D1 • The Interactive Award

The Stephen Nolan Show
producer: Stephen Nolan
editor: Bronagh McEvoy
presenter: Stephen Nolan
Belfast City Beat

"A powerful piece of radio, brave, interesting, intelligent and unbelievable. He had everybody on the end of a hook in a situation where you can’t always be measured and reasonable - it was very obvious that his callers trusted him."

The Baldy Brothers
producers: Jim Hawkins & Gary Philipson
presenters: Jim Hawkins & Gary Philipson
100 - 102 Century FM

"Outstanding and very, very funny. Phone-in hosts get the calls they deserve and they got great callers and got the very best out of them. An almost placeless local radio programme, and very entertaining."

The Magnificent Seven
producers: Sam Cash & Simon Hollis
OB engineer: Pete Freshney
Five Live online team: Tim Benjamin, Adam Coles, Greg Smith, Shampudin Hassan & Christian Anstice
presenter: James O'Brien
Ten Alps Broadcasting for BBC Radio Five Live

"An innovative idea using many different ways of involving the audience. In a time where there’s a lot of talk about making politics interesting, it brought the election alive. It was brave and featured a good cross section of listeners. It was surprising & stimulating."

Talking Point
producer: Natalie Malinarich
directors: Daniel Mermelstein & Samantha O'Brien
editor: Vicky Taylor
presenters: Robin Lustig & Diana Madill
BBC News Online for BBC World Service

"Only the World Service could have made this programme - it was a memorable piece of radio which grabbed the listener. People will still be interested in hearing this programme in 10 - 20 years time."

The Andrew Peach Programme
producers: Andrew Peach, Colleen Joynt &
the Radio Berkshire newsroom
editor: Phil Ashworth
researcher: Alison Konieczny
presenter: Andrew Peach
BBC Radio Berkshire

"A truly interactive programme that was always ‘out there’. It did everything very well - a wide range of ideas, reflecting and involving the local community. Fascinating and strong on content and participation."