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How Much Are They Worth?
Kerry, John
       $196,586,034 - $688,440,016
Cheney, Dick
     $22,949,031 - $103,377,000
Bush, George
     $9,634,088 - $26,593,000
Edwards, John
     $8,707,072 - $36,500,000
Graham, Bob
     $7,352,065 - $30,659,000
Dean, Howard
     $3,792,500 - $3,792,500
Lieberman, Joseph
     $376,059 - $1,617,000
Gephardt, Dick
     $134,022 - $614,000
Sharpton, Al
     Unknown - No Data Available
Asset ranges based on 2001 financial disclosure filings, and includes spousal and dependent information.
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1/27/2003 It’s a Millionaires’ Race: New Financial Disclosure Database Details Assets of 2004 Presidential Candidates

If Massachusetts Sen. John Kerry were elected to the White House in 2004, he would be America’s richest president in more than a century.

Kerry, a democratic presidential candidate, has listed assets worth between $196 and $688 million on his latest financial disclosure forms, and has publicly said that he has not ruled out using some of this wealth to run for president.

10/17/2002 Impending Ban Hasn't Stopped Soft Money Rush by Presidential Hopefuls

Potential candidates for the 2004 presidential primaries have raised more than $7.6 million in unregulated soft money contributions since the 2000 elections through their nonfederal, 527 committees, the Center for Public Integrity has found.

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