SJHW Chat with Joe Mallozzi – April 13, 2002




How is the writing coming along for Season 6?
I was working on an outline for one story, then had to put it on hold while we thrashed out the first part of a two-parter... Possibly episodes 11 and 12.


Well I've gone over the stories we have so far (in various stages of production) and it comes down to about 18 of 22.


How many episodes will Jonas be in?

Of the 18 episodes we’re plotting out – 18


We go to camera on Shadow Play this week.  It will be our first big Jonas story.


Abyss will see Jack in a wardrobe change.


We are shooting episode 6 right now, and start shooting 7 this week.


Will we ever get to see the first version of Beneath the Surface?

I don't know.  It's very rare any early draft ever sees the light of day.  Although, ironically enough, The Light was an exception
to this rule when the script was leaked on the net.

Do non-military members (Teal'c, Daniel, Jonas) also wear dog tags?

I'm not sure.  That's something I can check out for you.


Will we see some aftermath from Fail Safe?

Yes, the repercussions will be felt.


Does the SGC consider the treaty to be null and void after Fail Safe?

No, the SGC has adopted a wait and see approach. However, there are forces at work that may change all that. 


How do you come up with names?

We make them up.  It all depends on who's writing the particular script.  Sometimes we come up.  Sometimes, we come up with something inspiring – Aris Boch.  Other times, well "Quick Selmac, get in the Peltac, we're going to Delmac!"


Will we learn more about the Ancients?

Well, we've already laid the groundwork for the Ancients.  As a matter of fact, we've revealed more than many fans realize.  Come this season, a lot will be revealed.


Sam's relationship with Jack was a little tense in Revelations.  Will it improve?

Yes.  Sam was upset, but I'd say she was more upset WITH Jack rather than AT Jack.  She would love to help Jack come to terms with Daniel's passing, but she also knows that she must let him grieve in his own way.


So... Sam, Jack, fishing?

Fishing?  It's possible.  Very possible.


Amanda Tapping was given a 'combat bracelet' when she visited troops over Christmas.  Is she being allowed to wear it during taping?

Actually, I haven't noticed the bracelet.  I'll have to take a closer look in dailies.


How it RDA doing?

Rick's knee is much better.


How's the mail been?

Well, Brad gets the occasional nasty letter, but they all seem to Be from the same handful of individuals.  And of course we've been getting positive mail as well – which is great.  Sadly, my hate mail has slowed to a trickle.  I will have to make do with the odd incoherent rambling death threat passed along to me from the SDJ site.


In your opinion, did the show establish the feelings between Sam and Jack?

I think the show has established those feelings – especially with episodes like Divide and Conquer and Window of Opportunity


How do you feel about spoilers being discussed online?

Oh, I don't mind spoilers being discussed.  But I find it kind of silly when people criticize an episode they haven't seen on the basis of a spoiler.  For the most part, the criticism I've read is way off base because either a) the information in the spoiler was inaccurate or b) the critics base their take on assumptions they've made about the story.


How do you feel when spoilers are leaked which are incorrect?

I think that either a) someone who doesn't really get the show is leaking the spoilers, or b) the person leaking the spoilers is purposely misinforming the fans.


As a writer on the show, what do you do to make sure you keep the continuity?

Yes, we've watched all the episodes and tried to keep continuity.  Interesting, people complain about the lack of continuity after season 3 but seem to have no problem with the little blips in the first three seasons.  There have been some developments over the past couple of seasons that may have run contrary to what may have been said in a previous episode, but their purpose has been to rectify oversights rather than as convenient plot devices.


What do you think about Stargate moving to SciFi?

From what I understand, SciFi is gearing up to heavily promote the show.  We have an excellent time slot, paired with what, in my opinion, is a terrific show in Farscape.


Have you ever been tempted to take advantage of cable's looser restrictions on violence/language?

I don't think more violence or racier language would improve the show.  In fact, I often find that offscreen/suggested violence is much more effective than onscreen violence which often detracts from the drama and can actually end up looking somewhat silly.


Some day I'm going to write up at addendum for WE so all the fans can get the in-jokes.  All those dead aliens were a direct reference to Fifth Man in which Jack kills off about a hundred Jaffa.  We were all sitting there watching the final poignant scene and there's our team stepping through bodies to get to the gate!  We had to edit the scene in such a way so as to not see most of the bodies.


How's the mood on the set these days?

Everyone is very upbeat on the set.  In fact, I'd say the mood on the set is more relaxed/fun than ever.  And again, most of us don't really see this as the end of the show at all.  I've noticed a lot more laughing and kidding around on the dailies.





Does Sam get to take a command role in Season 6?

Sam steps to the fore in Nightwalkers... she gets to lead the team.


Would that have happened if RDA wasn’t somewhat limited this season?

That would have been difficult.  The opportunity arose and we thought "what a great opening for Carter to shine"


How is Jonas shaping up?

Jonas will bring a unique alien perspective and ability to the team.  In particular, this "ability" will allow him to contribute in areas of expertise usually owned by Sam and Daniel... Jonas will take a heat off Sam in particular, allowing her to open up a little more... Given the circumstances in which he was introduced, we didn't want to go dark with Jonas.


Will Teal'c's storyline be furthered in Season 6?

Yes.  More Teal'c.  I mentioned in a previous chat that a story is in the works that will do something completely different with the character, a story that will have major repercussions for not only Teal'c but the Jaffa as a whole


Should Teal'c be at all concerned about the Gou'ald-eating (being a Jaffa)?

No, the snake eating may be a worry for the other Gou'ald.  Teal'c is ok.  He got a new symbiote in season 2 and has a few more years to go.


Will Teryl's role be expanded in Season 6?

Teryl plays a big part in Frozen, which will be episode 4.


The fate of Ambassador Joe:

I don't think the Aschen would kill him out of spite.  They're not an overly violent race.  They're smart enough to know that he could be of use to them alive.


Return of Simmons?




Very possible!



Elliot... sadly, I think we've seen the last of Elliot.



No plans as of yet.



Yes, we'll be touching on Adrian Conrad and his crew in Nightwalkers and the first part of the big two parter we are hashing out now. 



Yes, we have a Maybourne story just waiting to go.



Yes, Jacob will be back (as soon as episode 3 – Descent)



Oh, it's very possible we'll be seeing him in early season 6.



Yes, Bra'tac will be back soon as well (episodes 1 and 2)



Oh, Yu will play a major role this season.


Will any of the Summit Gou'ald make a reappearance?

Yes... Baal for one. 



Yes, we will probably see Osiris this year as well


Are there any plans for a second episode including Michael Shanks?

So far, he's to appear in Abyss.  It's possible that he may appear in another, but there are no definite plans so far.



Fandom and the future


How's the movie coming along?

Brad and Robert are scripting the movie as we speak.


And the spin-off?

No news on the spin off – but I don't expect to hear anything until June


Are the cast & crew aware of the SDJ campaign?

Yes, some are more aware of it than others.  Unfortunately for the real Daniel Jackson fans out there, the individuals involved in the SDJ campaign have done their cause a disservice by a) being rude and insulting and b) encouraging individuals to be rude and insulting and threatening to those involved in the production.  As a result, they're viewed as an 'out there' vocal minority by many.  And quite frankly, they haven't helped the character of DJ any.


How so?

Well imagine if you will.  You work for a company that makes use of four distributors.  You try to give all four distributors an equal amount of business.  After a while, one of the distributors complains and no longer wishes to do business with you.  Suddenly you begin hearing from associates of the distributor.  They are insulting and angrily demanding that you do business with the distributor again.  How eager are you going to be to do business with that distributor again?


Any chance of seeing some bloopers?

I suggested that's one of the things the fans really want to see: lost scenes and bloopers. 

I mentioned it was the #1 fan request... I guess we'll have to wait and see... There was a LOT of leftover film from Urgo.


How do you deal with the negativity online?

I don't mind the negativity at all.  Others don't react as well.  I don't think Peter D will be coming online any time soon... Sadly, I think the negativity will affect some of the cast and crew's decision to attend Gatecon.  While I don't think it's tarnished fandom as a whole, I know it's certainly disappointed many of those involved in the production.


Still having fun?

I'd say I'm having more fun in Season 6 then in my previous two seasons with the show.


Do positive letters make any difference?

Yes.  They do make a positive impression.  In any case, not to worry.  We know that there are a lot of fans out there really looking forward to season 6.


How was it like when Michael Shanks was on the set for Abyss?

It was all very polite.  In fact, I ran into Michael the weekend before shooting started and he informed me that he had been misquoted in his interviews and that the fans were overreacting. 


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