Chicago Division - Decatur Subdivision
Chicago Division
Decatur Subdivision
(Montezuma, IN to Decatur, IL)
Decatur Subdivision-DC
Station List and Diagram

This information comes from the 'CSX Transportation Nashville Division Timetable No. 1', effective Sunday, October 1, 2000.
Radio:  SB Dispatcher channel 94,  Road channel 84
85.6 Miles  ·  Montezuma to Decatur
â WEST â MP Station Siding Notes
BD191.4 Montezuma   End of Track
BD192.7 Hillsdale   Jct CE&D SD
BD200.8 West Dana 3279'  
BD209.0 Chrisman   Jct Danville Secondary SD
BD215.9 Metcalf   Jct EIRC
BD219.3 Hume    
BD225.4 Newman    
BD241.4 Tuscola    
BD241.6 TY Tower   Jct IC, Jct UP
BD245.0 Ficklin    
BD250.7 Atwood    
BD277.0 Decatur   End of Track
Authority for Movement
Between Location/Mile Post Rules
BD191.4 and BD192.7 93
BD192.7 and BD240.0 120-132
BD240.0 and BD245.5 93
BD245.5 and BD276.0 120-132
BD276.0 and BD277.0 93
DTC Block Limits
Between Bloomingdale and Decatur
Between Location/Mile Post Block Names
BD192.7 andBD200.1 Dana
BD200.1 andBD208.2 Chris
BD208.2 andBD215.9 Hume
BD215.9 andBD224.0 Newman
BD224.0 andBD240.0 Cola
BD245.5 andBD257.0 Hamm
BD257.0 andBD271.8 Long
BD271.8 andBD276.0 Antioch
Maximum Authorized Speed
Between Location/Mile Post MPH
BD191.4 and Decatur 30
Railroad Crossings at Grade
MP Location Railroad Protection
BD209.2 Chrisman CSX Automatic
BD241.6 Tuscola UP-IC Remotely Controlled
BD215.9 Metcalf EIRC Automatic

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