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Author Becomings of Kenchan (semi-closed) AoA member

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Darkness surrounds me as I stood there alone in the deep forest. Only a few dim light from the moon have found its way thru the thick canopy of the forest. The humid, musty air slowly choking me as I looked around trying to find someone, anyone besides me.

The sounds of the nocturnal creatures echo in the wind. I feel the glaring of the creatures eyes on me as I started to tremble. Trembling, not because of the sudden breeze of the night wind, but the fact that no one was to be found. I fell to my knees as tears of flow down my cheeks. The knowledge of the fact that I was alone in this dark lonely place was unbearable.

I closed my eyes hoping, no, wishing this nitemare would end, but I could still hear the echos of the night creatures. I could still feel the dampness in the air, which have soak my clothes causing it to stick to my body. Tears still following ever so slowly, I could only think death was the only way outs, but.....in the distant, I could hear a soft loving voice calling out to me.


I lift my head ups and open my eyes. Wiping the tears away, I try hard to look for the person calling me. Yet, in time, the calling stops. Alone again, I huddle up trying to get ahold of myself, when sudden hands appears and pulls me onto someone. Only then did I feel peaceful.....happy..........safe. All I could do was to embrace this feeling. Then, I could hear the lovely voice again...

Kenchan, don't worry.....I am here....You will be fine.....

I could help its but to hold this person tighter, afraid they would leave me toos. I slowly open my eyes to see who this person is and *poof* I am lying in a grass bed on the floor. A woman was holding me unto her arm. I am drench with sweat. I stare all around me. I am no where in the forest. Many people are sleeping on the floor. I thought to myself, "It was only a dream?

Looking up, I saw the lady who was calling me......

~To Be Continued~

Kenchan of AoA
Protector of the Females of Evernight

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