Articles written by Ivars Peterson for Muse magazine.

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Monopoly Cheat Sheet

Muse, January 2003, p. 18-19: There's a lot more to playing Monopoly than just rolling dice and buying properties.

Gambling Dogs

Muse, November/December 2002, p. 45: Training a dog means taking chances.

Tricky Choices

Muse, October 2002, p. 24-25: Voting isn't as simple as it looks.

Global Views

Muse, September 2002, p. 42-43: An artist takes a global viewpoint.

Unfolding Wonders

Muse, July/August 2002, p. 34: An inventor's passion for ingenious mechanisms that fold and unfold.

Batting Streaks

Muse, May/June 2002, p. 35: The randomness of hitting homers.

Mental Math

Muse, April 2002, p. 44-45: Estimating distances.

What a Coincidence!

Muse, March 2002, p. 43: Watch out for birthday surprises.

Multicolored Maps

Muse, February 2002, p. 44-45: Coloring maps can suggest all sorts of puzzles.

Poe's Secrets

Muse, January 2002, p. 44-45: Deciphering mystery passages.

Bunching Buses

Muse, December 2001, p. 39: Waiting at a bus stop can be puzzling.

Decoding Bar Codes

Muse, November 2001, p. 33: Math behind the scenes at a supermarket.

Defending the Roman Empire

Muse, October 2001, p. 34: A mathematical strategy for a risky game in the age of empires.

Weird Bottles

Muse, September 2001, p. 45: Playing with a bottle that has no edge and only one surface.

Dots and Boxes

Muse, July/August 2001, p. 36: Playing dots and boxes isn't merely child's play.

Tilt-A-Whirl Chaos

Muse, May/June 2001, p. 34-35: The wild ride of a Tilt-A-Whirl illustrates chaos.

Lively Tiles

Muse, April 2001, p. 26-27: Puzzling tiling patterns in Dutch artist M.C. Escher's fabulous drawings.

Fancy Folding

Muse, March 2001, p. 24-25: Exploring the mathematical wonders of origami.

Puzzling Art

Muse, February 2001, p. 34-35: Finding a puzzle in a work of art.

Data in Hiding

Muse, January 2001, p. 22-23: Secret messages in a mess of microscopic spaghetti.

Ant Math

Muse, December 2000, p. 23: Learning from calculating ants.

Morphing Art

Muse, November 2000, p. 26-27: Giving images a weird stretch or twist.

Views from Flatland

Muse, October 2000, p. 26-27: What would things look like if you were squished flatter than a pancake?

Tesseracts: Cubes Get Hyper

Muse, September 2000, p. 18-19: Stepping into the fourth dimension.

Tricky Tables

Muse, July/August 2000, p. 26-27: Playing billiards takes a strange bounce.

Weird Dice

Muse, May/June 2000, p. 18: Rolling doubles can get you into trouble with these dice.

Four Corners, Four Faces

Muse, April 2000, p. 26: What can you possibly do with a tetrahedron?

Mirror, Mirror

Muse, March 2000, p. 18: Take a close look at yourself--times four or more!

Juggling by Number

Muse, February 2000, p. 26: Meet a juggling mathematician and be amazed by his fancy moves.

Nice Guys Finish First (Sometimes)

Muse, January 2000, p. 20: It's tough out there on the schoolyard.

Glitter Trap

Muse, December 1999, p. 37: Christmas ornaments never looked so good.

Nature's Numbers

Muse, November 1999, p. 25: We get the chance to give you what you really want--a stunning portrait of a pineapple.

How to Lace Like an Ace

Muse, October 1999, p. 33: If you miss the good old days when tying your shoes was a challenge, have we got a story for you.

Food Counts

Muse, September 1999, p. 34: Finally, a reason to eat candy in class.

Covering Up

Muse, July/August 1999, p. 36: If you develop a strange fascination for Pepto-Bismol bottles after reading this story, don't blame us!

Fair Shares

Muse, May/June 1999, p. 28: Read this and you'll never have to argue about who gets the biggest slice of cake again.

Lizard Game

Muse, April 1999, p. 26-27: The adult male side-blotched lizard plays its own version of rock-paper-scissors. (The teenage ones just play Tomb Raider.)

Knot Magic Not Magic

Muse, March 1999, p. 26-27: DNA, tying your shoelaces, and mathematicians have something in common. Knot!

Square Wheel

Muse, February 1999, p. 26-27: Maybe you can't fit a square peg in a round hole, but that doesn't mean you can't ride a bike with square wheels.

Chasing Arrows

Muse, January 1999, p. 27-28: If you take a strip of paper and tape the ends together the way we tell you, you'll change all space and time! (Not really, but you'll get a cool shape that might amaze your friends.)


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