Allegheny Division - Ohio River Subdivision
Allegheny Division
Ohio River Subdivision
(Wheeling, WV to Huntington, WV)
Ohio River Subdivision-OR
Station List and Diagram

This information comes from the 'CSX Transportation Allegheny Division Timetable No. 1', effective Saturday, January 1, 2000.
Radio:  CJ Dispatcher channel 14,  Road channel 08,  Huntington YM channel 70
211.3 Miles  ·  Wheeling to Guyandotte
â WEST â MP Station Siding Notes
BN0.6 Wheeling    
BN4.6 Benwood    
BN11.9 Moundsville    
BN16.3 Chestnut Hill 5490'  
BN21.3 Foster 5940'  
BN29.1 Natrium 7020'  
BN36.0 Hannibal    
BN38.0 Brooklyn Junction   Jct Short Line SD
BN42.8 Paden City    
BN51.9 Friendly    
BN56.3 Bens Run 5940'  
BN64.2 Saint Mary's    
BN68.8 Eureka    
BN81.2 Williamstown 3735'  
BN92.9 Parkersburg   Jct Transfer Track to Marietta SD
BN94.1 OR Junction   Jct Little Kanawha Industrial Track
BN99.9 Washington    
BN108.6 Harris Ferry 5850'  
BN120.6 Polk    
BN128.4 Ravenswood    
BN134.5 Kaiser 7400'  
BN144.4 Letart    
BN150.0 Graham    
BN163.2 Lakin 8000'  
BN172.2 Point Pleasant   Jct NS
BN183.5 Ben Lomond 6100'  
BN187.6 Apple Grove 2700'  
BN205.4 Cox Landing    
BN211.3 5th Avenue    
BN211.9 Guyandotte   End Ohio River SD
Jct Kanawha SD
Authority for Movement
Between Location/Mile Post Rules
BN11.9 and BN35.9 120-132
BN40.4 and BN90.7 120-132
BN95.3 and BN211.3 120-132
BN211.3 and BN211.9 265-271
DTC Block Limits
Between Moundsville and Guyandotte
Between Location/Mile Post Block Names
BN11.9 and BN16.9 West Switch Chestnut Hills Perk
BN16.9 West Switch Chestnut Hills and BN24.0 Lang
BN24.0 and BN27.0 Ring
BN27.0 and BN29.5 Wind
BN29.5 and BN35.9 Mobay
BN40.4 and BN50.0 East Switch Bens Run Junk
BN50.0 East Switch Bens Run and BN55.5 Sister
BN55.5 and BN67.0 Bens
BN67.0 and BN80.3 East Switch Williamstown Bell
BN80.3 East Switch Williamstown and BN90.7 Town
BN95.3 and BN102.1 Parker
BN102.1 and BN109.1 West Switch Harris Ferry Ferry
BN109.1 West Switch Harris Ferry and BN120.3 Hydro
BN120.3 and BN127.8 Polk
BN127.8 and BN133.8 East Switch Kaiser Raven
BN133.8 East Switch Kaiser and BN139.8 West Switch Millwood Kaiser
BN139.8 West Switch Millwood and BN149.0 Mill
BN149.0 and BN153.0 Letart
BN153.0 and BN162.4 East Switch Lakin Mason
BN162.4 East Switch Lakin and BN169.8 Baden
BN169.8 and BN182.9 East Switch Ben Lomond Staff
BN182.9 East Switch Ben Lomond and BN186.0 Crab
BN186.0 and BN189.8 Ashton
BN189.8 and BN204.4 Lesage
BN204.4 and BN211.3 Hunt
Maximum Authorized Speed
Between Location/Mile Post MPH
BN0.6 and BN211.9 30
Defect Detectors
MP Location Type Indicators
BN26.2     Voice Instructions
BN54.3     Voice Instructions
BN79.2     Voice Instructions
BN102.0     Voice Instructions
BN125.0     Voice Instructions
BN146.2     Voice Instructions
BN176.6     Voice Instructions
BN201.1     Voice Instructions

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