[Wade helps install the new sign]1. A new transmitter and a new affiliation. August 8, 1998. That was the day we became a larger player in the Cincinnati market. And we're not just talking about an affiliation change. WBQC implemented a new transmitter which introduced our station to more people than before. With a signal increase complete, we signed a deal with UPN on our 7th anniversary, September 29, 1998.

[The new transmitter]2. WBQC UPN25 has Star Trek: Voyager marathon. Since Star Trek fans were happy to see Voyager back in Cincinnati after a year haitus, we decided to enter the fall with our guns loaded. To allow the Trekkies to catch up on what happened the previous season, we ran a Star Trek: Voyager marathon the weekend prior to UPN's new fall season launch!

3.Scizone and Outdoor Connection launched. While the Friday Night FU continued to be the major local program on the station, we wanted to produce more local programming. After talks with several different parties, we introduced our audience to two shows: the Scizone and the Outdoor Connection. The Scizone explored things not of this world; the Outdoor Connection explored things of this world.

4. Cap'n Dave is named best local TV host. CityBeat Magazine named Cap'n Dave as best local TV host for the Friday Night FU in their Best of Cincinnati issue. CityBeat also named WBQC as the best local station not on the majority of cable.

[Scizone with Bill Boshears] 5. Goodbye Scizone and Outdoor Connection. Hello Mr. Little. The Scizone and the Outdoor Connection had core audiences and potential, but neither show managed to maintain the support from the community and was deemed to be changed or cancelled. With producers leaving both shows, we decided to shift gears and change directions. Keith Little's Mr. Little's Hangout introduced Cincinnati to the jazz community. As a one time special, The Al Beasley Show pushed one-on-one talk shows to another level, discussing life and politics with Rev. Leslie Isiah Gaines!

6. Rick Flynn returns; B-Movie is created. Since we received a good response with the FU, we wanted to create another program with the same mass appeal. Lou Vockell created;B-Movie Theater, the best in b-movies on a Saturday night! Not to be forgotten in the new surgence in local programming, the Nature Boy Rick Flynn returned, hosting Rick Flynn Presents! The show's format was a one hour open forum show... a show about nothing!

7.WBQC UPN25 gets into the digital age. Our journey was just beginning. Besides programming, we upgraded our infrastructure and moving towards the digital age. We implemented a digital commercial spot insertion server, becoming the first station in Cincinnati to broadcast commercials digitally!

8. WBQC UPN25 and NBC get together. In 1999, we carried NBC's 1999 French Open Men's Final, NBA Hoop-It-Up, Women's U.S. Open Final, Saturday Night Live, Sunset Beach and the Profiler.

9. WBQC UPN25 becomes the Official Kentucky Lottery station. In order to better serve our Kentucky viewers, we struck a deal to become the only place to find the Kentucky Lottery.

10. WBQC UPN25 lends a hand to the Flying Pig Marathon. WCPO broadcasted the complete event and needed some extra shots. When they needed a mobile mast camera, we answered the call.

11. WBQC UPN25 grows on cable. In addition to being placed on Lebanon, Ohio's a new fiber optic cable system, we were also picked up by Insight Communications, the second largest cable provider in the area.

12. The FU returns. Cap'n Dave and the FU Crew returned on Saturdays for the third season of The FU.

13. WBQC UPN25 partners with Wifflepalooza. In August 2000, we got back into the community with the sponsorship of Wifflepalooza.

14. Time Warner adds WBQC. In the summer of 2001, negotiations began with Time Warner Cable. Time Warner placed WBQC on the system from 6pm to 11pm on channel 20.

15. WBQC is added to DirecTv local channel lineup. Can you see me now? That was the question behind the campaign informing viewers that WBQC UPN25 was added to DirecTv. Unlike Time Warner Cable, DirecTv carries WBQC UPN25 all day, every day.

16. WBQC sponsors The Big Quest X. In search of innovative local programming, WBQC decided to air something refreshingly different. Four teams raced throughout Cincinnati in a quest to defeat the GameMasters and be crowned The Big Quest X champion.

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