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There is a certain point of view, taking hold on all levels of society nowadays, all over the world,...

The True Arafat
Is Arafat a terrorist or simply a powerless politician who has no control over the 9 Palestinian ter...

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My heart bleeds when I read international newspapers nowadays. All over the world people are accusi...

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Execution in Arafat's compound - an eye-witness ac Posted by admin August 07 2002
RAMALLAH - It was just before 10.A.M. and the first ministers were beginning to arrive at the mukattah compound for an emergency cabinet meeting to be chaired by Yasser Arafat. The Israeli tanks, bulldozers and armored personnel carriers, which have been inside the mukattah for the past few weeks, pulled back a few hundred meters south of the compound to allow the meeting to take place. ...

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Egyptian Mufti: We Withdraw Condemnation for 9/11 Posted by admin July 28 2002
In an interview with the Egyptian Islamic website, Egyptian mufti Dr. Ahmad Al-Tayyeb discussed Western civilization, suicide bombings, September 11, and the American war on terror. The following are excerpts from the interview:
Q: "Is what happened on September 11 in the U.S. a kind of terror?"
Mufti Al-Tayyeb: "All the Muslims, and the Arab world, rejected and c...

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Libya: Israteen - A State to replace Israel Posted by admin July 28 2002
22:32:51 reported last week on the renewed Israeli-Arab peace initiative of the ever-creative Libyan dictator, known as the “Leader of the Revolution”, Colonel Moammar al-Qaddafi. On Tuesday, Qaddafi called for the formation of a new state to replace Israel and the Palestinian Authority, to be called “IsraTeen” – a combination of the names “Israel” and “Filasteen” (Arabic for “Pale...

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LA Shooter linked to Al Qaida and Islamic Jihad Posted by admin July 07 2002
Hesham Mohamed Hadayat was no stranger to El Al’s Los Angeles airport office. According to DEBKAfile’s counter-terror sources, the man who murdered two Israelis on the El Al ticket line at Los Angeles airport on July 4th worked for the American Mercury ground service company from 1993 (one year after he arrived in the US) until 1998, when he left to set up his own limousine service for a...

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Hamas Chat: How To Murder Americans Posted by admin July 02 2002
Internet surfers looking to discuss how to murder American citizens, need only to log on to the official Hamas terror gang website. The site’s chat room has recently hosted a discussion, in which participants have described how they would go about murdering Americans. Here are some excerpts from the discussion:
(These excerpts are taken from the IDF website at

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Gaza's preschool of hate and martyrdom Posted by admin June 25 2002
An Islamist school in the Palestinian Authority territory of Gaza teaches children as young as 5 the techniques of urban guerrilla warfare, jihad against Jewish settlers and martyrdom missions to kill Zionists.
The school – called Islamic University, or Mosque – is so proud of its programs for some 4,000 students that it boasts about them on a its public, Arabic-language website, jisla...

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New Jihad Army Forming in Balkans Posted by admin June 24 2002
The next radical Islamic terror attack in America could well originate in a corner of the Balkans, where a new jihad force is taking shape quietly and unhindered. In its last issue, published on Friday, June 21, DEBKA-Net-Weekly’s military sources reported that close to 20,000 fighters, battled-hardened veterans and eager young recruits, are already under arms, with more joining up all t...

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Egyptian Academic Elite Discuss Eliminating Israel Posted by admin June 24 2002
A recent article in the Jordan Times (Monday, June 17, 2002 AP) sheds lights and startles the reader on the current state of affairs in Egypt, even among the educated elite. At a seminar entitled “After the Demise of Israel,” that country’s educated elite made know its views on the elimination of Israel, in spite of what often appears to be the leading role taken by Egyptian President Ho...

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'Littering is a Sin, Killing a Jew is praisworthy' Posted by admin June 24 2002
Senior Shiite Islamic scholar and marjaa (highest Islamic religious authority) Ayatollah Sayyed Mohammed Hussein Fadlallah, and spiritual head of Hizbullah was interviewed this past week by a reporter from the Lebanese Daily Star newspaper. In the wide-ranging interview, the Moslem cleric explained that it is forbidden to litter, but blowing oneself up in order to kill Jews is a praisewo...

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Egypt trying to develop nuclear weapons Posted by admin June 22 2002
The German Daily Die Welt on Saturday published a report, according to which China is set to aid Egypt in obtaining nuclear weapons, Israel Radio reported. The report quoted Western intelligence officials. According to the report, Egypt intends to mine natural uranium in the Sinai Peninsula and enrich it to weapons' grade material. The material would then be used on long-range missiles. ...

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Stowaway Terrorists Steal into America by Sea Posted by admin June 21 2002
Between 75 and 125 operatives of the fundamentalist terror network, al Qaeda, are known to have illegally penetrated the United States in the last two months, mostly through American ports as stowaways in commercial sea containers. Many more are estimated to have slipped through unbeknownst to US authorities.

In its latest issue, DEBKA-Net-Weekly, June 14, 2002, tracks this burgeonin...

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Arafat Deposited $5.1m of Aid into his Own Account Posted by admin June 19 2002
On June 7, 2002, the Kuwaiti Al-Watan daily published the following report stating that Arafat Deposited $5.1 Million from Arab Aid Funds into his Personal Account:

"Yesterday, Al-Watan received documents from private sources in the Cairo branch of an Arab bank showing that Yasser Arafat had deposited in his name $5.1 million into a personal account. According to sources, this is the...

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Saudi Ambassador to UK:I Long to Die as a Martyr Posted by admin June 19 2002
Huda Al-Husseini, a correspondent for the Saudi owned London Arabic daily Al-Sharq Al-Awsat, conducted an extensive interview with Saudi Ambassador to London Ghazi Al-Qusaibi.
The following are excerpts from the interview:

Answering a question about a poem he had written in praise of female suicide bomber Ayat Al-Akhras that sparked a media reaction in Britain, Al-Qusaibi stated:...

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Iran allocates a budget for Palestinian Terrorists Posted by admin June 19 2002
In line with its decision to increase aid to a number of groups opposed to peace in the Middle East, Iran has allocated a special budget for Palestinian organizations that lost their source of funds when the communist bloc collapsed and Libya cut off support. A source close to the Revolutionary Guards said Islamic Jihad leader Ramadan Shalah visited Iran recently with a delegation that i...

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Suicide Terrorists funded & supported by Europeans Posted by marc June 19 2002
Source: DEBKAfile Exclusive Military Analysis

Israeli troops rolled into Jenin, Nablus, Qalkilya, and Hebron Tuesday night and Wednesday morning, June 18-19, in retaliation for a terror attack that was shocking even by the standards of the continually escalating cycle of Palestinian suicide massacres of Israeli civilians. Eighteen commuters and the bus driver died, and more than fif...

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Campaigns & Protests for Israel Posted by admin June 18 2002
Please let us know if you are planning or have ideas for a campaign to support Israel in any way, or to protest anti-Israel rhetoric, propaganda or violence. We will publicise it on our website and hopefully help you to get more support for your project. Email Campaigns to

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Call the White House to protest Palestinian State! Posted by admin June 18 2002
Please call the White House comment today at 202.456.1111 and tell them that you are OPPOSED to the creation of a Palestinian state.

The Bush administration has announced its intentions to agree to the creation of an interim Palestinian state with vaguely defined borders and official recognition. This will ultimately be a terrorist state and a threat to Israel. No government should re...

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Registrations on Hasbara Central Posted by marc June 17 2002
If you previously registered at or you will automatically have a user account on Hasbara Central, with the same username and login. You will also continue to recieve our newsletters. This change will take a couple of days to accomplish, when your account is set up you will be notified by email.

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The last 22 topics
29% Of Israeli Dead Female,versus 2.6% Of Arabs
Posted by matsavhalev on June 22 2002 @ 19:30:27
That should give you a statistic to throw at those who give the Palestinian terrorism moral backing....
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The Arab Goal is No Secret
Posted by nz on June 21 2002 @ 16:46:39
Nobody who doesnt forcefully close their eyes ears and brain to the Middle East conflict can ignore ...
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Posted by matsavhalev Last replied by nz on June 20 2002 @ 09:11:33
This may be true, but does anybody think they know why?
[Read more| 1 reply(s)]

The world, the middle east, & israel
Posted by g-d Last replied by Sahra on June 20 2002 @ 08:42:03
The arab governments control their own people with lies, they try and do the same in the UN. How mu...
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Moderate Arab states? Whats that supposed to mean?
Posted by Sahra on June 20 2002 @ 08:03:52
I cant believe that Saudi Arabia is generally considered to be a "moderate" state! The whole idea is...
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Who are the Illuminati really?
Posted by n_tice22 Last replied by ou812? on June 19 2002 @ 20:36:51
Hi I have heard from a lot of people that there used to be a gang called the "Illuminati" and that t...
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Peace plans etc.
Posted by admin Last replied by matsavhalev on June 18 2002 @ 21:42:01
Do you feel there can be a peace plan for the middle east? Anyone have any ideas they would like to ...
[Read more| 5 reply(s)]

Islamic Fundamentalism in Arab Countries...
Posted by admin Last replied by matsavhalev on June 18 2002 @ 21:39:02
Do you feel that arab countries would be willing to crack down on terrorists if peace was achieved i...
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Is Antisemitism on the Rise in Europe and the US?
Posted by admin Last replied by mpfan on June 18 2002 @ 21:18:14
Are you feeling under threat where you live? Have there been demonstrations and antisemitic activiti...
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General Discussion Forum Now Open
Posted by admin Last replied by admin on June 18 2002 @ 20:34:05
So hmmm.... Weathers nice : )
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Media Bias and Responses
Posted by admin Last replied by matsavhalev on June 18 2002 @ 20:32:20
Media Bias. If anyone reading this has written to newspapers or online news sources complaining abou...
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Campus Action
Posted by admin on June 18 2002 @ 19:16:55
Do you constantly get asked about your view on Israel, or harrased by Islamic students on campus? Th...
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Posted by admin on June 18 2002 @ 19:14:06
If you have resources and links that you think would be useful to others on this site, please add th...
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Conspiracy Theories?
Posted by admin on June 18 2002 @ 16:27:59
So anyone got any inside views on who is really running the world?
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Religion in its many forms?
Posted by admin on June 18 2002 @ 16:13:08
Are you religious? What makes your religious viewpoint different from others and what makes it speci...
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Poll: Yasser Arafat & Security Issues 
Posted by admin on June 17 2002 @ 12:19:43
Can Yasser Arafat be trusted to provide security for Israel?
[Read more| 0 reply(s)]

Can Yasser Arafat be trusted to provide security for Israel?

Of Course, look at his track record! 
Yes he is an honest and fair leader to his people 
Possibly, ask me again once another hundred Israel's have been murdered 
Don't think so, didn't he hijack a plane in the 1970's? 
Definitely not, even Osama bin Laden would do a much better job 
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