Chicago Division - Barr Subdivision
Chicago Division
Barr Subdivision
(Willow Creek, IN to Blue Island, IL)
Barr Subdivision-M5
Station List and Diagram

This information comes from the 'CSX Transportation Chicago Division Timetable No. 1', effective Saturday, July 1, 2000.
Radio:  RA Dispatcher channel 14,  Road channel 08,  Halsted Tower YM channel 19,  Ashland Tower YM channel 80
26.8 Miles  ·  Willow Creek to Blue Island Junction
â WEST â MP Station Siding Notes
BI236.9 Willow Creek   End Garrett SD
Begin Barr SD, Jct Porter Branch
BI239.0 Miller   Jct CSSSB
BI243.7 East Gary X-overs  
BI246.4 East End Curtis X-overs  
Pine Junction X-overs Jct Lake SD
DC0.4 Clarke Junction X-overs Jct Fort Wayne Secondary, Jct NS
DC2.6 Calumet Tower   Jct EJ&E, Jct IHB
DC3.2 Republic   Jct IHB
DC4.8 Columbia Avenue X-over  
DC6.0 State Line X-overs Jct NS, Jct IHB
DC7.2 Calumet Park X-over Jct NS, Jct IHB
DC10.4 CP Cottage Grove X-over  
DC10.7 Dolton   Jct UP
DC11.4 Riverdale X-overs Jct NS, Jct IC
      Barr Yard
DC13.9 Roll Avenue    
DC14.1 Harvey Junction X-over Jct Chicago Heights SD
DC15.0 Blue Island Junction   End Barr SD
Begin Blue Island SD
Authority for Movement
Between Location/Mile Post Rules
BI236.9 Willow Creek and DC10.7 Dolton 265-271 (93)
DC10.7 Dolton 255-259 (93)
DC10.7 Dolton and DC15.0 Blue Island Junction 265-271 (93)
DC15.0 Blue Island Junction 255-259 (93)
Maximum Authorized Speed
Between Location/Mile Post MPH
BI236.9 Willow Creek and BI248.8 Pine Junction 70
DC0.0 Pine Junction and BI15.0 Blue Island Junction 40
Whiting Spur 10
Hegewisch Spur 5
Defect Detectors
MP Location Type Indicators
BI239.0 Miller    
DC10.4 Cottage Grove    
Railroad Crossings at Grade
MP Location Railroad Protection
Willow Creek CSXT Remotely Controlled
  Clarke Junction CSXT Remotely Controlled
  Calumet Tower IHB, EJE Remotely Controlled
  Republic IHB Remotely Controlled
  Stateline IHB, NS Remotely Controlled
  Dolton UP Manual Interlocking

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