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 Guidelines for Establishing Certain Names Associated with Printers

Version: 17 December 2001
Content of these guidelines were approved by the Library of Congress Cataloging Policy and Support Office for inclusion in the Library of Congress Rule Interpretations 3 January 2002, per Barbara Tillett,  It was adopted by the Bibliographic Standards Committee at the 1999 midwinter meeting. Details of the discussion available.

For purposes of this guideline, the word "printer" includes "publisher," "bookseller," "associated name," etc.

Names should be established in the form found in modern reference sources in a person's native language, when that varies from the chief source of information in the item in hand, according to the existing principle for form of pre-1801 names (LCRI 22.1B "Authors") and  persons not known primarily as an author (AACR2 22.1B). If a corporate name is not clearly indicative of a corporate body, add the qualifier "Printer," "Bookseller," "Firm," etc. as appropriate (cf. LCRI 24.4B). Note that these headings when actually used in bibliographic records will usually have an appropriate relator term or code added. Make see references from unused variant forms, and see also references from
the established forms of related persons or corporate bodies.

Establish a firm as a corporate body, in direct order.

"Ex Officina Elzeviriana" as "Officina Elzeviriana"
"Viduae & haeredum Ioannis Stelsii" as "Vidua & Haeredes Ioannis Stelsii"
Note: In this type of situation "Ioannis Stelsii" must for grammatical reasons remain in the genitive

Heirs, Assigns, Estate

Consider phrases denoting the heirs or estate of a printer to be a corporate body. Establish in direct order in the nominative case with a "see also" reference from the established form of the printer's name.
Source: Gli heredi di Philippo de Giunta
110 2 Heredi di Philippo de Giunta
410 2 Haeredes Philippi Iuntae Florentini
410 2 Junta (Firm : Florence, Italy)
410 2 Giunti (Firm : Florence, Italy)
500 1 Giunta, Philippo,$d1450-1517
(NAF authority record #n84051746)
Source: Haeredes Christiani Egenolphi
Ref.: Benzing (Chr. Egenolffs Erben)

110 2 Chr. Egenolffs Erben.
410 2 Haeredes Christiani Egenolphi
410 2 Christian Egenolffs Erben
410 2 Egenolffs Erben
500 1 Egenolff, Christian,$d1502-1555
(NAF authority record #95060885)

Source: Reprinted at Edinburgh : By the Heirs and Successors of Andrew Anderson
110 2 Heirs and Successors of Andrew Anderson.
500 1 Anderson, Andrew,$dd. 1676
500 1 Anderson, James,$dfl. 1676-1694
500 1 Anderson, Agnes,$dd. 1716
670 A dict. of the printers and booksellers in England, Scotland and Ireland from 1641 to 1667, 1908:$bp. 5 (Andrew Anderson, d. 1676, was succeeded by his widow Agnes and his son James)
670 A dict. of the printers and booksellers In England, Scotland and Ireland from 1668 to 1725, 1922:$bp. 5-6 (Andrew Anderson's widow Agnes, conducted the business under the style Heirs and Successors of Andrew Anderson until her death in 1716)
Source: London : Printed by John Basket ... and by the Assigns of Henry Hills
110 2 Assigns of Henry Hills.
500 1 Hills, Henry,$dd. 1713
Source: De erven F. Bohn
110 2 Erven F. Bohn
500 1 Bohn, F.
(NAF authority record #no 99016516)
Source: The Paul M. Fekula collection : a catalogue / published by the estate of Paul M. Fekula
110 2 Estate of Paul M. Fekula
500 1 Fekula, Paul M.


A. If named on the piece in hand or from reference sources (cf. LCRI 22.1B), but also called the widow of a printer, establish under her own name. Make a cross reference with "$cwidow of" following the name of the printer:

Source: Apud viduam Thielmanni Kerver
Source: colophon (Yolanda Bonhomme), t.p. (device of Thielman Kerver)

100 1 Bonhomme, Yolanda
400 0 Widow of T. Kerver
400 0 Vidua Thielmanni Kerver
400 1 Kerver, Thielman,$cwidow of
(NAF authority record #no 98096098; NOTE, NAF record has a typo in its "Vidua " ref., corrected

B. If identified only as the widow of a printer, establish the heading as a phrase. Make a cross reference with "$cwidow of" following the name of the printer:

Source: Sumptibus Viduae Gothofredi Liebernickelii
100 0 Vidua Gothofredi Liebernickelii
400 0 Witwe Gottfried Liebernickels
400 0 Gottfried Liebernickels Witwe
400 1 Liebernickel, Gottfried,$cwidow of
Source: Printed and sold by R. Fleming, and the widow of James Voy
100 0 Widow of James Voy
400 1 Voy, James,$cwidow of

C. If named, but not identified as the widow of a printer, establish under her own name. Do not make a cross reference from the name of the printer:

Source: London, Printed : and Sold by M. Cooper
100 1 Cooper, Mary,$dd. 1761
400 1 Cooper, M.$q(Mary),$dd. 1761
(NAF authority record #nr 96009291)

D. If the word "Widow" is used as a title, treat it as a term of address:

Source: Göttingen : Printed for the Widow Vandenhoeck
100 1 Vandenhoeck,$cwidow
400 0 Widow Vandenhoeck

Officina, etc.

Source: Ex officina Oporiniana
110 2 Officina Oporiniana
500 1 Oporinus, Johann,$d1507-1568
(NAF authority record #nr 96041990)

Source: Typographia Komarek in Via Cursus [Latin name]
Source: Nella Stamperia del Komarek [Vernacular name]
Source: Stamperia Komarek, a spese di G. Ughetti [Vernacular variant]

110 2 Stamperia del Komarek
410 2 Typographia Komarek
410 2 Stamperia Komarek
410 2 Komarek (Firm : Rome, Italy)
500 1 Komarek, Francesco Bezzarrini
500 1 Komarek, Giovanni Jacopo

Source: Ex Officina Plantiniana [Latin name]
Source: Plantijnsche Drukkerij [Vernacular name]

110 2 Plantijnsche Drukkerij
410 2 Officina Plantiniana
500 1 Plantin, Christophe,$dca. 1520-1589
(NAF authority record #n 80073854)

Partnerships, etc.

A. If there is clear evidence that the partnership is a formally established, stable entity, establish
the phrase as a corporate body with a qualifier as appropriate. Include see also references from the
established forms of the partners' names.

Source: Books Printed for A. and J. Churchill at the Black Swan in Pater Noster Row [Vernacular]
Source: Impensis Awnsham & Johan. Churchill [Latin]

110 2 A. and J. Churchill (Booksellers : London, England)
410 2 A. & J. Churchill (Booksellers : London, England)
410 2 Awnsham and John Churchill (Booksellers : London, England)
410 2 Awnsham & Johan. Churchill (Booksellers : London, England)
500 1 Churchill, Awnsham,$dd. 1728
500 1 Churchill, John
(NAF authority record #nr 97007314)

Source: In aedibus viduae & haeredum Ioannis Stelsii
110 2 Vidua & Haeredes Ioannis Stelsii
410 2 Vidua et Haeredes Joannis Stelsii
410 2 Vidua & Haeredes Ioannis Steelsii
410 2 Veuve et Héritiers de Jean Steelsius
500 0 Veuve de Jean Steelsius
500 1 Steelsius, Jean,$d1533-1575
[NOTE: Widow of Jean Steelsius, a French bookseller in Anvers. SEE: Nuyts, C. J. Jean Steelsius, libraire anversois (1533-1575) Bruxelles,
Source: Printed for Don Allen by Grabhorn-Hoyem
Source: R. Grabhorn & A. Hoyem
Source: San Francisco tel. dir. (Grabhorn-Hoyem, prntrs & graphic desgnrs)
110 2 Grabhorn-Hoyem (Firm)
500 1 Grabhorn, Robert
500 1 Hoyem, Andrew
(NAF authority record #n 78037507)

B. In the absence of clear evidence that the relationship is a formal or legal partnership, do not establish as a corporate body. Rather,  establish the names of the various persons, and any related corporate body, separately. On a specific bibliographic record, make one or more added entries, as indicated in the imprint and colophon of the work in hand.

Source: Printed by Robert and Edwin Grabhorn, 1928 [Use two entries]
100 1 Grabhon, Robert
510 2 Grabhorn Press
(NAF authority record #n 50037045)
100 1 Grabhorn, Edwin E.
510 2 Grabhorn Press
(NAF authority record #n 50037044)
Source: Printed at the Grabhorn press for the Book Club of California, 1940 [Use two entries]
110 2Grabhorn Press
500 1 Grabhorn, Edwin E.
500 1 Grabhorn, Robert
(NAF authority record #n 50071770)

110 2 Book Club of California.
(NAF authority record #n 79128006)
[NOTE: A quick run-through of Bancroft's Typographical File, and Magee's bibliography, produced no example combining one or both of the brothers' personal names on t.p. or colophon with "Grabhorn Press." If that should happen, following the principle put forth above, then there would be three 7XX

Source: Per Andream de Torresanis de Asula 1496 [use one entry]
100 1 Torresanus, Andreas,$cde Asula,$d1451-1529
400 1 Asulanus, Andreas,$d1451-1529
400 1 Torresani, Andrea,$cde Asula,$d1451-1529
400 0 Andrea,$csocerus,$d1451-1529
400 0 Andrea,$cd'Asola,$d1451-1529
400 1 Torrigiani, Andrea dei,$cde Asula,$d1451-1529
510 2 Aedes Aldi et Andreae Soceri
(NAF authority record #no 95027093)
Source: In aedibus Aldi et Andreae Soceri 1515 [use one entry]
110 2 Aedes Aldi et Andreae Soceri
500 1 Manuzio, Aldo,$c1449 or 50-1515
500 1 Torresanus, Andreas,$cde Asula,$d1451-1529

Source: Ex Officina Plantiniana, apud Franciscum Raphelengium [use two entries]

110 2 Plantijnsche Drukkerij
(NAF authority record #n 80073854)

100 1 Raphelengius, Franciscus,$d1539-1597
(NAF authority record #nr 97023775)

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