Albany Division - Mohawk Subdivision
Albany Division
Mohawk Subdivision
(Amsterdam, NY to Syracuse, NY)
Mohawk Subdivision
Station List and Diagram

This information comes from the 'CSX Transportation Albany Division Timetable No. 3', effective Monday, April 1, 2002.
Radio:  ND Dispatcher channel 46,  Road channel 46
121.0 Miles  ·  CP-175 to CP-296
â WEST â MP Station Siding Notes
QC175.4 CP-175   End Selkirk SD
Begin Mohawk SD
QC177.4 Guy Park   HBD-DED
QC177.6 Amsterdam Station    
QC184.5 CP-184 CS 16200'  
QC186.2 Fonda Fonda Yard
QC187.9 CP-188  
QC196.1 CP-196    
QC198.2 Palentine Bridge    
QC198.8 CP-198    
QC200.7 Fort Plain   HBD-DED
QC203.7 CP-203 CS 18200'  
QC206.9 St Johnsonville  
QC207.3 CP-207  
QC209.8 East Canada Creek    
QC215.1 CP-215 CS 16000'  
QC216.5 Little Falls  
QC216.9 Lock Street  
QC218.3 CP-218  
QC220.0 Herkimer   HBD-DED
QC223.5 Herkimer    
QC225.9 CP-225   Jct Herkimer Industrial Track
QC231.5 Erie Canal    
QC235.4 CP-235   Jct MA&N RR
QC237.5 Utica Station    
QC237.7 Utica Yard   Jct NYS&W RR
QC239.1 CP-239    
QC241.4 Whitesboro   HBD-DED
QC248.2 CP-248   Jct MA&N RR
QC248.5 Mohawk River    
QC251.3 Rome Station    
QC257.0 CP-257    
QC260.4 Verona    
QC262.2 Oneida   HBD-DED
QC263.8 CP-263 CS 10700'  
QC265.1 Oneida Yard  
QC266.0 CP-266  
QC269.1 Canastota    
QC270.3 CP-270    
QC278.4 CP-278    
QC280.0 Kirkville   HBD-DED, HCD 19'2"
QC283.8 CP-283 CS 10300' Dewitt Yard
QC284.7 Midway  
QC286.0 CP-285  
QC286.6 CP-286    
QC289.4 Syracuse China    
QC290.4 CP-290    
QC291.4 Syracuse Station    
QC291.5 CP-291   Jct St Lawrence SD
QC292.2 NYS&W Connection    
QC293.2 Syracuse Detector   HBD-DED
QC293.5 CP-293 CS 15300' Jct Fairgrounds SD
QC295.1 Belle Isle  
QC296.8 CP-296 End Mohawk SD
Begin Rochester SD
Distance between MP QC286.0 and MP QC294.0 is 8.8 miles. Distance between each milepost is 5827'.
Rules in Effect

No. 1
No. 2
CP-175 and CP-278   261 261  
CP-278 and MP 282.3   261 261 No.4 Trk
MP 282.3 and CP-286   261 261  
CP-286 and CP-290   261 261 No.7 Trk
CP-290 and CP-291   261 261 No.7 Trk
CP-291 and CP-296   261 261  

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