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Expert Medical Care for Moderately and Severely Overweight People

with dignity and compassion

If you are overweight there are two basics facts that you must remember:

  • Obesity is a medical illness; it is not your fault.

  • If there really were an easy way to lose weight then you would already have done so.

The plain truth is that obesity is a disease without a cure and that permanent weight control requires a lifetime of exercise, careful planning, frustration and discouragement. Success is measured not in speed of weight loss, but in endurance. 

Success in weight loss is partial. We do not yet know how to make obese people permanently skinny. We DO know how to make them thinner and much healthier, but it remains hard work.


Not everyone is mentally ready to make the changes required for meaningful and lasting weight control. Some are not willing to endure the hard sweaty work of exercise and the drastic changes in diet.  Overweight people CAN lose weight, but it is not fair: they have to work very hard at something that comes easily to other people. For some people, the terribly hard work may not be worth it. For others it is.

If you ARE ready to start working, then  our weight control program can help you. We don't pretend to offer magic, but there really are safe medications that can help many overweight people. They are not for everyone and we will only prescribe them if we make the determination that they are appropriate for you. 

Our main goal is to give you the knowledge and above all the emotional support to really change your life forever. We will never  pass judgment on you and we will never stick to rigid goals. The singular goal is improving your health by lowering your weight forever. Working together with us as a partner, you have a real chance of achieving this goal. It will take time and toil and money, but in the end, you CAN do it.

Mark J. Holland MD

Dr. Holland lives in Albuquerque New Mexico and has spent over ten years working with overweight patients.


General Overview 

Medical Supervision  

Appropriate use of safe weight control medication

Nutritional counseling

Exercise prescription

Qualifying for our program



Duration of Treatment







  • Obesity as a disease

  • Causes of obesity
  • Obesity prejudice
  • Asking your doctor for help
  • Xenical
  • Meridia
  • Phentermine


  • Other weight control medications
  • PPA
  • The Fen-Phen fiasco
  • Herbal weight control
  • Weight control surgery
  • Calories
  • Hypnosis


  • Low "carb" diets
  • Low fat diets
  • Liquid diets and medically supervised fasts
  • Hollywood  and movie star diets
  • The Atkins diet
  • Exercise basics


  • Exercise does NOT help you lose weight FASTER
  • Aerobic exercise
  • Weight training
  • Reasonable goals in weight loss
  • Smoking and weight control


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