Baltimore Division - Harrisburg Subdivision
Baltimore Division
Harrisburg Subdivision
(Philadelphia, PA)
Harrisburg Subdivision
Station List and Diagram

This information comes from the 'CSX Transportation Baltimore Division Timetable No. 3', effective Saturday, April 1, 2000.
and CSX General Bulletin #160, effective Wednesday 13 June, 2001
Radio:  NI Dispatcher channel 58,  Road channel 58
6.7 Miles  ·  CP-Penrose to CP-Belmont (Trenton SD)
â West â MP Station Siding Notes
QH0.0 CP-Field    
QH1.2 Phil
R-CETC T.D.4 Amtrak
QH0.0     PDD-DEDAC (Field)
QH0.0 58th Street
  Jct Philadelphia SD
QH1.2 CP-Arsenal    
QH1.5 CP-Gray    
QH2.3 ZOO (Amtrak)   PDD-DEDAC (ZOO)
QH4.0 CP-Belmont
(Trenton SD)
3800' Jct Trenton SD
QH5.2 CP-River
(Trenton SD)
  End Harrisburg SD
Jct Trenton SD, Jct NS
Rules in Effect

No. 1
No. 2
CP-Penrose and CP-Gray   261/CSS 261/CSS  
58th Street and CP-Arsenal 261      
CP-Arsenal and CP-Gray 261/CSS      
CP-Gray and CP-Field Note 1      
CP-Field and Phil 261/CSS      
CP-Field and Zoo 261/CSS      
Zoo and CP-River 261      
CP-Belmont and CP-River 261      
Tracks are numbered North to South.
The direction of 58th Street and Phil to CP-Gray or CP-Field is North.
Note 1: CSS and Interlocking Rules 600-616, inclusive, are in effect.

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