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3D Acceleration! 32 Player Multiplayer! Non-stop gaming action! Highly Addictive! If I said these words, you'd think I was talking about the latest and greatest first person shooter coming this spring, like Quake 3 or Unreal Tournament. Nope, you're wrong. Epic Megagames, along with Project 2, bring us a new standalone version of the 1998 side scroller game of the year with all-new levels, some new homemade levels, new weapons and new enemies, and it's now called Jazz Jackrabbit 2: The Secret Files (Jazz 2:TSF). This doesn't change the same gaming formula: it's the same old Jazz, and it's still fun as heck.

The level design in Jazz 2:TSF is definitely well made. It wasn't confusing to get around, and there were a lot of secrets to be found all through the game, which boosted the replay value of the game. It uses the same cartoon design of the levels with complimentary bright colors. Jazz 2:TSF is meant for all ages, but that doesn't mean you just let the kids play this game; you should play it also! While Jazz 2:TSF might look easy, trust me, it's not. Even on easy difficulty, the game is still a challenge, which means it's no walk in the park. While the enemies aren't too tough, the designers throw in some nice puzzles and small challenges into the levels to make it well-balanced.

Jazz 2: TSF lets you choice between the campaign files or you can choice over twenty of the best user submitted levels, which a wide-variety of different kinds of levels. Now, you might think, if it isn't made by the professionals, then the levels must suck. While they aren't exactly as good as the original or the secret files, they are still decent and fit nice into this game. The game also includes it's own standalone editor, thought it's not as easy to use as the actual game.

No one game is perfect, and of course Jazz 2: TSF has its imperfections. Unless you bump the resolution down, you sometimes have to squint to see what you're doing and even see Jazz (You can also choice your sidekick Spaz or the female counterpart, Lori). Jazz 2:TSF, like the old Jazz 2 games (the original and Jazz 2: Holiday Hare 98), still has some problems of getting stuck at certain points, and controls being kind of sluggish at random places when I was using my gamepad.

Now you might be saying, 32 players playing at the same time? It's got to be sluggish! Surprisingly, it wasn't. You can play either over the net, over a network, or even with several gamepads hooked up and two players on keyboard. There was hardly any lag on the net or over the network, and with all kinds of modes to play, including battle mode and capture the flag.

To conclude, this is a perfect compliment to the original Jazz 2. If you owned the first Jazz 2, or still haven't gotten the coolest side scrolling game for PC just yet, you should heavily consider doing it on your next trip to the software store. Jazz 2:TSF builds on the original, and just makes it even better. It's still addictive, non-stop gaming action, and it really shouldn't be missed if you're like the majority and just like a really fun game.

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This is a perfect compliment to the original Jazz 2







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