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Mallard Overview

Mallard is a web-based, interactive, quizzing tool. Faculty can design and post quizzes securely over the web and record students' results. Students can take quizzes, do class exercises and track their grade progress. In addition, Mallard can be used to post class assignments, course information, syllabi, and links to other pertinent sites.

Mallard Features

Mallard can be used as a central location for all the information pertaining to a course. Each Mallard site is configured with a section for announcements, course information, links to lessons, and more.

But the real power of Mallard is its online quizzing utilities. Mallard gives developers great power and flexibility, while maintaining an easy-to-use format. Mallard accomplishes this by using a simple question format that allows authors to use externally defined "modules" (called input types) to generate and correct questions. Developers do not need to design these input types, but if they desire it, the flexibility is there.

Requesting a Mallard Site

Faculty that would like to request a Mallard site or a demonstration of what Mallard can do should send email to with a brief description of their needs.

Mallard Documentation

User's guide to Mallard
Developer's guide to Mallard

Mallard Support

Looking for some quick answers? Check out:
UofI-Online's Mallard FAQ

Students experiencing technical problems with Mallard should consult their instructor or teaching assistant for the course.

Faculty and developers may direct any Mallard related questions or problems to

Note: Students get support from their instructors or teaching assistants. The instructors and teaching assistants get support from the Mallard administrators.

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