Postal: Special Delivery

(c) Running With Scissors


Add-on for Postal


Postal, P90, 150 Megs HD, 16 Megs Ram




F. C.

  In 1997, a game called Postal stirred up a lot of publicity with its non-stop real-life violent game where you maliciously shot everything that moved without any thought. While the reviews gave it a lukewarm reception, I thought the game was a blast with its non-stop action. It really brought out the demented side of me, but the only problem was that it was too short. While it originally did come with sixteen levels, it only took me a week to polish off this title. The game did accumulate a cult following, with people creating multiplayer Postal clans. The creators of Postal, Running With Scissors, has naturally brought along an add-on pack to Postal with Postal: Special Delivery, and it really adds a lot of life into the game.

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  Postal: Special Delivery comes with four new levels to devour, along with new sounds and new characters in the game. The best level in the add-on has to be the EZ-Mart level. When playing that level, I just imagined that I was at Wal-Mart taking out all the people waiting in line to buy Deer Hunter. There is one problem in the game, as it'll take less than a day to finish off these new levels. The replay value of these new levels diminish greatly after a few times, but RWS has included a hidden gem in the game called the challenge levels. This is where you're given certain objectives in the level that you must complete in a certain time, from capturing a certain amount of flags to killing as many people as you can take out. This dramatically adds a lot of replay value to Postal, as you now can challenge yourself or other people to try to get highest score in the game. Other features included is an updated editor (which is still cumbersome and kind of difficult to use, but at least some better documentation has been included), optimized multiplayer (thought no noticeable updates), and updated graphics. One last feature added to the game is the ability to spawn copies of Postal: Special Delivery on multiple computers. If you'd like to have LAN Party of Postal, here's your chance.

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  With a retail price of $19.99, if you had a copy of Postal lying around collecting dust, wipe off those dust bunnies on the cd case and re-install this game, as you should grab a copy of Special Delivery. If you still hadn't experienced Postal, grab the bundle package for around $40, and let your demented side loose on the computer.

Rating: 71% - Most blood to spill in Postal.