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The Component Object Model Specification

Component Object Model (COM) is an architecture and supporting infrastructure for building, using, and evolving component software in a robust manner.

The COM Specification contains the standard APIs supported by the COM Library, the standard suites of interfaces supported or used by software written in a COM environment, along with the network protocols used by COM in support of distributed computing.

For ease of online reading and printing, we've provided copies of the complete spec in Microsoft Word and PostScript formats. Click the buttons below to download these files.

Download Download the COM Specification in Microsoft Word format (zipped, 537K). Each chapter exists as a separate Word 6.0 document. The filenames for each document reflect the contents of that chapter (for example, "CH08 Security.doc"). The file "The COM Specification.DOC" is a Word 6.0 master document that holds all of the individual chapters together as well as provides the title page, table of contents, and appendix.

Download Download the COM Specification in Microsoft Word format (zipped, 531K) provided with 8-character filenames if your system does not support long filenames.

Download Download the COM Specification in PostScript format (zipped, 2.69MB). This download consists of a single file, "COM_Spec.PS", in portable PostScript format.

An HTML version of the specification Non-COM site is available in the Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN) Library.


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