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The oceans of the world are filled with so many interesting animals! In fact, there are thousands of different kinds or "species." Some are really huge, like the blue whale, which sometimes grows to be the size of the biggest dinosaurs! Others are very tiny, like zooplankton, which can be smaller than your pencil eraser.

You probably already know about and like many sea animals like dolphins, killer whales, seals and penguins. But there are others that seem mysterious because most people don't really know much about them. Here are some fun facts and beautiful images that will help you get to know these unique creatures a little better.

velvet chalice coralvelvet chalice coral     sunflower coralsunflower coral
colonial cup coralcolonial cup coral mushroom leather coralmushroom leather coral
elegant coralelegant coral     soft coral treesoft coral tree
Acropora colonyAcropora colony         disk anemonedisk anemone
giant clamgiant clam        blue sea starblue sea star
skunk or striped cleaner shrimp

skunk or striped cleaner shrimp

semicircle angelfishsemicircle angelfish
black butterflyfishblack butterflyfish     yellow banded angelfishyellow banded angelfish
clown triggerfishclown triggerfish     clown fishclown anemonefish
batfishbatfish         pyramid butterflyfishpyramid butterflyfish
spanish hogfishspanish hogfish   blue-ringed angelfishblue-ringed angelfish
blue-lined sea breamblue-lined sea bream      rainbow wrasse male rainbow wrasse
copperbanded butterflyfishcopperbanded butterflyfish    collare butterflyfishCollare butterflyfish

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