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Web browsers go back to basics
Posted by AaronXP on 22 Jan 2003 - 18:31 CET   0 comments
The back button on web browsers is being redesigned to make it easier for surfers to use.

Computer scientists at the University of Canterbury in Christchurch, New Zealand, are looking at ways of making it more efficient.

"The back button is something that everybody uses and pretty much everyone thinks that they know how it behaves," computer scientist Andy Cockburn told the BBC radio programme Go Digital.

"People think it provides access to all of the pages you have been to recently but in fact in only provides access to a subset and very often you click back to find that the page simply isn't there," he added.

Menu redesign
The team in New Zealand have been trying out a software program on web browsers that is based on a complete linear history of all the pages visited during a session online.

Both the traditional system and the new linear one have been tested on a selection of volunteers but the results have given no easy answers.

"It is not clear which system browser manufacturers should use," said Mr Cockburn.

News source: BBC News
Last comment was by No one

New Windows XP Updates
Posted by AaronXP on 22 Jan 2003 - 15:44 CET   0 comments
Microsoft has released new Windows XP updates:

Windows XP Patch: Hard Disk May Become Corrupted When Entering Standby or Hibernation

Hard Disk May Become Corrupted When Entering Standby or Hibernation

View: More Info

View: More Info (64 Bit Edition)

Windows XP Patch: Panasonic DV Camera May Not Enumerate

This update addresses the "Panasonic DV Camera May Not Enumerate" issue in Windows XP.

View: More Info

View: More Info (64 Bit Edition)

Windows XP Patch: USB Devices May Not Work After You Unplug a Downstream USB Hub from the Host Controller

This update addresses the "USB Devices May Not Work After You Unplug a Downstream USB Hub from the Host Controller" issue in Windows XP.

View: More Info (64 Bit Edition)

News source: NT Compatible
Last comment was by No one

Microsoft to plead antitrust case to EU
Posted by Crispy on 22 Jan 2003 - 15:02 CET   0 comments
Microsoft will soon make a final presentation to seek a settlement with the European Commission of its probe into the U.S. software giant, a person close to the situation said Wednesday.

The source said the European Union's executive had not yet reached a conclusion on allegations of abuse of a dominant market position which it has been investigating against Microsoft. EU regulators have alleged that Microsoft bundles its Media Player with its ever-present Windows operating system, unfairly damaging rivals such as RealNetworks and Apple Computer's QuickTime. Brussels also says Microsoft designed Windows to work better with its own server software than with that of rivals, taking away business from competitors who use Linux or other versions of the Unix operating system.

The Commission may either reach a settlement with Microsoft, as the U.S. Justice Department has done, or impose a remedy on the company.

News source: C|Net news
Last comment was by No one

Windows 2000: SP4 very soon!
Posted by Crispy on 22 Jan 2003 - 14:54 CET   0 comments
The next service pack for Microsoft Windows 2000 is about to be released to beta testers.

Microsoft has only just contacted the beta testers, it will be a while before corporate businesses get their mitts on the final release. Some warez folk claim they've already seen early versions of the fix floating around the net. Has it been leaked already? Who knows.

But we can be sure of one thing. When it is released, Microsoft will herald it as containing enhancements which will ease the burden of end users everywhere. bla bla bla bla ...

News source: The Inquirer
Last comment was by No one

Names of senators appear linked to supremacist group Web site
Posted by XPerties on 21 Jan 2003 - 23:58 CET   0 comments
The names of at least eight state senators are linked on the Internet with a white supremacist group, apparently without their knowledge or permission.

The Web site of the National Association of White People pops up when Internet users go to a Web site under one of the senators' names, giving the impression that the senators support the group.

The Web site recruits members and sells flags, jewelry, bumper stickers and clothing such as Caucasian jeans.

Internet records show that the Seattle-based Council on Political Accountability bought the rights to Web domains under the senators' names.

The eight domains reportedly are for sale on the eBay auction site, prompting several senators to say that amounts to extortion.

News source: USA Today
Last comment was by No one

Microsoft Offers CD, DVD Copy Protection
Posted by xper on 21 Jan 2003 - 23:06 CET   0 comments
Finding middle ground when it comes to copy protection has proved nearly impossible, with consumers consistently blasting efforts by record labels to prevent copying by disabling CD playback on a PC. But Microsoft says it has found the answer with the Windows Media Data Session Toolkit and has begun to forge partnerships with numerous record companies.

The toolkit, a component of Windows Media 9 Series, enables content authors to include a second session on a CD or DVD containing protected content encoded with Windows Media Audio or Video, which can be accessed on a PC. Using Windows Media Digital Rights Management, music labels can specify when, where and how the content can be used. The first session on the disc containing the original content will be inaccessible on a PC to prevent copying.

Read article @ eweek
Last comment was by No one

Microsoft Office ready for Linux
Posted by xper on 21 Jan 2003 - 22:56 CET   0 comments
Linux software maker SuSE announced Tuesday the release of Linux Office Desktop, software that allows Linux PCs to run Microsoft Office. The software reworks the application programming interfaces (APIs) behind Office 97 and Office 2000 to allow the applications to run in the open-source operating system.

Holger Dyroff, North American sales director for SuSE, said the company still advocates using Sun Microsystems' open-source StarOffice office suite, but Linux Office Desktop provides a safety net for companies transitioning to open-source software.

"You don't want to change the (operating system) and the office application at the same time--nobody wants to absorb that level of risk," he said. "This lets you phase things in." Dyroff said SuSE is working on further applications that would provide Linux accessibility for popular applications from Adobe Systems and Macromedia.

News source: ZDNet
Last comment was by No one

British hacker jailed for 2 years
Posted by xper on 21 Jan 2003 - 22:46 CET   0 comments
A British man found guilty of launching a series of devastating computer viruses has been handed a two-year prison sentence in a London court.

Simon Vallor, 22, a DJ and computer programmer, had been charged with creating three powerful viruses which spread over the Internet between December 2001 and January 2002, infecting hundreds of thousands of computers in 46 countries.

The viruses, called Gokar, Admirer and Redesi 2, were traced back to Vallor's home computer in Llandudno, Wales.

Disguised as harmless email messages, love letters, advertisements and even as pictures of children's character Winnie the Pooh, the viruses, once opened, were automatically sent to an email user's entire address book.

"People who commit offences such as these are not just so called computer buffs or nerds sitting alone and obsessed with their computers," Judge Geoffrey Rivlin said.

News source: ABC News
Last comment was by No one

RIAA wins battle to ID Kazaa user
Posted by Drewdatrip on 21 Jan 2003 - 22:18 CET   0 comments
A federal judge on Tuesday ordered Verizon Communications to disclose the identity of an alleged peer-to-peer pirate in a legal decision that could make it easier for the music industry to crack down on file-swapping networks.

In a 37-page decision, U.S. District Judge John Bates said the wording of the 1998 Digital Millennium Copyright Act requires Verizon to give the Recording Industry Association of America the name of a Kazaa subscriber who allegedly was sharing more than 600 music recordings. Bates said "the court disagrees with Verizon's strained reading of the act, which disregards entirely the clear definitional language."

This case represents the entertainment industry's latest legal assault on peer-to-peer piracy. If its invocation of the DMCA is upheld on appeal, music industry investigators would have the power to identify hundreds or thousands of music pirates at a time without going to court first.

News source: C|Net News
...Read More | Last comment was by No one

New Phantom console challenges Sony, Nintendo and MS!
Posted by Crispy on 21 Jan 2003 - 20:30 CET   0 comments
A new warrior has entered the arena. It’s a called the Phantom gaming console and is made by the completely new (formed in October 2002) and unknown company called infiniumlabs. Just when you thought 3 wasn’t enough. Ohh well, guess a little competition can't hurt.

The "Phantom" promise that it will be faster than any other console on the market, and have a booming amount of games available (32k+ games apparently) and much awaited broadband network connectivity!

The company plans to market a high performance gaming console and delivery system to provide consumers with options and capabilities that are not available in today’s marketplace. The console will appeal to the hard-core gamer and the high end consumer electronic purchaser. This next generation game console provides a robust, fault tolerant delivery system that supports games on demand, game rentals, game demos, seamless upgrades and patch management. The game console is an “ALWAYS ON BROADBAND DEVICE.” It is easy enough for children to use independently yet so advanced it exceeds the needs of hard-core gamers.

View: Press release

View: Infiniumlabs website

Last comment was by No one

Linux Goes Corporate
Posted by MSNwar on 21 Jan 2003 - 18:59 CET   0 comments
'Tis the season for computer shows. On the heels of Macworld and the Consumer Electronics Show comes the LinuxWorld conference, which starts today in New York, a major networking event for the open-source software movement.

IBM's big investment in Linux several years ago proved that the open-source software was more than a basement toy for techies. It's rapidly becoming a major cash cow for the broader technology sector. As News.com reports: "The computing industry has become better adjusted to Linux and the collaborative, sharing, open-source philosophy that underlies the software. While the heart of Linux itself legally must be available for free, nearly every major computing company is trying to find ways to profit from it."

More @: TechNews
Last comment was by No one

Update, Judge Orders Microsoft Java Jump
Posted by MSNwar on 21 Jan 2003 - 18:48 CET   0 comments
A federal judge filed a court order Tuesday against Microsoft, requiring the software giant to release an updated version of Sun Microsystems' Java programming language for Windows.

U.S. District Judge J. Frederick Motz, who decided in December to issue an injunction against Microsoft, filed the order a day after the companies reached a joint agreement on how it should be implemented.

Microsoft has repeatedly said it will appeal the order to the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. Motz said the injunction will not take effect for two weeks to give the appeals court a chance to hear Microsoft's case.

More @: CBS
Last comment was by No one

Online, Wireless Gaming Gaining
Posted by MSNwar on 21 Jan 2003 - 18:38 CET   0 comments
The gaming industry isn't playing around, evolving beyond the console to the Internet and wireless handsets. Analysis from Jupiter Research (a unit of this site's corporate parent) reveals that online PC game subscriptions are expected to reach $600.7 million in 2003, and grow to more than $1.513 billion by 2006, where it will generate $773.8 million in online PC games advertising.

Overall, the popularity of online board or card games crossed all demographic segments, Jupiter found, averaging 29 percent among all participants for frequent Internet activities. Greater disparity occurred among income for online gamers: 38 percent of those with annual incomes below $35,000 frequently engaged in online board or card games, as opposed to 26 percent of those with annual incomes above $100,000. The gap was smaller for online arcade gamers — 30 percent compared to 23 percent.

More @: InternetNews
Last comment was by No one

Computer Virus Author Jailed
Posted by MSNwar on 21 Jan 2003 - 18:25 CET   0 comments
A man who admitted infecting thousands of computers across the world with fast-spreading viruses has been jailed for two years.
Simon Vallor, 22, created the bugs at his home in Llandudno, north Wales, and released them on to the internet.

The "mass-mailer" viruses were sent as e-mails that would corrupt data on the computer's hard-drive when they were opened.

In addition, the viruses were automatically sent to everyone on the computer's address book.

On Tuesday, the 22-year-old DJ and web designer was sentenced at London's Southwark Crown Court to two years for each of three offences, to run concurrently.

More @: BBC
Last comment was by No one

20k+ 3DMark points for less than $100?
Posted by Crispy on 21 Jan 2003 - 14:53 CET   1 comment
That is what that Delta Chrome chip from S3 graphics promises! Thats better than a Radeon 9700 Pro! and for less then $100!

According to an S3 senior product marketing manager, this graphics processor could put his firm in the hall of fame, as it might be just the right kind of horse for the type of race it will be running. S3 believes that the Delta Chrome chip "will perform in the 20K+ range for 3DMark2001SE" and outscore even the Radeon 9700 Pro from ATI, and close to the NV30 from Nvidia.

The chip will be clocked at 300MHz+ for the graphics processor and 300MHz+ for memory, and will use plain DDR. The second version of the card will work on 240MHz+ for the graphics engine and 300MHz+ for memory. Delta Chrome retail boards should be available in Q2 starting from $90.

News source: The Inquirer
Last comment was by Snoop

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