A Bit About the Author:
Phyllis Longver has been involved in researching the Civil War Veterans of New Hampshire, since the late 1970's. She began her research in Merrimack and Sullivan Counties.
Please feel free to contact her, if you have any questions or have information that may assist her with her research. (Her address and telephone details are below.)
This, of course, is an endless research project and we admire her efforts and look forward to seeing her work compiled as a book one day! Thanks, Phyllis!

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ANNIS (15th Infantry Co. B)
Henry S. d. 1905 Boscawen, NH-bu. Boscawen, NH

ATKINSON (16th Infantry Co. E)
Edmund W. d. 1923 Boscawen, NH-bu. Boscawen, NH

BALLARD (2nd Infantry Co. B)
William Wallace d. 1863--bu. Gettysburg, PA? Boscawen, NH

BENT (2nd US Sharpshooters Co. F)
James W. d. 1912 Boscawen, NH-bu. Boscawen, NH

BROWN (9th Infantry Co. F/ 2nd NH Heavy Artillery Co.--)
John H. d. 1875 Nottingham, NH-bu. Boscawen, NH

CHADWICK (2nd US Sharpshooters Co. F)
Edwin H. d. 1864 Boscawen, NH-bu. Boscawen, NH

COFFIN (16th Infantry Co. E)
George d. 1862?63 Port Hudson, LA-bu. Boscawen, NH

COLBY (1st NE Cavalry co. M)
John F. d. 1892 Boscawen, NH-bu. Boscawen, NH

DAY (2nd NH Heavy Artillery Co.--)
Wilson d. 1890 Penacook, NH-bu. Boscawen, NH

DECHAMPS?DECAMPS (11th Infantry Co. D)
Ferman?Freeman d. 1920-bu. Boscawen, NH

DUCKWORTH (7th Infantry Co. E)
William d. 1896 Boscawen, NH-bu. Boscawen, NH

EVANS (16th Infantry Co. E)
Isaac d. 1867 Penacook, NH?1888 Boston, MA-bu. Boscawen,NH

FISHER (7th Infantry Co. I)
George W. d. 1912 Boscawen, NH-bu. Boscawen, NH

FLANDERS (1st NE?NH Cavalry Co. I)
Josiah Haynes d. 1895 Boscawen, NH-bu. Boscawen, NH

GLEASON (18th Infantry Co. A)
George H. d. 1907 Canterbury, NH-bu. Boscawen, NH

HALL (unknown)
Frank W. d. 1917 Boscawen, NH-bu. Boscawen, NH

KILBURN (8th VT Infantry Co. G)
George P. d.--bu. Boscawen, NH

MACURDY (14th Infantry Co. H)
Matthew d. 1864 Winchester, VA-bu. Winchester, VA?Boscawen, NH

MARDEN (16th Infantry Co. E)
William C. d. 1900 Boscawen, NH-bu. Boscawen, NH

MARSH (6th Infantry Co. A)
Henry T. d. 1895--bu. Boscawen, NH

PARK (6th MA Infantry Co. A)
Alexander d. 1883 Webster, NH-bu. Boscawen, NH

PERLEY (4th MA Cavalry Co. A)
Charles d. 1914--bu Boscawen, NH

RAYMOND (7th Infantry Co. E)
George Liberty d. 1863 Fort Wagner, SC-bu. Boscawen, NH

SHEPARD (1st US Sharpshooters Co. E)
Charles P. d. 1922 Penacook, NH-bu. Boscawen, NH

SHEPARD (16th Infantry Co. E/US Marines)
Peter Ranton d. 1863 Boscawen, NH-bu. Boscawen, NH

WEBSTER (9th Infantry C?G)
John P. d. 1888 Penacook, NH?Boscawen, NH-bu. Boscawen, NH

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