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ship of riddles

This page was conceived and built by Robert Brown.

I have been intrigued by the Millennium Falcon, particularly the seemingly insoluble riddle of it's interior layout, since 1977. Now, at last, I can present the results of my exhaustive analysis. I have armed myself with nearly 70 digitised widescreen movie shots. Also presented are photos from many other sources including rare shots of the Millennium Falcon set under construction, 'blueprints' from four different sources, details of the 'cutaway' AMT8789 model, early Ralph McQuarie production paintings and other rare stuff.

With all this ammunition, I can CONQUER THE WORLD!
errr ummm well, actually I'll just talk about the Millennium Falcon - a lot.



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My thanks goes to: (in alphabetical order)

Ms Gene Awyzio: a great help in this, as in everything
Mr Mike Behrens: many good ideas and a list of Brian Daley Falcon references!
Mr John Benson: description and photos of his modified Millennium Falcon model
Mr Frank T Bitterhof:
feedback & discussion, and copies of his own excellent falcon analysis, which I hope to incorporate into this page soon.
Mr Frank V Bonura: for his excellent rendering of my floor plan and some brilliant suggestions about escape pods - thanks for a LOT of hard work!
Mr Elwyn Chow: for providing some VERY rare source material.
Mr John Cox: for assistance with digitising screen shots from the THX Widescreen VHS releases of the films. Also for many useful comments and suggestions.
Also, check out his STAR WARS Pants! page!
Mr Andrae Gabor: kit-basher extraordinaire - for correcting me on some photo references and for some SUPERB shots of the original ILM models!
Dr John Goulden: for his keen observations of the Falcon's forward firing weapons in the Battle of Endor. And for being a good sport!
Mr Phillip Hansen: for Excellent suggestions about the electro-magnetic possibilities of the Falcon's engine baffles
Mr Shane Johnson:author of the 1982 'Selyana' blueprints, and the "StarWars Technical Journal". A very clever, and reasonable man! Thank you for your assistance and understanding!
Mr Tim Ketzer: for photos of the Falcon model on display - pictures of his own SUPERB 32' hand-made Falcon model, and the "highway 1" observation! - watch for this guy's name too!
Mr Bob Long: of Calgary, Alberta, Canada. for the scanned image of the cockpit set blueprint and his calculations of size.
Mr Mike Marincic: for his excellent "what if" floorplan!
Mr Matthew Padden: for good suggestions about the engine flaps
Mr Wayne Poe: for great support and feedback, and for spotting those pesky chrome handlebars in the cockpit!
Michael Rennick: an aeronautical engineer who make excellent observations regarding StarWars vessel baffles in general
Dr David West Reynolds: for positive comments and helpful feedback.
Mr John W Thompson: for a copy of the 1982 Millennium Falcon plans
Mr Tony Tully: good advice and an invaluable source of rare information.
Mr Brian Young: for images from the Behind the Magic CDROM - go and check his TURBOLASER COMMENTARIES page!
YOU: for reading this far and supporting the StarWars Universe. Keep up the good work!

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