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Author Search for the Arian : Ancient Knowledge (Closed)

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A breif synopsis of Part one Search for the Arian : Visions can be found here
The RolePlay itself can be found here

The day had progressed from the early dawn that heralded the attack, to the mid-day sun at the apex of its daily journey. Kaz and Auralia had spent that time fleeing into the depths of the Forest.

The wound on Kaz's shoulder, red and sore had long stopped bleeding, but his left arm was still hanging useless at his side. Auralia's ankle sprain causing little more than a slight limp, but Kaz could see it was paining her.

Feeling safe, Kaz decided it may be a good idea to stop for a short rest. It was his first available moment to inpest the dammage he had taken in the fight for his life. Red stain coated the torn material of his leather chest protection, his once white undershirt, now changed beyond recognition. The break in the skin crossed his shoulder from neck to the very edge, and was swollen and purple. It needed to be treated or it would go swollen. An archer, kaz could not affor to lose the use of the hand that held the string.

His shoulder could wait for now however, he knew they were only half a day's travel from the library, and it was not slowing them down. Auralia's leg, however was a different matter. Striking the palm of one hand across the other to awaken the healing magic within every living being, he beckoned Auralia to come sit and proceded to hold a hand either side of her ankle, and inch above the skin. Heat passed from one hand to the other, through the swollen and strained muscles of her ankle, loosening and healing the damage.

After he bandaged his shoulder and the two had eaten a small snack they continued on their trek. The last five miles had seen the forest gradually become more wild and overgrown. The types of vegitation had gradually morphed from the classic ferns of the forest outskirts, to the vines and huge leaves of the jungle.

Kaz removed his belt knife to help clear a path towards the ancient over grown building that called to him. They would be there before the sun set.

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She was rather surprised to have her ankle working again properly, not surprised in a bad way but rather a good way. Aurelia had always said that you should take care of your feet and, by association, your legs. After all those were the things that would walk you round Maxim, though obviously not all at once. Not to mention that if you got in trouble it was your legs that would help you make a swift exit. It was very difficult to crawl away to safety at any great speed.

Danger was definitely not something that should be examined too closely. Hence the fact that Aurelia tended to like having full use of her legs if only to run away. If you ran away fast enough then you never had too look to closely at whatever was dangerous.

She skipped along to catch up with Kaz, rather glad that she had stuck with him now. This male elf was unusual to say the least and he seemed to be in some sort of trouble with very strange people. Someone like this was definitely in need of her protection, and she was sure that her blessed saucepan would come in handy. Whoever had blessed the saucepan probably wanted her to keep an eye on Kaz for them. Now if only she could figure out which of the Gods it was...

Aurelia looked about the jungle, most in awe of the variety of things she could see. She had never seen some of these plants before, had never even dreamed that they could exist. This is really interesting Kaz, I've never been to the jungle before. been to a lot of forests but nothing like this. I wonder why the plants decided to grow like this? Or maybe the Gods put them here like this? Or even, the Gods might have put them here but in a different form and then over time they changed and became like this? What do you think Kaz? All sorts of questions were bubbling into her mind, most of them getting lost in the mess of thoughts that made up her mind.

Oh where are we going Kaz?, she said, her train of thought jumping to an entirely new subject. Is it going to be interesting there? I know, is it one of them piles of ruins that I've heard stories about? The ones with loads of ancient treasures and weird carvings and curses guarding them and...Her voice trailed off before starting up again after a moment's pause. There isn't a curse is there? I don't think I'd like that, I mean curses are like eally bad things. A friend of mine is cursed, well sort of anyway, he's trapped in a beastie-shape. Of course it's not a proper curse because no one meant him to turn into a beast, it was an accident. But I'd really not like to end up as a beastie or a frog or anything else other than me really.

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Smoke rose from around the bookshelves that had enclosed the once statue. Radagast listened carefully to the air, hopeing to catch voices above the sound of fire.
Mumbles seemed to eminate from the corridor leading to near the enterance.

Slowly and surely the tall rock creature moved his way towards te sound of voices. His unshoed feet pounded the stone flagged floor of the Library.

'I am the Guardian, this library must not be disturbed'. simple thoughts ran through the beasts core. For centuries Radagast had remained silent upon his podium of polished granite overlooking the centre of the building. Eversince his bondage to the Lord Darden his task was to stop the pool of knowledge from falling into the wrong hands, either by forcing off the intruders or destroying the library.

The current set of intruders had not entered the building appropriately and set off his summoning wards.

Radagast was coming


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K'Taal had left the forest as quickly as possible, but making sure he was always in direct sunlight; for his latest vision had given him cause to be afraid, at least until he was able to contact his associate. He had then acquired a horse, from a farm which had carelessly left its horses unattended.

He had ridden through the night, for he did not want to give the vampire any chance to catch him, and as dawn broke he was riding through a sparse grassland. He tied the mare to the one tree he could see, and then lay down to catch a few hours sleep in the relative safety of sunlight.

As he lay down, he thought of Kinachi, his freind, whom he now was travelling to. They had been close, or as close as a troll and a human can be, but then they had left on bad terms, following an argument over one of Kinachi's experiments. However, Kinachi still owed him a blood debt, and maybe the Trollish Sorceror would still value that. Particularly when K'Taal appologised for objecting to his experimentation on the vampire.
K'Taal then fell asleep, where he dozed fitfully for a few hours.


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DLE and Ivan are over half way to the library.When all of a sudden a arrow hits DLE`s shake in the neck make the shake fall to the ground.DLE and Ivan fly a few feet in the air and land on the ground a few feet away from were the shake is now laying.DLE Gets up and a few sec. after he gets up a group of goblins jump out of the trees.

There we`re 10 goblins fully armed with chain mail armor and a short sword in on hand and a dagger in the ether.DLE knew that he was greatly out numbered.He Could problie take on two at a time but that all changed when there leader walked out of the bushs.He wore full plate mail with a long sword.

DLE pulled out his sword.Then waits for the goblins to charge him.

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The smoke from the smoldering books hugged the high ceilings as Radagast slowly trudged his way to the sound of voices. It seemed that he had lain dormant for such a long time. The clutter of bookshelves amazed him, so much wood had been cut shredded, dried and stretched to provide the acres of paper that now lay before him.

A memory tugged at him, harking back to the days of season watching from his homely rockface. The ever present forest reaching for the skies with each green season. Getting taller and taller untill the Oaks reached there full 90 feet.

Then they came. Within a blink the forest had gone. The once proud Oaks had been whittled to a few lonesome trunks. The humans. The nature killers, time for revenge.

His mind raged with fury as he rounded the next corner and saw the gathering of figures.
To his astonishment, Radagast was not the tallest presentr.


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As Ruark stood waiting apon the female theifs response to his question, heavy trod footsteps sounded behind him. He whirled towards the echoed footfalls and was surprised at what he saw before him. A Droben. Ruark stared at the 7 foot tall red-rock coloured Ingin in disbelief. No Droben were known to live so far from the Mountains, more strange was that the natural rock patterns that marked the face and arms of each Droben, suggested a clan of Droben that had been long gone from the known Droben empires, only recognised now from the old scrolls of the Library back in The Northern Mountains.


He greeted the newcomer

I am Ruark, Megalith of the People of The Northern Mountain. I recognise your clan from ancient scrolls, your people are thought to be dead. Why have the Sarion Droben hidden their continued existence from their Northern Brethren for so long? And why now do you show yourself in such strange a place?

Remembering himself, he added.

I forget myself, I mean not to demand answers to so many questions, but your presence defies beleif.

Megalith of The Northern Mountains
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Islia cowered in the darkness of the forest, the occasional bean of light shining onto the floor like a trip wire for the unwary. Hate. Hate was what she felt for the Elf Kazimirzch, he had bested her. That had never happened before, they never got away. Not from Her. But He had, and she hated him more because of it.

Something entered the clearing, her eyes closed to protect them from the light of day.

He spoke

Hello it seems as if you forgot that vampires are not allowed to sunbathe.

He Chuckled then continued

How are you out during the day and what are you doing here?

She was not in the mood for company, the last person she had seen had caused this entire mess by making her miss her initial shot at the elf. Had she got him then, then she would not be lying here without her dagger, wishing for night-time so she could retreive it. She hated him too.

Go away

She replied to his humour.

I do not wish for company

She listened as the figure slowly started to walk away from her, and a thought crossed her mind.


She called back out to him.

On the plataue, you will see a figure lying unconscious on the grass. 50 yards to his north, aproaching the other treeline a dagger lays on the floor. Shaped like a silver dragon, talons holding a black crystal that seems to suck in the light. Please bring it to me. I will be eternally grateful

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Time swooned around him in a pendulous moment that somehow reached deeply within him and stirred something even more anceint than what he believed he had in himself. Then for that brief moment he caught a true glimpse of himself within another, one he would dare to call kindred. It terrified him. In all this time, only this kindred had brought him so close to the taste of what his home had once been.

He could feel its presence as his own. A brother, a kindred. Radagast, the Guardian of Knowledge. If it were to come to blows, these mere mortals would not survive the struggle. All would be lost. All would be destroyed.

Crystiame spyed quietly at Radagast. He couldn't help but wonder if he sensed him the same way the he had him. He wondered if this Guardian could see the knowledge in his head, could hear his thoughts, could sense his desires. It made him wary, cautious.

Crystiame stood steadfast next to Ruark, unmoving, unwaivering. Without even thinking, he accidentally touch Ruarks arm. A touch by his hands had a strange affect on those of this mortal world of Maxim. He had not meant to, but fate had its own way of working itself into the Fabrics of Time.

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Monster was not taken kindly too untill he began to walk away from the vampire in the shade. As he was walking away the vampire made a seemingly easy request for him to carry out. All that he needed to do was pick up a dagger and bring it back.

Monster took to the skies and saw what he was looking for and wondered why he was even doing this vampire a favor in the first place.

Why should I be doing this at all. This lady was not very nice to me at first so there must be a reason why she changed her heart so quickly.

Monster quickly turned around at the thought of gaining something from this deed. He quickly reached the sunbathing vampire and did some inquiring.

This dagger must posses some special power if you need it now, doesn't it? And since it does and you need it so badly what is it worth to you? I will get it if your price is right.

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Shade Valoria

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It had been a long night thus far for Shade. It would become much longer before it ended its duration. Shade was riding on his Shake as fast as he could through the night with a decent amount of light illuminating from one of the moons. 3 of the moons were full tonight. That and the cool air flowing through his upper-body was the only thing keeping him awake. He suddenly saw a fight going on. It was DLE! Shade grabbed the reins of his shake and slowly stood on the sattle, trying to maintain balance, then as he approached one of the Goblins he did a moonsault off his shake while drawing his sword. As his flip came horizontal, he swung the sword downward through the golbin splitting him into 2. The rest of the goblin pack started to close in on DLE and Shade.

How ya been? Let's take care of these Goblins and meet up with the rest of the crew; how does that sound?

Shade said, grinning. He was now fully awake with a the thirst and rage of war. It excited him and,frankly, he enjoyed it.

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Radagast stood dumbfounded. One of the intruders, a nine foot tall, Rock Beast with fiery eyes utterered the Droben words of Greeting. The creature held it's posture with such confidence, his words carried great assurance as to his stature and status amoung those near by. Radagast was entranced by this Being's charisma and in awe of his physical presence. The Being itself was beyond doubt a Droben, but not one that Radagast's memory could place.

Radagast's throat rumbled a few words, 'I am Radagast, the first ...... '
The wardings flared on Radagast's back sending a searing pain through his aged body, enraging his cooling temper, and kickstarting his dampened brain.
' I am Radagast, Guardian of Knowledge. YOu have trespassed upon this library. YOu must leave.'

Radagasts anger began to build. As his anxiousness grew, his awareness caught the sense of an intelligence flitting near the 9 foot Droben. The sense only hinted at a deeply magical individual both wanting to be recognised yet hidden. Whisps of smoke from the earlier fire had drifted this far and hugged the high cieling.
Radagast lunged at one of the bookshelves nearby scattering tombes hither and thither.

' I must repell all invaders to this library, YOu all must leave' Radagast's Voice bellowed, echoing off the stone walls.


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DLE was able to kill 2 of the Goblins.Then they surounded him.He was he maybe be able to kill a few more before they kill him.Just then he heared a man on a Shake riding this way.It was Shade.

He approached one of the Goblins.Then did amoonsault off his shake while drawing his sword.As he flip came horizontal, he swung the sword downward through the golbin splitting him into two.He then joined DLE with the goblins around him.

He then said How ya been? Let's take care of these Goblins and meet up with the rest of the crew; how does that sound?Better since your here.Sounds good to me lets have some fun.So DLE and shade start to kill the goblins.After kill there leader the rest of the goblins start to run.
So should we go after them or let them go.

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After killing the last goblin that was unable to retreat, Shade turned to DLE and replied,

We follow them. Goblins never surrender. They retreated for backup. If we dont hunt them down before they reach the Goblin Army camps, we will be the ones hunted. Lets go!

While Shade said this, he was quickly remounting the stolen steed. He knew it would probably be the end of this journey before he saw his Shake again. His Shake was well trained, so he knew it would find its way back home. But for now, he had other things to worry about: staying alive.


Shade shouted as he kicked his heel into the stolen steed's hip, and he was off. Shade grabbed DLE's hand and quickly pulled him up. DLE saw his shake get killed. It made Shade wonder about his own shake as well.

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Beware, for in the shadows lurk many dangers...
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The runes burned on Radagast's back pushing the stone warrior into a deeper rage. The nearest object felt his wrath as he lashed out at a nearby bookshelf sending books in all directions. He started to stride towards the small band of intruders, taking wild swipes at the vast wooden storage structures sending yet more tombes and wood splintering.
With each approaching footstep, the sound of his solid foot diminished, the air thickened, and his vision to an ever increasing glassy feel.Radagast's awareness of his surroundings began to wane, a flailed arm passed silently through a highly steeped bookshelf.

' I have sensed your presence, fellow Guardian ' A voice spoke inside Radagast's head, ' Your mortal Quarry is no match for you. Our quest would be in vain. See how they continue as though you are not there. ' The voice took on an ittististable quality, and Radagast found himself squinting at vague shapes running around the galleries in search of something. Soot from the fire had already began to stain the embossed cieling.

' I have eased you out of this time loop and guided you to a place where you can fully understand your Being' The Voice's tone had taken a different quality which unnerved the Droben Warrior. Instead of it's quiet insistant murmur it had become more forcefull, more aggresive, yet it seemed to promise much more. Radagast's vision of the library swam in front of his eyes living him in complete darkness. Radagast waited for voice to continue.

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Islia cowered in the shadows cast by the great trees that surrounded her. The creature, what ever it was had gone to find her dagger, soon she would be able to continue after the elf, after she had 'thanked' the creature appropriatly of course. She allowed a sadistic smile to pass along the lines of her face.

The dagger was more than just her weapon, it was her lifeline, she was as attached to it as she was her head, without it she would be forced to find shelter throughout the daytime. To anyone but a vampire it was but a knife, admittedly very sharp, exquisitely forged and worth a lot of money, but it would only do the same as every other dagger, no matter how ornate. She must retrive it, no matter the consequences for her mission.

A beam of sunlight shot through the tree coverage like a lightening bolt, she rolled to cover as it illuminated the part of shadow she was sat within. Cursing she looked over to where the monster had just landed.

The dagger! you have it?

This dagger must posses some special power if you need it now, doesn't it? And since it does and you need it so badly what is it worth to you? I will get it if your price is right.

If my price is right!!

Islia exploded.

You merely had to pick it up, price indeed. I could wait till sunset and get it myself


She thought to herself

Unless it was already gone

Islia stopped to allow the realisation to fully sink in. She could not continue after the Key without being able to travel diurnally, she would be limited to her natural nocturnal state

My request for you has changed

Slowly standing she looked at the huge winged creature, and continued.

As you can see I am not human.

She chuckled

Not that I ever was of course. I was born in the elven village of Fernabergia before it was destroyed by a goblin raiding party. I did not know the significance of the dagger at the time but it saved my life many times as I escaped the burning ruins of my homes. I will not stand here giving you my life story, but needless to say later I became what I am now, a vampire. Shortly afterwards I discovered that my blade had a rather strange power that only effected vampires. Why it was in the elven village of Fernabergia I do not know. What I do know is that it allows me to exist in daylight without having to hide from the sun. I would ask you to find it for me and report its whereabouts, if I can only travel at night I will need daylight eyes so that I do not lose the trail.

Not that she thought she'd lose the trail, but a spy in the sky so to speak could come in handy.

As to your payment, I dont have much, but I can offer the blood of the person who has stolen from me

Immortal Assassin

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Kaz's shoulder ached from the strain of travelling through the dense foliage of the jungle, he could could not see the sun through the canopy above, but knew that it was nearing sunset, the trek was taking longer than he invisaged.

Throughout the journey from the plataue Auralia had plagued him with questions, many that had no answers, he tried to keep his answers short and closed ended, he didnt think his head could manage getting caught up in an intense discussion with the elf. Although it may be interesting to see where the discussion led.

He smiled.

Something about the attacker was playing with his mind, a memory repressed and hiden behind the walls he had errected around his mind. The walls that this small elf was slowly but surely pulling down. Where had he seen the knife the vampire fought with before? He could not seem to place it, only that the memory belonged with the other painful childhood memories he had striven to forget. Trying to shrug it of he continued to use his sword to hack away at the foliage. Surely the Library could not be much further.

The swing of Kaz's sword suddenly became easier, as if the vines no longer wanted to hold up his progress. Losing his balance he tumbled through the gap he had created and landed in a heap on the floor. Looking up at Auralia he saw her stop mouth open, eyes staring straight ahead. Turning to see what had caught her attention caused him to grin, and sigh with relief. Thoughts of the knife faded as he got his first look at the Library of Toros.

Toros reminded him somewhat of his childhood home. Only where the buildings of Ferbaergia had been built from the living wood of the forest, the great library was a collosal stone structure that seemed to have been reclaimed by the jungle. Huge vines thicker than Kaz's thigh wound their way around the circumference of four huge marble pillars that stood atop a great flight of stairs that were as wide as the building they served. Ivy covered nearly every inch of the ancient grey rocks of the building, creating large fissures on the outer walls. It looked like something out of a story, as infact it was.

The slight urge that had pulled him towards the Library like an itch on his soul had disappeared, but Kaz was too busy to notice. Even forgetting his young companion he started to ascend the stairway to the vast oaken doors. The sight that greated him at the entrance was, however, about as far from his imagination as posibility could be. As expected, rows of bookshelves stretched as far as the eye could see, covered in a thick layer of dust. Even the siderwebs - of which there were many - were covered in thick grey dust. What he had not imagined was that the Library would be occupied. He was almost knocked to the floor as a young elven woman scampered out of the Library past him without stopping and into the jungle.


He called after her, but she didn't stop. Turning to see what she had fled from Kaz heard a raised voice coming from the shadows at the far side of the Library.

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As the party continues to search, the library appearred even more distored to Radagast until thier images became hazzy and unclear. Cystiame felt more than comfortable here in this quasi-reality, but he knew it would be very unnerving to the fellow Guardian.

Reality shifted slowly from this place into the real world, the effects of it shifting backwards upon them. Already Crystiame could smell the black soot, it felt heavy upon his lungs. Even though there was no air here to breath in, it burned him to breathe. The air seemed to get hotly acryllic and acidy. These senses seemed moderately disorienting to Crystiame, he could not begin to imagine what discomfort it would be presenting to Radagast.

You are more than what you think, Guardian. You are kindred to the earth and sky, immortal beyond the call of this time. The essense of your spirit has transcended through the ages, remnants of an age of enlightment and harmony. You are the Symphony as I am, eternal, and of everything, and of nothing. Deeply look through the past that you have been, and remember the essense of your song. Cystiame spoke with consistant conviction. His words were steady and unwaivering. Images he flooded into the Guardians mind of times past to pristine sharpness.

Distorted life seemed until the embrace of the Symphony came. Looking to the library was like looking through thick paned glass, hazy and impartial. but it somehow gave a truer sense of the world beyond within its distorted nature. His companions he could see flailing books and scrolls, searching while Radagast confronted the past he had long forgotten.

I am Crystiame Volodimire, a Guardian of Time. I am your brother, your kindred, your cousin. We are all one in resonance to the Symphony.


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Ruark stood, mouth open in flat disbeleif at the sight of the Ingin, waiting for the ritual response, from one of the rock brotherhood, and answers to his questions.

What was he doing here? and why?

The thought was cut off as the Droben started to reply to the ritual greeting.

I am Radagast, the first ......

The Ingin stopped mid-sentance what looked to be pain, showing in the eyes of he who had just introduced himself as Radagast. In a slightly different voice and tone he continued.

I am Radagast, Guardian of Knowledge. You have trespassed upon this library. You must leave.

That was not the response Ruark had expected, not even another Megalith would reply to such a greeting with such strong a challenge. Ruark tensed, The Ingin were strong yet slow, a weary foe to be faced in numbers, but one on one against an Opulent of Ruark's strength and size would be as good as committing suicide. This Radagast was either very sure of himself, or stupid, and he did not look studid.

I must repell all invaders to this library, You all must leave.

Radagast repeated his warning, the earlier pain now vanished from his eyes, replaced now with hatred and anger. Realising that a fight was about to errupt, Ruark drew his massive sword in a huge two handed grip, and gently tapped the tip of the blade on the floor in front of him. Ruark stared into Radagasts eyes waiting, a slight flicker to the side and Ruark's sword swung in an arc towards his neck.

In the same instant Radagast changed. He did not seem as if he was all there, slightly diminished, faded as if he both existed and did not at the same time. The bookcases behind the Ingin were suddenly visable, but visable at the same time as Radagast, almost as if he was partially transparent.

Ruark's sword continued its arcing sweep through were the neckline of the great rock creature should have been. Lightening glistened across the edge of the blade as it passed through the Droben, changing the look of the blade. One moment it was as it had always been, the next it seemed to become a dull orangey brown colour, small flakes whisping from its now dull blades. The blade passed through the other side of Radagast's neck in a small shower of rust.

Ruark blinked.

Radagst stood where he had, head still attached to his shoulder's ghost-like. Ruark looked at his sword expecting to find it rusted to the hilt, and was surprised to see it gleeming in its silvery way, edge still razor sharp. He watched in awe as Radagast spoke silently and moved without moving, turning to question Volodimire if he was seeing the same thing, Ruark discovered his second surprise.

Like Radagast, Crysiame Volodimire seemed to exist and not exist simultaniously, he span trying to find the theif and Korin lemire to find both absent.

What's going on?

He thought to himself, slowly starting to panic. Where was he? he had not felt any kind of change in himself, but he clearly did not exist in the same place as the others. He had not felt this alone for a long time. A sound echoed across the dusty library, like the thump of wood striking rock, and he spun to face the doorway which was now opened to reveil the light of the setting sun. A shadowy figure stood in its center, staring into the shadows that cloaked the Droben. He was not alone after all, and he did not recognise the shape of his 'companion'. Ruarks voice sounded from the shadows, echoeing around the vast chamber.

Who are you? where am I? what have you done with the others?

Megalith of The Mountain People.
~~Gone but not Forgotten~~

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Who are you? where am I? what have you done with the others?

The voice from the shadows, a deep rumbeling barratone echoed throughout the halls. Kaz stepped back in surprise.

Is he talking to me?

He thought to himself, straining to make out where the voice had come from. Taking a couple of steps into the library kaz's senses were filled with the musky smell and taste of centuries old books and scrolls. Inhaling the pure smell of knowledge reminded Kaz of periods of a happy childhood spent in the great library back home, at least before the raid. Looking deeply into the shadows Kaz could make out the outline of a huge figure, although he could not see them, he could feel the eyes of the creature within the shadows burning into his skull.

Holding his bow so it would be clearly visable from the far side of the shadows Kaz tossed it to the side in a gesture of friendship. His right hand however did not leave the scabarded sword hilt at his side. There was no point in being careless.

I wont harm you

Kaz called into the shadows.

I have come here to seak information, that is all. I don't know where your friends are, but you are in the great library at Toros, in the centre of the Kario Jungle. My name is Kazimirzch Longbow, a wanderer....I'm coming in.

Slowly Kaz made his way along the dust covered central aisleway, shelves toward to either side of him, making him feel strangley claustraphobic. Movement ahead caused him to stop in his tracks. Stepping out of the shadows was something from a nightmare, standing 9 foot tall the beast was collosall, arms thinker than Kaz's waist the rock creature moved towards him with profound grace and lightness of step for a thing so large.

harm you? yeah right

Kaz thought to himself.

What the hell have I got myself into this time?

Back in Orange
LA, Shaitan, TFC, TGH, LoF, ISA, Slainte
Maxim: GoH, KO, Fark, DA, DS, TMP, TEN
No Regrets

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