1336@aol.com
I left to join Ford Motor Co where I studied metallurgy for 5 years before receiving my B Sc. I continued working for Ford until 1991 when I semi-retired and now work approx 3 days a week as a consultant. I remember the rugby most ,with Jack Cudden and Taffy Neath - all the old boys PFW Edwards,Charlie Larkum, P.J. Lewis, Tony Sweetsur,Clive Bruton etc. Please can you put a note in the 50s leavers for me!
Malcolm McLaughlin (Lyons, 1957 - 1964) springwheel@intonet.co.uk
After 21 years in the structural consultancy field, I have moved on to run an architectural consultancy in Cobham, Surrey. I am married with one son age 16 and live in Tadworth, Surrey. End of term pranks, including the dining room on the Hampden Hall roof, and music master's car (what was his name?) on gym roof. P.S. I am not owning up to any of these, only that I remember them!!
Terence ("Tel") Monks (Marlborough, 1950-1960) tel@adiva.com
I graduated from Exeter University in 1964, went on to do graduate studies at Birkbeck College, London until Americans dangled money in front of my face. Since then I have been living mainly in Virginia working as a Software Developer and Actor.
Simon Naji(at Emanuel in the late '60s)sme076@abdn.ac.uk
Currently with the Health Services Research Unit, University of Aberdeen.
Alec Parley (Wellington, 1955-1963) beachmap@sympatico.ca
Retired after 30 years in teaching in Toronto, Canada. Now run our own antique map business (www.beachmaps.com).
Emanuel was generally good fun, except for Tuesdays dressing up badly as a soldier. Made many friends, quite a few of whom I still see on regular visits to UK (Michael Stewart, Laurie (Bin) Robinson, Vic Dodds, Malcolm Appleby, Ray Pierce, Clive Galyer, David Evans etc). Our cricket team was brilliant, largely due to Chig's hands-off approach and we thrashed Surrey Colts who included two future England players, Geoff Arnold and Pat Pocock. Survived Jack Grundy referring to me as a 'reformed thug' because he once caught me combing my hair over the front of my cap. I suppose that the repressive regime of the late 50's inspired creativity and rebellion (Jack Grundy hung in effigy from the Hampden Hall) but one would not wish it on anyone now. Bright kids and generally good teachers made it a fine academic preparation for university.
Colin Payne(Marlborough, 1962-69) colinrpayne@hotmail.com
I am now Head of mathematics at Broadland High School in Wroxham on the the Norfolk Broads. Have been married to Malle for the last 26 years, and have 2 daughters, Leila and Tina. Memories include being caned too often, the smell of Joe Craddock's cigars in that airless room he had, running in the snow in Richmond Park, train spotting at the end of the drive, Charlie Hill's buttonhole roses as well as some excellent teachers: Aaron Rogers and Frank Grundy of course, were an inspiration; Jack Cudden & Hendry for English, and Britten for Geography who made the subject come alive. If I am ever remembered by my pupils as fondly as I remember these then I feel I too will have been a success.
Tony Pewtress (Marlborough, 1961-1968) acp@dircon.co.uk
I have just featured in 'where are they now' so please amend address to Three Oaks, Crabtree Lane, Churt, Surrey, G.U.10 2LA.
I am still in the City with my own firm Of Average Adjusters, a career mapped out by the PSAB, and work alongside Alan Lester (Drake 61 to 68) who is company FD and Robert Bates (?Lyons from the 50s)who is company chairman. Others I have met include Barry Martin at RBS, Bob Jenner and Terry Goldsmith on the train, Les Kent in a wine bar, and Peter Seaden and Alan Hindley who I have kept in touch with since school. Unfortunately my sporting life has been curtailed since school as there seems to be very little call for a thirteen stone cox nowadays. Good luck to all my school friends for the millenium, paricularly as they will be celebrating the year of their 50th birthday!
David Price (1958-1965)davepace@aol.com
After a few years in UK local government I moved to the USA to become a professional musician (guitarist). After several years of touring, concerts, albums etc. subsequently moved into health care administration working in various senior positions in the Middle East and the S.E. USA. Currently I'm President and Chief Executive Officer of Voran Therapy Inc. (located in Mobile, AL), a major provider of physical, occupational and therapy services to the central Gulf Coast region of the USA.
Philip H. Pryor (Wellington, 1958-1963) PBCH101@aol.com
I have been in Virginia since 1979 and I work internationally in agriculture and microbrewery facilities, VAFAC INC ( www.vafac.com). Welcome any contacts from the School, my phone number is 540-898-5425. At school I enjoyed tennis, rowing and cross country.
Roger Pye (Howe, 1957-65) roger_pye@btinternet.com
After 30 years of management consultancy, working in over 60 countries, in startups, The Economist & KPMG, from which I retired as a partner at the end of 1999, I am now working independently, specialising in the telecom business. Still travelling the world, on business and for pleasure. Still fencing (a veteran now of course). Married with two teenage sons, living in Walton-on-Thames. My main memory must be the maths teaching (Aaron Rogers and Frank Grundy) which got me to Oxford as one of the ten Oxbridge award winners in Emanuel's best ever year. Plus the way a twitch of Aaron's eyebrows or shrug of his shoulder could restore order instantly in Frank's anarchic classroom.

Martin Rickman (Marlborough, 1962 - 1969)rickman@cyberware.co.uk
Chartered Land Surveyor with own practice and also Management Consultant - living in Yaxley near Peterborough and married to Janette with two cats.
Jonathan Shead (now Blakeman-Shead) (Lyons, 1958-1963) jaybeess@btinternet.com
I retired 11 years ago as a reluctant headteacher and am now 'living the life'. No stress, a working wife, a daughter, a dog, a cat and a country cottage in Lincolnshire. Thanks to Parkinson's disease I enjoy and accept each day as it comes. memory: Paul Craddock asking me, while waiting at a bus stop on St. John's Hill, what other boys thought of him? What would you have said? Breaking my collar bone in a Lyons verses Nelson interhouse final. Some (un-named) sadistic maths and geography staff. My regret at having to leave after my O levels, because we moved.
Ian Smith (Howe, 1959-1966) Pikas4lunch@cs.com
After a brief period in the RAF, I joined the world of the City of London. Started my own brokerage in 1977. Set up West 3 Recording Studios in the West End in the 80's. Having decided quality of life was better than quantity, I am now a partner in a tour company and enjoying life. Married for 32 years with 2 children. Giles aged 27, a surgeon at Barts Hospital and Amelia, 25, HR Manager for Computer Associates. Currently living in Berkshire, Whistler (Canada) and Hawaii. Memory: The usual 'odd ' characters: Joe Craddock, Doc Ulyatt, Pump etc etc. How did any of us end up as normal!!
Peter Stewart (Lyons, 1955-1962) carapjs@aol.com
I have been in Information Systems for over 30 years and currently am Director of I.S. with Alba Waldensian Inc in Valdese North Carolina.
David Stewart-David (1952-1960) Davidsd@blueyonder.co.uk
Economist; Editor of "Portcullis". Recently retired as Head of Operations Management in University of Northumbria, and I'm now a Research Associate specializing in queue behaviour (what people do when they are made to wait).
A Northerner who strayed into Emanuel and found much of it very odd, some of it wonderful, and some of it pretty harsh. Inspiring teaching by Jack Cuddon, Ken Lowes and Hugh Mearns. Wonderful view of railways, which probably influenced my career, via Hull University and British Railways to a lectureship in Transport Studies. Still involved in transport research and have published extensively in UK and Poland. Live in Newcastle upon Tyne. Charlie Hill told me I'd stop being a Socialist at 30. Am now 61 and he was wrong.
Nick Thomas (Howe, 1960-1967) nicktho@aol.com
Living in Hampshire with Lou and 2 daughters 19 and 17 and son 14. After leaving Emanuel worked in Marketing and Advertising briefly before building a Serviced Office business. I am now running a similar property management business, for a small group of investors see www.office-lets.co.uk for details. I still love sailing and went on from racing dinghies to keel boats and have sailed on many occasions in the Solent, The South Coast, Channel Islands, French Coast, Scillies and Southern Eire.
I remember Doc Ullyatt asking every boy in the Physics class 'The Son was shining on the sea - YES?' followed by a stern stare - and all the answers about refraction, reflection etc. etc. made him madder & madder - I was in the very last desk in the room. He eventually came to me (a poor performer at Physics) and I answered 'Shining with all it's might, which was very odd because it was the middle of the night' everyone in the room was horrified, except Doc who bellowed YESSS. Half the class still didn't know what was happening. What a character! I remember towing three eights up the river, with John Cork the boatman, for the next week-end's regatta. The rowing tank, the tuck shop, having detentions caned off - so that I could row on saturday mornings, the widz & widexes, fives, the armoury, the chapel, the fire escapes, meat curry, blackcurrant tart with artificial cream, the prefects dining room. I don't remember doing much work.
Michael Vince (Clyde, 1959-65) michael.vince@btinternet.com
Writing textbooks for ELT, and other stuff. Memories: Too many to choose
Peter Wise (Marlborough,1959-1965) peterwise@ntlworld.com
I went to Surrey University, and achieved a good Honours Degree in Pure Chemistry. I became an industrial chemist for ICI and sister companies until 1984, when I started my own optical company. At present I am the managing director of Cape Instruments Ltd, designing and marketing novel optical instruments. Our web site is: www.evolutiontelescope.co.uk. I am a keen amateur astronomer, and my most recent design is a new type of astronomical telescope.
Memories of the school: Chalk being banned by Jack Grundy. Playing mini-cricket with 'Paginae Primae' as a bat, the Latin master wearing the same dreary yellow tie every day. The school revue with Cuddon asking a pupil to fetch 20 Piccadilly, and finishing with 'Hit the road Jack' while the curtain was quickly lowered.
'Doc' Ullyat referring to a student teacher as 'Little Willy' - we never knew his real name. The glider that actually took off and landed near the railway lines. Skiving off Wednesday games, but being lucky enough to be present when a check was done - those that were caught suffered 6 of the best, and the queue wound round the stairs from the old Master's bathroom to the foot of the stairs.
Illegal chemistry experiments, especially making contact explosive! Terrifying German lessons from Joe Craddock. Havoc in maths with Frank Grundy - quelled with a stern look from Aaron Rogers through the window in the door. I could go on and on..........
An excellent School, that I look back on with great fondness, and too many memories to put here.
Ian Henry Zive (Clyde, 1953-1961) ian.zive@c2i.net
Clinical psychologist living in Norway.