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The sport where YOU are the search engine

A GPS device and a hunger for adventure are all you need for high tech treasure hunting. Here you can find the latest caches in your area, how to hide your own cache, and information on how to get started in this fun and exciting sport.

There are now caches hidden in 161 countries!


  New to Geocaching?
You can Read our Frequently Asked Questions page to learn about the sport, read the guide to finding your first cache, or if there are no caches near you, learn how to create the first cache in your area. There are also plenty of people to help answer your questions in the online forums.

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You can now search for NGS Benchmarks in the US. Check out the new section.

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Cache In, Trash Out
Next time you go out to hide or seek out a cache, bring a trash bag along with you! Help clean up our world's forests one cache hunt at a time. If you have a camera, email us a photo of your cleanup and we'll create an online album to share our efforts. Teenagers may also be able to apply trail cleanup as part of their community service time.
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Upcoming Event Caches...
Upcoming events in the next 7 days. For a full list, view the event calendar
  • 1/23/2003 GeoCaching Carolinas-Char/Meck January Meeting (North Carolina) by adventuretom,
  • 1/25/2003 KC Area Geocaching Breakfast #5 (Missouri) by Brian and Carlin Yonke,
  • 1/25/2003 WyoNeb GeoCache Breakfast (Nebraska) by Team StarBrand,
  • 1/25/2003 The NTGA Breakfast In Irving (Texas) by GeoVamp,
  • 1/25/2003 What a GPS doing in my classroom? (Utah) by Mr. Sprite,
  • 1/26/2003 Western Carolina Winter Gathering (North Carolina) by gojoey&Bookworm1 along with many other WNC Cachers,
  • 1/26/2003 McCacher (West Virginia) by WVAK47.

    Newest caches
    Last 15 caches placed -
    By date listed...
    Resting Rock (Nevada) by Mr. P & Vinnie
    Smile City [PR] (Brazil) by nandonavigator
    Pick a car Any car (Idaho) by craggy (nightcrawler)
    Hanover the Cache (Minnesota) by Ko_tis_vey
    Camp Clarke Bridge and Trails (Nebraska) by Team StarBrand
    Dogs Off Leash (Texas) by outofbounds
    Hard to Overlook (Florida) by Nobonis & Bump
    No encontrable en Invierno (Chile) by RobotBird
    In The Buff (Florida) by Nobonis & Bump
    'Gopher' It! (Florida) by Nobonis & Bump
    Vanilla Bean Rose (Kentucky) by Akita-inu
    "Opa" (Netherlands) by Dwarreltje
    Mckinstry Brook Cache (Massachusetts) by ddnutzy
    LSXB (Liechtenstein) by at5ric
    Princeton Ferry (California) by princetoncds

    Or... Read the latest cache logs. has partnered with PlayTime, Inc. to provide Geoteaming(tm) brand corporate events through Geocaching. ...Read more about Geoteaming(tm)

    Geocaching in the News
    We've been getting some great press out there. So much, in fact, that we've dedicated a page to document all the great stories from the media. Some even went out with geocachers around the world to find caches in their local area.




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