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It is not written by a native Russian. Grammatic cases are all wrong and tenses are scrambled. It's a translation into Russian from--most certainly--English by someone who does not know either language all too well. Some things are mistranslated because they are taken literally (since I know English I can restore the original from which this was a Russian translation). Same for the words in parentheses: they are just another meaning of the same word as might be found in a dictionary. Some words are just left in English, e.g. "clueless" or the name "Osama." The first sentence is not complete. The meaning is opaque, not always intelligible. I will put the words that in the text are left in English in "". I will capitalize what was capitalized. I will stay as literal as possible but will restore the grammatical coherence where it is clearly possible. I will put parts that are unintelligible in {}.

The following is the TRANSLATION of the document you sent me from Russian into English:

Friday 9 June 2000

Quick radiation from the explosion should not be discussed in great detail, however the neutrons and gammarays emitted in lethal dosage from 4 to 7-mile {apartment}. Anything living in that area will be dead anyway from the initial explosion. The initial strike and/or attack, if you will, will be started at the World Trade Center on 9-11-2001 by our brothers in the cause. The Three-mile Island and the Pentagon are also targets that we won't miss at the initial terrorist stage of the attack, which, I could add, will throw Americans off and leave them "clueless" by the real strike after the {vacation} [Translator's note: Or "holiday" in British English.] If everything goes as planned, the attack will work too. After Americans, who without doubt will be thinking that "Osama" is the culprit, the war will start with his group, {stands of the Russian Empire}, to make the first fruits of war and sums of money promised by Americans help them since they always did that in the past, this is pure time. Americans will offer Moscow something, {that it can} in order to make {this}--support, {declaration}, it is when you are on their side and China join the W.T.O.. At some point "Osama" will inform about his nuclear weapons bought from Russia; we will be denying it and claim that they were stolen. {WE} SHOULD NOT ALLOW THE AMERICANS LEARN ABOUT OUR NEW SATELLITES! [Translator’s note: the word “sputnik” also can mean “partner” or “fellow traveler" in vernacular Russian, it does necessarily refer to an orbiting object.] Finally, with the Canadian diplomat and "wildcard" American Intelligence Officer Vreeland Delman Pupa and Bastien Mark will deal {on the way coming to us}, our American official guarrantees this. Bastien will die of natural causes, Leutenant Vreeland will become a wanted criminal and his naval records will disappear..So it will happen with others we won't name. And the last. If Bush wins the elections, we will be using {Vreeland} of the old Partner in order to kill him after the vacation, only when things, as it seems, are coming back to normal. I will send a lot of details in time until we meet again. To be strong my ally, the future of America is going to be ours.

Messenger only. "Kuday H."


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