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League Date 4/2/1902
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Word on
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Laseron Baseball Network Presents...

Dave Schreffler
The Toss Across

with hosts Dave Schreffler
and Gasper Thau

Gasper Thau

Introduction by LBN anchor Brick Nells: Welcome to The Toss Across, a talk show about baseball, for baseball, and hosted by baseball players. This is our first show, and we thank all of you for tuning in. We hope you enjoy the show, and I'm sure that you will if you enjoy Laseron baseball. And now I'm very pleased to introduce our hosts. Dave Schreffler pitched for the LBA champion Geo Bahn Rock Hounds and posted a 2.73 earned run average in 18 starts last year before suffering a torn bicep muscle that ended what was a great run in major league ball. Gasper (pronounced with a hard G) Thau played for the Whitesand Whalers single A Red Shoes in 1900 where he was considered one of the top prospects in the league. He batted .268 and with an impressive 20 home runs as an outfielder for the Red Shoes at just 19 years of age, before suffering a broken knee while running the bases late in the season. Dave, Gasper, I'm sure both of you would rather be taking the field this year and both of you are a tremendous loss to the game. We're glad to have you.

Gasper: Thanks Brick (shakes hands)
Dave: Thanks. What can ya do? (rubs his right arm after shaking hands)
(all 3 take their seats)
Gasper: Alright. Free agents anyone?
Dave: Lots of pitchers out there looking for new teams this year. Everybody wants more pitchers.
Gasper: Yeah, what's that all about? (laughs) Where is the hitting? (mimics a home run swing)
Dave: The Kron'nul Stouts got a nice pick up in Bill Allent, he's got a little bit of pop. Westwood is back with Whitesand, and we're still unsure how much he's recovered from his injury in 1900. And Summerwind signed Cal Visch so he stays with his team as well. Who else is left, Gasper?
Gasper: I like Tim Berry. The guy can play second, left, right...and he's not too shabby with the bat either. Mitchell Jones has a nice swing for a second baseman as well with 46 career home runs.
Dave: Then there's Crowley...
Gasper: That's right, you gotta bet Crowley would like to be starting somewhere instead of playing under Andy Cook in the Cove.
Brick: I'd love to have Crowley's job. Sit out in the bullpen and just come out to pinch hit when the game is on the line. Who wouldn't want such a plush job?
Gasper: (Looks at Brick for a moment and then turns back to Schreffler)
Dave: (laughs)
Brick: (laughs) Sorry guys. Now I see why they hired real players to do this.
Gasper: Thanks man. Don't ever do that again, ok? (jokingly serious) Let's take a look at some of the trades. Tommy Nova for Jason Foreman...
Dave: What? Want me to go? You're supposed to say toss across when you do that. (laughing)
Gasper: Oh yeah. Tommy Nova for Jason Foreman...nevermind I'll go first. (laughing)
I think Broncdom got the better end of the deal man. Big time. Tommy Nova has speed, he has range, he's consistant, and he can go deep more than your regular speedster. Plus he's got that awesome 'do. A fan favorite player like that can be a real media magnet. Broncdom has my vote.
Dave: No way. Nova's contract is up next year and he's already pulling in 5 million a year. Foreman on the other hand is signed through 1906 for a very comfortable amount. He hasn't put up outstanding numbers but anytime you can get a veteran pitcher that can eat up innings for under 5 million its a bonus in my book. Foreman is costing the Aces only 3....3 1/4 mil and they needed him. Speedsters are a dime a dozen and Alicia has a whole line-up of them.
Gasper: Ok. How about Conwell, Dillman and Enton. Erindel and Laserus....toss across.
Dave: Toss across...thanks. Who are those guys?
Gasper: I'm not sure.
Dave: (laughing)
Gasper: Hopefully they have longer careers than mine so we can go back and evaluate this trade in a couple of years. Well that's our signal Dave, time for a commercial.
Dave: Join us after the break when Gasper tries to convince me that swinging for the fences doesn't bring down your batting average. Yeah right. (laughing)
Gasper: (mimics a home run swing and watches it fly into the crowd)








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