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Author Ok Dream Guild time
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Posted: 2002-06-11 07:05     Profile;   E-mail   Homepage Edit   Reply w/Quote
::kicks Girardi:: ;)

Yeah, it has been a long time, but this is no going back to post. There are only few threads worth of reading and fewer worth of posting. But these thread I always liked so I made a post. I will read the board from time to time and if I find such a thread I will maybe post again.

Nice idea with Turmoil, dont think it will work

Wren ... for eternity
J founder of the MOP (Mutual Offense Pact)
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Posted: 2002-06-11 07:23     Profile;   E-mail   Homepage Edit   Reply w/Quote
Ooooooooh, I forgot joegolf... ah well, nevermind. He won't care.

*Thwaps G*

Because... erm... I can!

Evil Overlord of the Entire Universe, Master of all creation
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Posted: 2002-06-11 07:51     Profile;   E-mail   Homepage Edit   Reply w/Quote
There are so many players to choose from but I would have to say

J sparten cause he is my boss and he would kill me if I dont pick him.LOL

Cluesen:Please read above for reasons.

Pegasus: My #1 ally for countless ages now.

BRDCS: A great ally that gives you his 110% in the battlefield.

Andy:Has always worked well with me.

William the Bloody:Great person to fight alongside.

Dark Magus:I wish he'd find more time to play this game.Great friend.

Outlaw:He gave me his Gamecube but then took it back.That no good scoundrel.LOL

Love Muscle: first person to give me a home in outcast.

Unholy Sadness:Pleasure to play alongside.

The list goes on and on.

BA is Forever
Member of MOP


Posted: 2002-06-11 08:07     Profile;   E-mail   Homepage Edit   Reply w/Quote
see thats why i gave up on castaway joe, we scummers get no respect, no respect!

i save my talents for guilds games now

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Posted: 2002-06-19 12:22     Profile;   E-mail   Homepage Edit   Reply w/Quote

On 2002-06-06 09:25, Girardi wrote:
Pollux-just her name struck fear into my little heart...

Aren't you a sweetie.

"No, YOU suck" - the mean people.
There are very few problems that cannot be solved by orders ending with 'or die.' - Alistair J.R. Young


Posted: 2002-06-19 12:42     Profile;   E-mail   Homepage Edit   Reply w/Quote
Koi - cause nobody else wants him

J. Sparten - he plays fair and is regularly in the top 10

Cluesen - great scummer

The rest of Mop - they are all great players and good team players...in fact...I AM already in the dream guild!


Posted: 2002-06-21 01:00     Profile;   Homepage Edit   Reply w/Quote
Dream guild.??????? Whatever. Who needs a guild when yo uare as good as I am.

Here is my Dream guild:

GM: Buffalo
AGMs: Buff and Alo
War guys:

Fuck Sorcery see above!

See above, change sorcery to SCUM!!


Posted: 2002-06-21 05:46     Profile;   E-mail   Homepage Edit   Reply w/Quote
As all of buff's kingdoms get scum killed after one attack...

yes that is how things go these days.

FD Raise up
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Posted: 2002-07-06 00:52     Profile; Edit   Reply w/Quote
All this ado about n00bs? What the hell has this place come to?

I leave for a year, and the place is filled with crazies.

Sylvas, I saw in there that he's usually on the top.. good to hear. Kind of surprised he was askin' me to come back the other night.. give up all that fame? What a guy!

I'm done with DAoC for now.

Considering coming back. Could be fun.


Posted: 2002-07-06 01:01     Profile;   Homepage Edit   Reply w/Quote
So true Whiskey, we leave for a while and the whole place goes to shit.

Good to see some names that I recognize from the times long forgotten by the n00bs that seem have taken hold of the place.

I too may have to come back and give the game a whirl. We'll see.

Shadows and silence are your allies.
Light is your enemy.
Stealth and cunning are your tools.
And the riches of others are yours for the taking.

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Posted: 2002-07-06 02:56     Profile;   E-mail   Homepage Edit   Reply w/Quote
I would love to see you come back Mandragoran!

but you can keep you dog outside right?

you know the foul smelling beast that posted before you...

please we are cultured people

Just call my name and I'll hear you scream

Patron Saint of castaway Beware the fury of a patient man

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Posted: 2002-07-06 15:39     Profile;   E-mail   Homepage Edit   Reply w/Quote
Yay! I'm a newb again :)

I've only been doing the Castaway thing since November, cause to be honest, this place used to disgust me ;p

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Posted: 2002-07-07 22:36     Profile; Edit   Reply w/Quote
Cultured, hardly. And you still can't type, simian.


Posted: 2002-07-07 23:12     Profile;   E-mail   Homepage Edit   Reply w/Quote
Simians are muchly cute.

Coconut monkey!

~Mors & Lare~ Unmatched in cuteness!
Wounds cover me from head to toe, from skin into soul. I bleed internally, externally, eternally.


Posted: 2002-07-08 17:00     Profile;   E-mail   Homepage Edit   Reply w/Quote
Legion Of Superintelligent Eunuchs Risking Forced Anal Torture Supposedly (LOSERFATS)

Me - obviously. I rock.

Pollux - classy poster, great to talk to, and hot too. Yay.

Amaris - another very very fun person to have around. She makes people have fun.

Connor - not so classy, boring to talk to, and pig ugly. He makes me look good though.

Ike - we need a target for mockery.

Stee - we need a target for excess horn.

The Chaos Crew
People who I talked to long before Outcast/Castaway was around.

Malevolence - old skool chaos, baby. Great player, nice guy.

Carpe Diem - I bet Mick's the only one here who remembers Carpe. Another great player lost to Evercrack.

Mick - one of the few posters who crack me up with nearly all of their posts. And his scum kingdoms were passable too.

Olde Knygte & family - somehow I don't think he'd enjoy castaway much, but he built a solid kingdom.

Stormi - the woman could RP.

ViolentJ - minister for morale & diplomacy.

Guilds People
(or "people from monarchy who didn't play chaos much")

Viper - back in TBH (monarchy), we had hours of solid laughter. Me, Viper, Shadowhawk and Mina was one of the best quads I've been in.

Shadowhawk - same reason.

Suvantar - who else can claim to have created a goddess?

Murchad - he could flame people without them realising it (or making it past the third page...)

Maverick - he has a nice car and a comfy basement.

Venus - I've never been in her car, but she's fun.

Blackheart - another person met at a bash... one of the nicest people in the game.

Lorand - taught me stuff in TBH.

Corwin - taught me lots of stuff in BoB.

Killie - Scottish! Erm. Wait. That's no reason.

Min - she's amazingly cool.

Drae - he's amazingly cool too.

MingHO - there are few things that the HO couldn't do with a kobold.

People around here

Sundra - never seen her play (that I know of) but she's someone I'd happily fight alongside. It'd be so much easier to have her in the guild, if only so that if someone mistakes one of us for the other they can still beg for peace.

Runecaster - English!

CSM - English!

Zodiac - when I'm bored I translate his posts into English.

Stryfe - spammy but otherwise cool.

Leif - pro pool player, apparently.

Girardi - because he screams like a woman on rollercoasters.

Calis - mmm, Calis.

Steven - because he's odd. And good at starcraft.

Voice Josiah - destroyer of walls, eater of pies.

Necro99 - met him at the first monarchy bash. The guy's just plain cool.

That's about it, really. If I left you off my list, it's probably because you weren't on ICQ and didn't post in any of the threads I scanned through today. It'd be a fun guild until the game started.

The E-Team - ENeMA GM
That's why it's called English, Brighty Darling.


Posted: 2002-07-08 18:56     Profile;   E-mail   Homepage Edit   Reply w/Quote
Wow, can't believe I made a list considering I haven't played in forever! Thanks sunny, I'm far too lazy to make a list but you'd be on it if I did. You've always had a talent for running good guilds.. =]

And Carpe was my boy. Him and Mal were my partners in crime back in the day.

Mick The Ripper A Darker Side o Evil
Bitter Ascension From The Depths o Purgatory
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Posted: 2002-07-08 20:28     Profile;   E-mail   Homepage Edit   Reply w/Quote
Yay! Thanks Sunny! I made it on a list!
It might be for shamelessly beating Kasha at pool, but demmit, I'm on there! whooo!

Lady Leif
Seducer of all things Calis
Girardi's my Slave, an hes back home again!


Posted: 2002-07-08 20:48     Profile;   E-mail   Homepage Edit   Reply w/Quote
*wonders why he hasn't been mentioned yet*

And after all this time teaching cloudy how to play I get no respect.

-=Ushers of the Apocalypse=-
Try saying my name 49,458 times fast
Gah! Max is in...ISA!
Macloud thinks I worship him, yeah right!

Rune Inalya

Posted: 2002-07-08 21:45     Profile;   E-mail   Homepage Edit   Reply w/Quote
Bah, I suppose it's time I did one of these like I said I would *points way up in the thread*

I know I'm going to forget people...but oh well. It's not really in any order, and it's all people I played with. And I'm listing reasons, just because I know I'd end up making myself look stupid. [edit]Oh yes, these are only people I've played with in-game. And I -did- forget someone, whom I just added in. Heh.[/edit]

Ruune Hakko
Vlad The Impailer

Although I'd love to have all these people in a guild, I liked FEL the way it was when we had 6 people and ruled the scrolls. That group was awesome.

~KBR~ | -LCN-
What am I searching for? I no longer know.
Somebody help me...

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Posted: 2002-07-09 11:05     Profile;   Homepage Edit   Reply w/Quote
ALl you dorks that have Zodiac on their lists, you may as well just put me on their cause Zodiac is nothing sans moi (without me for you non french speaking people) I made him, I taught him and then I spanked him (and spanked him again) Guess which one was his favorite part

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