Albany Division - Boston Subdivision
Albany Division
Boston Subdivision
(Boston, MA to Springfield, MA)
Boston Subdivision
Station List and Diagram

This information comes from the 'CSX Transportation Albany Division Timetable No. 3', effective Monday, April 1, 2002.
Radio:  NA Dispatcher channel 46,  Road channel 46
90.8 Miles  ·  CP-Cove to CP-92
â WEST â MP Station Siding Notes
228.0 CP-Cove    
QB1.1 CSX Division Post   Begin Boston SD
QB1.2 Back Bay    
QB2.5 Yawkey Station    
QB3.1 CP-3    
QB4.5 Allston    
QB4.8 CP-4   Jct Grand Junction Running Track
Beacon Park Yard
QB8.1 Newtonville Station    
QB9.1 W Newton Station    
QB10.2 Auburndale Station    
QB10.8 Riverside    
QB11.4 CP-11    
QB12.5 Wellesley Farms Station    
QB13.5 Wellesley Hills Station    
QB14.7 Wellesley Square Station    
QB17.7 Natick Station   Jct Saxonville Industrial Track
QB19.9 W Natick Station    
QB21.2     HCD 17'2"
QB21.3 CP-21   Jct Framingham SD
QB21.4 Framingham Station    
QB21.7 CP-22   North Yard, Nevins Yard, CP Yard
Jct Holliston Industrial Track
QB22.9 CP-23    
QB24.6 CP-24    
QB25.2 Ashland Station    
QB25.3     DED
QB27.4 Southboro Station    
QB28.2 CP-28    
QB29.4 EE Westboro Auto Yd    
QB30.3 WE Westboro Auto Yd    
QB33.3 CP-33    
QB34.0 Westboro Station    
QB36.4 Grafton Station    
QB37.4 North Grafton   HBD-DED
QB39.0 CP-39    
QB43.3 CP-43   Worcester Yard
QB43.7 CP-44 CS 2604'  
QB44.2 Worcester Station  
QB44.3 CP-45 Worcester Yard
Jct P&W RR
QB47.8 Jamesville    
QB48.3 CP-48    
QB50.7 Webster Jct    
QB55.4 Charlton   HBD-DED
QB57.7 CP-57 CS 33692'  
QB58.0 Charlton Yd  
QB63.9 E Brookfield Yd  
QB64.0 CP-64  
QB72.2 Warren    
QB74.9 W Warren   HBD-DED-HCD 19'2"
QB79.4 CP-79 CS 20592'  
QB83.6 CP-83 Jct MCER, Jct NECR
QB91.5 Wilbraham   HBD-DED
QB92.0 CP-92   End Boston SD
Begin Berkshire SD
Rules in Effect

No. 1
No. 2
QB1.1 and CP-21   261 261  
CP-21 and CP-48   261/CSS 261/CSS  
CP-48 and CP-57 261/CSS      
CP-57 and CP-64 261/CSS     261/CSS
CP-64 and CP-79 261/CSS      
CP-79 and CP-83 261/CSS     261/CSS
CP-83 and CP-92 261/CSS      

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