1) A lot of people were looking forward to seeing you in Europe this year. So why exactly did you cancel the tour and can we expect to see you soon around here ?

Well, we canceled the tour because of issues within the band and because we had just come off of a four month tour of the U.S. and were exhausted. Hopefully we'll make it to Europe at some point, but what we're really focused on right now is the new record. There's no tours in the works at this point.

2) You're recording a new album right now so could you tell us a bit more about it. Is it going to contain only new songs ? Still on Honest Don's?

Yeah the new record is gonna be on Honest Don's and it's gonna contain new and old material just like "In Recovery". The difference is there'll be more new tracks than old ones. I'm really excited about the new record - we're experimenting with a lot more instruments and styles of writing. There's some, believe or not, bluegrassy/country sounding stuff and a little more piano rock on a few tracks. I'm real interested to see how people respond to it.

3) I know this is a stupid question but why have you left over some of your best songs like So Sadly It Goes (my personnal fav, one of the best song I've ever heard in fact), Terrified, Dried Roses, Caving In, Vanity Fair .Can we expect some of these songs to appear on your futur albums sooner or later?

It's interesting that you ask, because lately we've been debating over what older songs to re-record and put on the new record. I can tell you for sure that "Terrified" and "Labels Are For Cans" are in the running.

4) Another useless question : why did you remove the scream during the solo of Red Letter Day? That was so intense!

To tell you the truth, we forgot to do it in the studio. If one of us had remembered and said something I'm sure it would have been in there. Bummer. Sorry - we're morons sometimes.

5) You've been really independant from the record industry before the release of In Recovery, but weren't you desparate at some point with no label or were'nt you really looking for one?

We were never really aching to get signed. I mean, we always thought, "It would be cool to be on a label", but we weren't desparate by any means. When Don's approached us we gladly accepted because of the history of the label. We knew they didn't screw people over and that Mike is really honest and treats his bands well.

6) What do you think of the whole mp3 thing ? I guess it is a pretty recurent question but you were kind of pionneers in the matter...

I've always been cool with the MP3 thing. I could care less if people pay for our records or not. I'm not doing this because I want to get paid.

7) How did you get Joey Cape to sing on your cd ? And how do feel about it ? I mean I guess you were big fan of Lagwagon or Nofx as a teenager and would never have expect this... get signed on Fat Mike's label and Joey Cape singing on one of your song.

Joey came out to sing because I had met him a couple times before and we we're mixing the record in his hometown studio. So we asked him to sing on RLD and he agreed. It's great. Joey's an awesome guy / songwriter / singer and we were stoked he wanted to work with us. Yes, I was a big fan of both bands. Still am.

8) Are you still at school? And will you play in Inspection 12 as long as possible or do you have other projects?

Yes, I'm going to school in St. Augustine, FL. I'd like to keep on playing for as long as we can.

9) I own some cds from a band called Hatrick (which I dig btw) and I read that some of you play (or played?) in that band. Could you clear things up?

Hatrick are all really close friends of ours. Our old drummer Scott played guitar and sang back-up vocals in Hatrick until his death in March of 2001. He never got to record anything with them.

10) I read that weezer was a big influence for you so I would like to know what you think of their latest records ? (hey, I've just noticed that you've removed rivers cuomo from your influences on your website.... what's the reason ?)

Yes, I was a huge Weezer fan in high school and after. The blue album is great and Pinkerton is on my top ten favorite albums of all time. As for their latest stuff - Negative. I think either Rivers got into a car accident and had to re-learn how to write music or he's really bitter with people in general and is writing shitty songs on purpose just to spite everyone. I don't know what happened but it's really disappointing.

11) what's your connection with french language ? french subtitles, coup de grace, :)

"Coup de Grace" is a pretty common phrase in the english language and it's meaning fit the subject of the song. As for "French Subtitles" I don't really know - Pete wrote that song. I don't speak French but my girlfriend does. Other than that there' really no connections - Oh, I saw Amelie and thought it was great.