American Sewing Guild
Indianapolis, Indiana Chapter


  • 35mm film canister with small hole drifted in the top
  • Fabric cover for base
  • 4- _" x 2" round dowel embellished and edge stitched as desired, such as one for candy apples or chop sticks.
  • cut 2 of pattern from muslin
  • stuffing
  • 8" ribbon for waist
  • bias trim scraps to go over shoulders (waist to waist)
  • rickrack to go around bottom
  • lace hem tape for "scarf"
  • 2 mini sewing spools or other sewing charms
  • several _" straight pins
  • a few mini safety pins
  1. Sew Muslin with 1/8" seam allowance leaving open at bottom to turn 
  2. Stuff generously 
  3. Got glue rickrack, waist ribbon bias trim
  4. Tie spools or charms to lace trim
  5. Pin lace trim at neck with straight pin
  6. Insert dowel and glue into body. Glue remaining opening closed.
  7. Fill film canister with sand
  8. Insert dowel into film canister and glue
  9. Decorate film canister as desired 

Massey Sewing Machines Would like to Thank
The Home Sewing Association for providing this pattern

Pattern Used with Permission of Home Sewing Association

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