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Author The Fiery Axe has risen again (insonia..Open)

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The Fiery Axe

Raised up a call upon arms. Held close to the heart of Lil Devil Himself. The Alphas, the protectors of TBL. The elite forces that had once stood. The hearts of Darkness that waged war on all opposing faiths.

The angel of death whispered in my ear. The night had become colder than usually. The wind blew harder. And the frost which had once covered the ground turned red as streams of blood flowed off the mountain sides. The Kulí nat had been formed again. The sounds of birds, the wildlife, and the trees which were once plentiful ceased to exist. Silence, Coldness, Death filled the landscape. I shook my head as I knew the deeds which must now be finished.

I mounted my horse and rode off.

The fiery axe must be resurrected I thought to myself. But something seemed to be missing. What can it be? Loyalty, Honour, Truth, Faith. All could be found in myself but will others have the same?

I have been riding for three days . The sun had been gone for several days now the sky cloudy dark with just the blood moon and my candle to assist me in my writing. I rode to where the Kulínat and the fiery axe had first started. The Hill of the angel of Death, The hill of Insonia. My heart filled with the life that it had lost for a while.

My sword began burning my hand. A light shot from my sword and my horse began to treble. The foundation of the earth began to shake. The ground opened and the spirit of the Kulí nat shot into the sky. My skin began to feel as if it were being ripped from my flesh and the insignia of the fiery Axe was burned into the back of my hand. The markings of the Kul nat and TBL engraved into my sword. My flesh turned black and my heart grew cold to everything not true to the Thirteenth Baatorian Legion.

The Gods cried as they new the Warlord had once again risen. The Angel of Death trembled in fear. Her eyes became black and she bowed in front of me. I call upon the best of TBL. Join me we shall ride together . Your leader has risen. We will stand strong. We will be the line of Chaos that the heathens will have to face first before any other members in TBL. We are and will be forever. The Thirteenth baatorian Legion, The Kulínat, Blood royal and the fiery Axe together the heathens will not stand a chance.


Warlord of the Fiery Axe.

You try to avoid the obvious that Isonia is the only true Goddess and that my friend will be your downfall.

~Killing a smurf a day keeps the Forets away~

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