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Bay Light West

    The Bay Light West is a 25.5km link beginning at Central Station and following an on-street alignment down Broadway before turning onto City Road and King Street Newtown. From St Peters railway station, the route would pass through disused industrial areas before connecting with the International Airport Terminal. It would then continue through to Rockdale, servicing a large, densely populated residential area-currently without direct rail access-along Crawford Road and Chuter Avenue. The line would then proceed over Captain Cook Bridge, passing light industrial areas along Taren Point Road before feeding into Caringbah's commercial and residential areas.


  • Provides excellent access for large, densely populated residential catchment and major retail districts, recreational areas and big trip generators like Kingsford-Smith Airport, Sydney University and the King Street restaurant strip. Travel times offered by the Bay Light West would easily out-compete those for car travel; thereby offering the opportunity to shift massive numbers of cars off some of Sydney's most congested roads.
  • Enhance pedestrian amenity at key locations like King Street Newtown, the restaurant districts of Rockdale and the shopping village of Caringbah.
  • Extends the coverage of the rail network by creating rail interchanges with the East Hills, Bankstown and Western Suburbs rail lines. This will increase the potential for cross-city trips to be undertaken quickly by rail, generating yet more opportunities to remove traffic from some of Sydney's most congested roads.
  • Protect the area from freeway development as motorists are offered a superior alternative to car use. Large areas of endangered wetland will be saved from destructive motorway development.
  • Big reductions in car traffic would potentially reduce air and water pollution. The Bay Light would in many areas be able to run on existing hard surfaces, generating little or no additional urban run-off. In some areas like Chuter Avenue, the Bay Light would run on grassed islands in the middle of the road, reducing noise while placing no additional burden on already over-loaded storm water systems.

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