Tristan Henderson
PGP | Geek code
+44 20 7679 3670

I am a research student in the Computer Science department at UCL. My work is investigating Quality of Service issues in networked multiplayer games such as Half-Life. I'm connected to the M3I project, so I guess the ultimate goal is to work out how to charge people for playing games. I previously worked on the JAVIC project, adding layered codecs to rat and vic. They didn't work very well, so they're not in the stable releases. I was in the EE department for a while as well, investigating networked music coding. Before that I did a BA in Economics at Cambridge, and the MSc in Computer Science here at UCL. And before that (like you care), I went to school, first in Singapore and then here in the UK.

I have found that a good way of avoiding doing any PhD work is to help out with workshops and meetings. I was a student volunteer at last summer's London IETF (STILL waiting for BT to pay us back our expense claims - grrr!). I also did a lot of the donkey work for the NGC 2001 workshop. Currently I am helping to organise the NetGames2002 workshop in Germany, which should be good fun.