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CHARLOTTE, N.C., Jan. 10, 2003 -- Through close daily interaction with family members and friends of the passengers on board Air Midwest Flight 5481, the airline is able to provide more detailed passenger residence information:


Caitlin Albury

Marsh Harbor, Great Abaco, Bahamas

Nicholas Albury 

Marsh Harbor, Great Abaco, Bahamas

Robin Albury 

Marsh Harbor, Great Abaco, Bahamas

Sreenivasa Badam 

Prakasam Andhra Pradesh, Podili, India

Mark Congdon 

Woodbine, Md.

Keith Coyner 

Coral Springs, Fla.

Forrest Demartino 

Sidney, Ohio

Sylvain Dubois 

Lac Beauport, Quebec Canada

Richard E. Fonte

Jacksonville, N.C.

Gary Gezzer 

Coral Springs, Fla.

Steven J. Krassas 

Richmond, Va.

Richard R. Lyons 

Lynnfield, Mass.

Ima Pearson 

North Myrtle Beach, S.C.

Christiana Shepherd 

Sao Miguel, Azores

Joseph M. Spiak 

Acton, Mass.

Ganeshram Sreenivasan 

Chennai, India

Michael Otto Sullivan 

Newtown Square, Pa.

Paul E. Stidham 

Dayton, Md.

Ralph Sylvia 

Ashland, Va.


Jonathan Gibbs (First Officer) 

Redwood Valley, Calif. (based in Charlotte)

Katie Leslie (Captain) 

Arlington, Texas (based in Charlotte)

A special Family Assistance toll-free number has been established for families of passengers on board Air Midwest Flight 5481 at 1-800-679-8215. Information also is available on US Airways� Web site at and on Mesa Air Group�s Web site at

Reporters needing additional information should contact US Airways Corporate Communications at (703) 872-5100.