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The Warwick Buzzard LTD 2003 Bass Buzzard LTD 2003

The Buzzard LTD 2003 is a bass worthy of limited edition distinction and is the brainchild of the late bass legend John Entwistle and Warwick founder Hans Peter Wilfer. The two originally collaborated on this bass in 1985 when John asked for help to create a bass based on his unique ideas of how it should look and play. The untamed body shape and neck-through design form a distinctive bass guitar that sounds as wild as its guise. The exotic appeal doesn't stop there. The zebrano body is complemented by an ovangkol neck with a wenge fingerboard, complete with numeric fret markers (actual numbers) custom inlaid of paua abalone. And the headstock is unmistakably unique with its inline tuning heads.

The Buzzard LTD stirs more than just the eyes with its killer pickup configuration. Two pairs of active MEC precision/precision pickups provide ample tonal ranges and nearly infinite possibilities. Controlled by 2-band active MEC electronics, this commemorative bass is sure to play like butter in the hands of any player. It can handle the stresses of deep, thunderous growls yet can pick up the most gentle of nuances and deliver bright, crisp highs. Warwick's Buzzard LTD 2003 is a fitting tribute to a truly inspirational bassist that Hans Peter and all of us will miss.

4 string versions available in natural oil finish, and red, black or white metallic Flip Flop high polish finishes with gold hardware.


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