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Parcel Viewer

Parcel Viewer is an application that allows you to search for and display information about real property parcels in King County, including simple parcel maps.



To Start Parcel Viewer click here or...
select one of these search methods:

Search by Parcel Number

Search by Street Address

Search by Nearby Street Intersection

Search by Navigating on a Map

Advanced Use (buffering)—Select multiple parcels according to their proximity to a particular parcel (includes all of the above search options)..


About Parcel Viewer | Help | Terms of Use

Parcel Viewer News

new item Server Maintenance Status
updated January 30th, 8:30am

Unexpected Server Outages
January 17

graphic table element

Parcel Viewer News

Server Maintenance Status
updated January 30th, 8:30am

Our scheduled server maintenance (see immediately below) carried over to Friday the 24th. By the end of the day last Friday, iMAP was stable but Parcel Viewer continued to exhibit intermittent problems. Consequently we have kept Parcel Viewer access offline during much of this week to continue testing and to refine installation of all of the necessary software components. Our goal is to ensure an uninterrupted user experience once we restore access, which we are doing right now. Thank you for your patience during the down time for these popular applications.

Server Maintenance Scheduled for Thursday the 23rd
January 21

We will be taking the server ( that hosts our internet mapping applications iMAP and Parcel Viewer offline at 8am on Thursday January 23, 2003, so that we can rebuild the operating system and re-install the server software. This effort should eliminate the problem of unexpected outages that has visited the server recently (see the news item below). Neither iMap nor Parcel Viewer will be available until these service tasks are complete. Our goal is to have iMAP and Parcel Viewer back online by the end of the business day. We will post a message to that effect just as soon as we can, so please check back here for a status update before trying to use iMap or Parcel Viewer at any time on Thursday.go to top of page

Unexpected Server Outages
January 17

Several times over the last week the server that hosts iMAP and Parcel Viewer has shut down unexpectedly. When this happens users receive an error message that says "Cannot Load Page" or "Server Not Found." We are working to trace and correct the problem, and we apologize for the inconvenience to you when this happens.go to top of page

Revised January 30, 2003



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