The Complete List of Bioroids etc.

The list below shows all the published bioroids, genetic upgrades, parahumans, uplifts, infomorphs, cybershells, and bioshells that have appeared in the Transhuman Space corebook and its supplements released so far (biomods and nanomods are not included, neither is material from playtest files). Also included are a few extra items - bioroids I've made that are presented elsewhere on this site or that have appeared in David Pulver's Transhuman Tech files on the TS Yahoo Group or TS Pyramid Board. If the latter ever have URLs associated with them, I'll add a link - otherwise you'll have to take my word for their existence :). I'll update this list as new books come out.

Baseline Human0Totally unmodified human TS115
Genefixed Human0Bogstandard human template with fixes(2020)TS115
Floater-43Baseline human in zero-g/micrograv(2028)TS115

Alpha35Eugenic upgrade 2050TS115
  Olympian65  Alpha variant2065TS115
Ishtar25Celebrity upgrade2064TS116
   Siduri39  Ishtar variant2079TS116
Metanoia36Intelligence upgrade2065TS116
Helot12Social/tractable upgrade2080FW118
  Helot II14  Even more tractable variant2081?FW118
Orion55Athletic upgrade2063BIO45
Mahatma39Religious upgrade2057FW119

Felicia146Feline bioroid2076TS116
  Felicia II114  Postban variant2082TS117
  Felicity (Black Panther)160  Bodyguard variant2091(TS board)
Tianyi (ZR-7)71"social interface"/pleasure bioroid2072TS117
  Incubus83  Gender-switching pleasure variant2084TS117
Chronos40Canine soldier bioroid2075BIO48
Eros37Pleasure bioroid2082BIO37
Spartan85Soldier Bioroid2084FW120
Hecate24Hazmat Cleanup bioroid2093FW119
Xenocop88Police/Paramilitary bioroid2089FW120
313 Stormers252Heavy Combat bioroid2082[here]

Dryads (Nguoi Rung)25Human/Plant hybrids2090(TS board)
Aquamorph65Underwater parahuman2075TS116
  Sea Shepherd80  GenTech Pacifica bioroid2080TS116
Tennin24Zero/Microgravity parahuman2058TS117
  Wu Tsao38  Margaret Station variant2084TS117
  ZR-526   Xiao Chu bioroid2075TS117
Yousheng53Xiao Chu Mars Adapted parahuman2068TS117
  Viking53   Colonial Genetics version2080TS117
  ZR-348   Mars soldier bioroid variant2070TS117
Ziusudra75Homo Superior parahuman2073TS118
  Nyx70   Genehackers Inc sleepless version2084TS118
Camazotz45Bat-like wings parahuman2082BIO47
Pandora36Limited Sigma parahuman2074BIO51
Void Dancer6Zero-G vacuum parahuman2096BIO56
Drylander35Desert-adapted parahuman2077FW114
Misha/Kodiak19Cold-adapted parahuman2055FW115
Ranger60Wilderness-adapted parahuman2079FW115
Brownie19"Dwarf" homo superior parahuman2055FW116
Herakles171"Ultimate" Homo superior parahuman2086FW116
Ariadne47Feminist Ideal parahuman2066FW116
  Ariadne II62  Upgraded variant2086FW116
Avatar (Male)77Very male Ideal parahuman2061FW117
  Avatar (Female)53  Very female Ideal parahuman2061FW117
Guardian135"Mastery" Ideal parahuman 2081?FW117
Kouros32Hermaphrodite parahuman2082FW118
Sigma70"Accelerated Cognition" parahuman2079FW119
(Entries in bold text are bioroid variants of existing parahumans).

Astropus40micrograv/water-adapted Octopus2085TS118
K-10A Postcanine-1Uplifted dog2033TS118
Jagrilla Hound37Hybrid combat monster2051?BIO102
Neo-Coon-56Uplifted racoon2059?BIO103
Neo-Horse68Uplifted horse2045?BIO103/104
Octosap-53Sapient octopus2072?BIO104
Space Cat-46Space-adapted feline2080?BIO104
War Dop32Combat dolphin2055?BIO104/105
Ganesh305Uplifted elephants2081FW120
Monkey Plus-87Uplifted monkey2082FW120
Neo-Pinniped4Uplifted sealion2079FW121

NAI-4-25Default Non-Sapient AI2015TS119
  NAI-5-20 2022TS119
  NAI-6-10 2032TS119
  NAI-70 2049TS119
  NAI-810 2067TS119
  NAI-920 2079TS119
  NAI-1035 2090TS119
LAI-640Default Low-Sapient AI2035TS119
  LAI-750 2054TS120
  LAI-860 2067TS120
  LAI-970 2083TS120
  LAI-1080 2093TS120
SAI-765Default Sapient AI2066TS120
  SAI-875 2072TS120
  SAI-985 2087TS120
  SAI-1095 2095TS120
Ghost Mind Emulation17Fully uploaded sapient2076TS120
  Fragment7Partially uploaded sapient2076TS120
  ShadowvariesEdited uploaded sapient2074?TS120
SAI Citizen/Orphan+40Citizen or Orphan AIVariesTS120
EI+60Emergent Intelligence (NAI/LAI only)?TS120
Rogue+10Restrictive programming removed (N/LAI)?TS120
Gypsy+45Free-roaming AI (on web)?FW122
Free Meme17Sentient meme?FW122

Bush Robot400Fractal arm design2097TS121
Buzzbot18Aerial reconaissance2075TS121
Cryobot485Ice-penetrating/aquatic 2073TS122
Cyberdoc400Medical 2070TS122
Cyberdoll170Human looking2080TS122
   Clockwork Souls Custom182  Artistically designed humanoid2080?TS122
   Infiltration Android340  Combat Cyberdoll2090TS122
Microframe-44Small sessile computerAnyTS122
Mainframe-9Medium sessile computerAnyTS122
Macroframe4Large sessile computerAnyTS122
Mobile Helmet252Mobile helmet2072TS123
Polypede655Engineering polybot2078TS123
RATS695Combat design2070TS124
Snakebot295Snakelike design2067TS124
  Combat Naga400  Combat variant2067?TS124
UCAV963Unmanned Combat Air Vehicle2090TS124
Virtual Interface Implant-11Computer implant2047TS125
  Puppeteer Impant-11?  Allows control of body by AI2047?TS125
Volkspider71Multi-legged general purpose2070TS125
  Tech-Spider235  Space engineering2070?TS125
Wearable Virtual Interface-1Portable AI?TS125
Cyberdog104Robotic animal2063FW121
Wingbot163Security bot2078FW121/122

Bioshell41Default Bioshell2070TS126
  Necromorph Bioshell41?Reanimated corpses?TS126

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