Frank Black and the Catholics
Back in the late 80's, a man named Black Francis fronted a band called the Pixies which released five hugely acclaimed records, inspiring countless other bands to form in garages worldwide. After the Pixies parted ways in the early 90's, Black Francis began his well-regarded solo career as Frank Black.

The record (self-titled) features 11 raw new Frank Black songs and a raucous cover of Larry Norman's "Six Sixty-Six." "We recorded the tape over three days, and since it was only meant to be a demo, we cut it old-school, live to 2-track. After rehearsals in our rented rock space we walked across the parking lot to a studio they call the City of Sound, a studio with history, a studio that was a Vox amplifier factory before it was a studio, a studio where titles like Damn the Torpedoes, Rumours, and Nevermind were recorded; we had cut The Cult of Ray there too.
The recording captured a moment before someone sucked all the heart out of it. All that tedious overdubbing and the latest fix-it-in-the-mix computer technology Ñ we're not interested in that. It's rough and ready; a diamond in the rough. -Frank Black

After recording both their self-titled album and "Pistolero" using the 'live to two-track' method, Frank Black and The Catholics have returned to spinART to release two brand new, raw gems... "Black Letter Days" and "Devil's Workshop." According to Frank, he'll never go back to multi-tracking again, as this method frees him up to "just play the song the way it was meant to be played and heard".

Devil's Workshop CD SPART 112 Released 2002
Black Letter Days CD SPART 113 Released 2002
Pistolero CD/LP SPART 70 Released 1999
Frank Black and The Catholics CD SPART 67 Released 1998

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