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JavaScript Subject Index


Lesson 1
Intro, commenting, alerts

Lesson 2
Variables, statements, events

Lesson 3
Windows, frames, objects

Lesson 4
Arrays, loops, functions

Lesson 5
Forms, buttons, text fields

Thau's JavaScript Tutorial

by Thau!

Thau! is a core troll at bianca's and is the author of The Book of Javascript: A Practical Guide to Interactive Web Pages. He has a large collection of exotic chickens and futurists.

There's a lot you can do with JavaScript: Images can swap when you move a mouse over them, form elements can influence each other on the fly, and calculations can be made without having to resort to a CGI script. And it works in all major browsers that are version 3.0 or higher (and even Netscape 2.0 to some degree).

Thau has been working with JavaScript since its invention, and he created this five-part tutorial to teach you everything you need to know to begin your JavaScript career. The crash course comes complete with many exercises, and you'll be writing a script by the end of the first lesson.

The series starts off with a look at JavaScript fundamentals, including variables, if-then statements, link events, and image swaps. Keep following along as Thau gets down and dirty with the JavaScript Document Object Model, windows and frames, JavaScript syntax with loops, arrays, and functions, and forms. This all sound like a bunch of gobbledygook? Well, dig in and learn!

And the fun's not over once you've mastered the basics — Thau put together the Advanced JavaScript Tutorial for senior scripters.

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