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Author A bright day darkened (KBR and SOV war RP)

Posted: 2002-06-01 10:47     Profile; Edit   Reply w/Quote
(OOC this is something I am doing because I always like war RP's)

The bright sun streams down upon my shoulders as I walk from out of the keep halls into the light of day to survery the mustered troops under my command and squint slightly from having stayed up by candlelight last night reading incoming battle reports. None of the reports boded exceptinally well, yet not bad either. It looked like we may still have a chance for this one.

Upon arriving in the parade grounds where the troops awaited I was reminded of days long past when I stood eager as them. Ready to walk off in war for some cause that I truly did not understand, not that I understand it any better now. Yet fate weaves the way fate wills and I am but her servant.

My troops look resplendent in their poslished armor and weapons and as they see me a hurrah comes out from among them. I smile, yes the enthusiasm of coming battle. How many of them would die this day though. How many of them would still see war as a glorious thing. I shake my head inside while smiling outside. They will not hear the solem words of a weary man today. No they will hear the hopefull words of their lord.

I gather myself in the middle of them, knowing that standing among them (And yes today riding with them), will bring them confidence that may well turn the day.

My seargant at arms brings me my worn sword and I buckle it to my belt and speak to those awaiting my words.

"Today we ride out against an enemy. This enemy is one with honor and integrity. However they are still the enemy and so must be brought the justice of our swords. I will not lie, there are those standing here today that will not return when this is done, however if you die you die in service not only to I but to the blue rose as well. Pay heed to my orders and this shall be a success. Finally men remember that the next life is the reward or punishments of our actions this life and I know that you all will be rewarded well."

At the end of my words I rise upon to my bardded mount usheath my sword an point it to the gates of my keep.


With that the soldiers cheer and begin to march in step with the drummers, for a second even I feel the excitement but then catching a young eager face in the crowd watching us depart I loose that excitement for war is always a bright day darkened....

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