Albany Division - Rochester Subdivision
Albany Division
Rochester Subdivision
(Syracuse, NY to Buffalo, NY)
Rochester Subdivision
Station List and Diagram

This information comes from the 'CSX Transportation Albany Division Timetable No. 3', effective Monday, April 1, 2002.
Radio:  NF Dispatcher channel 46,  Road channel 46
133.1 Miles  ·  CP-296 to CP-429
â WEST â MP Station Siding Notes
QC296.8 CP-296   End Mohawk SD
Begin Rochester SD
QC300.0 Warners    
QC300.7 CP-300    
QC302.5 Memphis   HBD-DED
QC306.3 CP-306   Jct Jordan Industrial Track
QC307.7 Jordan    
QC308.7 CP-308    
QC313.7 Center Port   HBD-DED
QC313.9 CP-313    
QC315.5 North Port Byron    
QC318.8 Fox Ridge    
QC319.3 Erie Canal    
QC320.0 Seneca River    
QC320.5 CP-320 CS 13400'  
QC322.4 Savannah  
QC323.4 CP-323  
QC323.6 Savannah   HBD-DED
QC328.6 Clyde    
QC334.0 Lyons   HBD-DED
QC334.9 CP-334 CS 5960'  
QC335.0 Erie Canal  
QC335.6 Lyons Yard  
QC335.8 CP-335 Jct NS
QC340.4 Ontario-Midland RR   Jct Ontario-Midland RR
QC341.1 Newark    
QC345.0 East Palmyra   HBD-DED
QC348.5 Palmyra    
QC349.9 CP-349    
QC351.9 Walworth    
QC354.7 South Macedon    
QC358.2 Wayneport    
QC359.2 CP-359   Jct West Shore SD
QC361.2 Fairport    
QC362.8 CP-362    
QC363.5 East Rochester    
QC364.1 Brighton   HBD-DED
QC367.9 CP-367 CS 27984'  
QC368.9 Rochester Yard  
QC369.6 Rochester Goodman St  
QC369.9 CP-369  
QC371.0 Rochester Station  
QC373.2 CP-373 Jct Charlotte Running Track
QC373.4 RS RR   Jct RS RR
QC374.4 Pfaudler's (4 Main)    
QC376.4 Pixley Siding    
QC378.0 Coldwater   HBD-DED
QC380.4 CP-380 CS 10100'  
QC381.8 Chili  
QC382.6 CP-382 Jct West Shore SD
QC386.5 Churchville   HBD-DED
QC389.1 Bergen    
QC393.8 CP-393    
QC395.9 South Byron    
QC402.4 CP-402 CS 10100' Jct DL&W RR, Batavia Yard
QC403.4 Tonawanda Creek  
QC404.4 Batavia Yard East end  
QC405.1 Batavia Yard West end  
QC406.7 CP-406  
QC407.4 Batavia Detector   HBD-DED
QC410.9 CP-410    
QC414.8 Corfu    
QC417.7 CP-417    
QC422.2 Wende    
QC423.4 CP-423    
QC427.1 Lancaster   HBD-DED
QC429.6 CP-429   End Rochester SD
Begin Buffalo Terminal SD
Rules in Effect

No. 1
No. 2
CP-296 and CP-429   261 261  
All controlled sidings       CS

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