Albany Division - River Subdivision
Albany Division
River Subdivision
(Kearney, NJ to Selkirk, NY)
River Subdivision
Station List and Diagram

This information comes from the 'CSX Transportation Albany Division Timetable No. 3', effective Monday, April 1, 2002.
Radio:  NJ Dispatcher channel 58,  Road channel 58
125.1 Miles  ·  CP-7 to CP-SK
â NORTH â MP Station Siding Notes
QR7.6 CP-7 16850' End Bergen SD
Begin River SD
QR9.0 Teaneck  
QR10.9 CP-10  
QR12.0 Bergenfield    
QR12.9 Dumont    
QR16.0 Harrington Park    
QR18.8 NJ-NY State Line    
QR20.5 Orangeburg   HBD-DED
QR22.9 CP-22 16310  
QR24.5 Nyack  
QR26.1 CP-26  
QR26.4 Valley Cottage    
QR28.5 Congers    
QR32.2 Haverstraw    
QR33.3 West Haverstraw    
QR33.4 CP-33 12195  
QR35.8 CP-35  
QR36.7 Tompkins Cove    
QR38.5 Stoney Point   HBD-DED
QR41.0 Iona Island    
QR47.3 West Point    
QR52.5 CP-52 16680'  
QR55.7 CP-55  
QR56.2 Newburgh   Jct Newburgh Industrial Track
QR61.0 Roseton;   HBD-DED
QR62.0 Dynergy    
QR63.0 CP-63    
QR64.6 Marlborough    
QR66.0 CP-66 16741'  
QR68.0 Milton  
QR69.3 CP-69  
QR72.3 Highland    
QR84.4 Hercules   HBD-DED
QR87.6 CP-87 15032'  
QR89.0 Kingston Jct Wallkill Industrial Track
QR90.5 CP-90  
QR95.8 Mount Marion    
QR99.0 Saugerties    
QR99.1 Saugerties   HBD-DED
QR102.9 CP-102 17490'  
QR104.8 Alsen  
QR105.7 Marquette Crossing  
QR106.4 CP-106  
QR108.1 Catskill   DED
QR110.0 Catskill    
QR114.7 West Athens    
QR114.9 Athens   HBD-DED
QR118.9 CP-118 11011'  
QR120.1 Coxsackie  
QR121.1 CP-121  
QR128.5 Ravena   HBD-DED-HCD
QR128.6 CP-128 18892'  
CP-SK End River SD
Jct Castleton SD
Rules in Effect

No. 1
No. 2
CP-7 and CP-10 261     CS 261
CP-10 and CP-33 261      
CP-33 and CP-35 261     CS 261
CP-35 and CP-52 261      
CP-52 and CP-55 261     CS 261
CP-55 and CP-118 261      
CP-118 and CP-121 261     CS 261
CP-121 and CP-128 261      
CP-128 and CP-SK 261     CS 261

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