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Washington D.C. is threatened by the deployment of a biological weapon capable of killing millions. Gabe Logan is the nation’s only chance to infiltrate the terrorist operation and ensure the deadly Syphon Filter virus doesn’t contaminate the public. The action unfolds with heated non-stop gunfire, international intrigue and a conspiracy that deepens as the body count rises. Plunge into this suspenseful thriller where enemies are taken on in a hail of bullets or taken out with a stealthy click of the silencer’s trigger.

Wow! What can I say about; this game makes me feel like I am immersed in a movie! Just gives you that James Bond sort of feeling prancing around, maneuvering past enemies, and that over all secret agents tingly feeling emanates throughout your body. I was very impressed with Syphon Filter, it combined a unique blend of gaming elements that we seldom see together, mixing action with thinking, and thus creating stunning gameplay. In the game, you play as Gabriel Logan, Covert Operative extraordinary. During the game, you will encounter past enemies of Logan, corrupt government officials, and the usual baddies. Also you are in constant communication with Lian Xing, who provides you with valuable mission information, and updates your status frequently. The graphics were very good, and the engine was well thought out. The Sound created a realistic feel of terrorist warfare, and the shocks running through my hands was definitely exhilarating.

The gameplay was better than most third person games I have had the joy of playing. The only flaw I noticed was that it was sometimes hard to navigate Gabe through narrow turns and passageways, because for the most part he is always running. Needless to say this was only minor, and was only a bit bothersome. The game follows most successful spy plots, and becomes very fun and addictive. I especially liked the way that Logan used his sniper rifles. One example is when I tagged a terrorist in the head through a fence, thus saving the hostages he had taken. There are just too many other cool weapons to talk about, but believe me there is so much variety, you won’t get bored of killing. The constantly changing missions, whether stealth or action was always entertaining. For example one mission could be insane helter skelter shootouts, while another could be a deep cover assignment, where detection leads to failure. The game’s third person perspective was very well done, and I did not note any graphical glitches or flaws such as the typical bad textures when your character is up against a wall.

The controls were very easy to remember, and felt natural in about 10 minutes of action. I strongly recommend playing this game with the dual-shock controller - It makes it incredibly convincing to feel the bullets hitting you. The control allowed you to do everything from crawl slowly, run, strafe, and barrel roll - everything one would need to feel like a secret agent.

The graphics were done in very good taste, creating an excellent real-world mood. I must also commend the design team on the wonderful levels - I did not find one level to be repetitive, which was very refreshing. The textures were very realistic, from police cars to detailed statues, etc. I found the 3D Models to be extremely detailed, in both motion and materials. Between each mission is a beautifully integrated cut scene rendered in 3D, which propels you further into the winding story. The game kept a high framerate, regardless of how many people were on the screen.

The sound was excellent, as I could hear every little detail. I could hear glass shatter as I was sniping out a light on the ceiling, or barrel rolling through a window. Bullets whizzed by my head, walls got shot up with pock marks, and beer bottles broke during a restaurant shootout. This really contributed to the stunning realism of the game.

Overall, Syphon Filter is a definite winner in my book. The amazing story, combined with the various stealth and action elements, creates a stellar title. I recommend this game highly to anyone who has always wanted to act out their childhood fantasies about being an action hero. I would like to commend 989 Studios on a job well done - it is not often that we see a game of such high caliber. If you don’t already own Syphon Filter, what are you waiting for? Buy it!


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If James Bond was in a playstation game, this would be it!




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