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What is Anglion and what does it mean?

Anglion is the name of a society of men and women who

The Book Of Anglion

This text, entitled The Book Of Anglion, outlines the inherent mathematical procedures for a greater understanding of Anglion as a spiritual society with a direct connection to its counterpart institution on earth, namely The Center Of Sacred Studies.

A condensed version of The Book of Anglion is available for downloading at no cost. The conditions for the sale of the main text, called TBA for short - will appear in later pages of this site. Read More...

live in one of the heavenly angelic communities and who render spiritual service to anyone willing to open heart and mind to a new way of life, one free of superstitious and dogmatic attitudes common among various religious and philosophical groups.

Anglion was divinely instituted on 27 January 1772 in order to reveal the heavenly science called Numerical Correspondence. This study involves the English language and its alphabetical analog sequence which in turn produces a digital aspect, and lastly a result treated by the prime number function, and whose end is to communicate spiritual truth.

The work entitled THE BOOK OF ANGLION acts as a comprehensive text in behalf of the Anglion Society, the latter represented here on earth by THE CENTER OF SACRED STUDIES.

In today's vernacular one could say that a 'heavenly mainframe' exists and from which one may, through the steps outlined in the book cited, fully realize the explicit language of numbers from a heavenly and angelic viewpoint.

The Center Of Sacred Studies functions on behalf of Anglion, not unlike numerical correspondence itself which is the marriage of the analog with the digital and its verification means via the prime number function, each step of such a simple process demonstrated profusely in the book.

In general The Center Of Sacred Studies invites every self-thinking, self-motivated individual to enter a new spiritual highway where wonders are the ordinary occurrence ! This Center is dedicated to the hungry of heart, to those who are weary of a 'blind faith' approach and who wish to discover a dynamic spiritual reality, and one that explains itself without a need for authoritarian approval.

If you are not afraid to associate with angels this may be the place for you ! We believe that spiritual reality has long since replaced a ritualistic religious practice, that God and the individual of willing heart and mind are destined for a glorious encounter. We believe that finding the truth makes one free to think for one's self as well as to learn what it is to love, and to be liberated from all the fears and phobias a misguided and floundering society has not only instituted but still seeks to support. We believe that inspiration is an ecstatic conviction of the truth, that God is exactly as close as one will both invite and dare to believe. In short we believe that it is the time for world-weary people to become liberated from ritual and embrace spiritual reality, the only kind that actually exists!

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