Florence Division - CN&L Subdivision
Florence Division
CN&L Subdivision
(Laurens, SC to Columbia , SC)
CN&L Subdivision-C7
Station List and Diagram

This information comes from the 'CSX Transportation Florence Service Lane Timetable No. 2', effective Thursday, April 1, 1999.
Radio:  CE Dispatcher channel 94,  Road channel 32,  Cayce Yard channel 66
73.3 Miles  ·  Laurens Connection to Columbia
â SOUTH â MP Station Siding Notes
C74.1 Laurens Connection   Jct Spartanburg SD
Begin CN&L SD
C65.5 Clinton   Jct Monroe SD
Trains will operate via Monroe SD between Clinton and Dover
C63.4 Dover   Jct Monroe SD
C57.7 Joanna 7400'  
C46.5 LakeSide 6031'  
C41.0 Newberry 7928' Jct NS
C30.4 Slighs 5550' Jct NS
C8.9 Saluda Dam 3131' SCE&G Spur
C0.8 Columbia   End CN&L SD
Jct Columbia SD, Jct Hamlet SD
Additional Stations
MP Station Capacity Switch Notes
C8.8 SC Electric & Gas Spur Yard South 3.8 miles
C10.6 Irmo 2 North  
C15.0 Ballentine 10 North  
C39.6 Boyds 20 Both  
C43.1 Newberry Yard Both  
C45.3 Guys No 1 4 South  
C45.5 Guys no 2 15 South  
C56.3 Kinards 20 Both  
C59.6 Joanna 56 Both  
C71.5 Brand 20 North  
Authority for Movement
Between Location/Mile Post Rules
C1.7 Note 1
C0.8 and C63.4 Dover 120-132
C63.4 Dover and C65.5 Clinton 265-272
C65.5 Clinton and C74.1 Laurens Connection 120-132
Note: A fixed approach signal (Rule 295) is located at C1.7 and governs approaches to CSX and NS Railway railroad at Elmwood Junction. In order for Yardmaster at Cayce to request signal at Elmwood Junction, trains will contact Cayce Yard prior to arriving at Gist Street MP C1.0
DTC Block Limits
Between Laurens and Columbia
Between Location/Mile Post Block Names
C0.8 and C7.5 Columbia
C7.5 and C13.5 Saluda Dam
C13.5 and C29.8 Irmo
C29.8 and C32.8 Slighs
C32.8 and C34.1 Prosperity
C34.1 and C40.3 Colony Church
C40.3 and C46.1 Newberry
C46.1 and C57.1 Lakeside
C57.1 and C63.4 Joanna
C65.5 and C74.1 Clinton
Maximum Authorized Speed
Between Location/Mile Post MPH
Columbia and Laurens Connection 49
Defect Detectors
MP Location Type Indicators
C11.8 Irmo AD West side
C32.5 Slighs AD None
C51.7 Gary AD None
C70.8 Brand AD None

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