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A Change of Principal

In August Dr Robert Wilkinson, the College's Principal, is leaving to take up the Principalship of Hills Road Sixth Form College in Cambridge, another leading sixth form college.  Professor Richard Card, Chairman of Governors, pays tribute to Dr Wilkinson’s achievements below:

It was in 1994 that Dr Wilkinson joined Wyggeston and Queen Elizabeth I College from the College to which he is to return.  By the standards of Wyggeston and Queen Elizabeth I College, Dr Wilkinson’s period of office has been a short one; the College only had four heads in the whole of the preceding century.  Much, however, has been achieved during his relatively brief tenure of office.

When Dr Wilkinson joined the College, he joined a thriving educational institution with staff and students of high quality but one whose accommodation was woefully inadequate.  Aided by a very able Estates Officer, Dr Wilkinson has been at the forefront of the College’s success in achieving a range of improvements of the College’s accommodation and facilities.  New building has taken place on a substantial scale, as well as adaptation and refurbishment.  The College’s current premises bear favourable comparison with any other sixth form college.  They, as well as the College’s academic record, have ensured that the College remains the first choice for sixth form college education for the majority of applicants in the area.

Under Dr Wilkinson’s leadership new management and quality assurance systems have been devised and adopted within the College.  Their effectiveness can be gauged by the very good results achieved in two inspections of the College since 1994, particularly in the second inspection in October 1999.

Academic results have improved annually under Dr Wilkinson’s leadership.  For example, in 1996 the A-level pass rate was 82.4% (14.0% at grade A), whereas in 1999, 2000 and 2001 it was 94.5% (18.0%), 94.6% (19.1%) and 94.6% (20.4%) respectively.

Various curriculum developments have taken place under Dr Wilkinson’s leadership.  Two are particularly deserving of mention.  First, the LATeC centres, two successful free-standing, flexible learning IT centres for adults.  Second, the expansion of Foundation Programmes taught by College staff for the University of Leicester's students; these attract an increasing number of students.

The governors, staff and students at the College thank Dr Wilkinson for his leadership of the College and his contributions to its work.  They wish him all success for the future.

Dr Wilkinson’s successor is Mr Ian Wilson, who is currently Vice Principal at Long Road Sixth Form College in Cambridge.